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Minecraft Modded Guides is my own personal series on the many modpacks in the FTB, Technic and ATLauncher. They're designed to follow a linear path, assuming that the user might follow it. Of course, this is not all that true, you won't be able to do certain things in order since anything can happen. With that, we'll continue on. BeeHappy is a mod that focuses on the Forestry mod pack which includes the mechanic of farming bees. It includes a entire set of technical mods as well for automation.

Starting Out

Create a new world under the Single Player tab, of course, it's renamed to “Bees!”. Once you're loaded in, you'll notice that you have three books inside your inventory: 2 Quest Books and a 'World Domination with OpenBlocks' book. Open up one of the Quest Books to reveal a the cover page. Advance on 'Click here to start' and press 'Click here to show quests'. This section includes multiple categories of quests that you can complete. There are quite a few in this modpack and I will be going over them in linearly. You can choose to stray away from my guide for a few quests, but know that most of these quests have prerequisites. Enter the 'Back to Basics' category and look up the 'Welcome Chest' Quest. Your quest is to collect 4 pieces of wood with the three in front of you, but even closer is a chest. Open the chest to collect an Axe Head Pattern, Tool Rod Pattern and 9 Seeds. Break down four blocks of the tree in front of you. As you break the first log on the bottom, there is actually a Carpenter's Safe hidden in a dirt block. Right click it for 8 Dirt, 8 Oak Saplings, 8 Bread, a Rocky Queen and a Rocky Drone.

Hand in the 'Welcome Chest' quest to receive a Stencil Table, Tool Station, Part Builder, Crafting Station, Watering Can (Empty) and a Jungle Sapling. You can choose either 4 Coal or 8 Toast. I went with the toast since food seems scarce at this point. Now, I hope you haven't eaten any of the 8 pieces of bread you have because you can hand that into the 'CobbleTrouble' quest. If you have, you always can make a Wooden Hoe and till the land, placing a seed and growing them. You will receive a Lava Fabricator and a Bucket. You can choose any cobblestone design you want. To speed up growing trees and crops, you can fill the Watering Can (empty) you have by holding it and right clicking one of the three water sources you have. Break the lily pads and collect the water. Also note that behind the middle water source is another Carpenter's Safe hidden in Cobblestone. Collect the 16 Crop Sticks, 3 Glass, Forest Queen and Forest Drone.

I have extended my work area using the 32 cobblestone and some wooden planks. You can also extend the dirt platform from a 3×3 into a 4×4 with the dirt you have. There's also another Carpenter's Chest on the same block you should have spawned onto. Inside is a Carpenter, Meadow's Queen , Meadow's Drone and 3 Glass. Hand in the Carpenter to the 'Missing Carpenter' quest. You will receive 2 Solar Panel III, a Hardened Energy Cell and 12 Hardened Fluxduct. Choose any 32 cobblestone. With all the Queen bees you have, hand in the 'Bees' quest and you'll receive 1 of Potato Seeds, Carrot Seeds, Sugarcane Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds and Cocoa Beans.

We're going to putting that RF stuff to good use. Place down 2 of those Solar Cells and next to the Hardened Energy Cell. In it's interface, make one side output (orange) and the rest blue. Connect the output side with a few fluxducts and place a lava fabricator next to one of the fluxducts. After you have 1000 milibuckets of lava inside the fabricator, right click it with a bucket and use the 32 cobblestone you have to build a cobble generator. The water source is infinite as long as you get the source in the middle! With 16 cobblestone, you can hand in the 'Builder's Wand' quest, which makes expanding the platform much easier. After that, get 16 Oak Wood and hand in the quest 'Heating Up'. You'll receive a Pulverizer (Basic), Redstone Furnace(Basic), and a Sawmill (Basic). With 8 more Oak Wood, hand in the 'Basics of Bees' quest for an Industrial Apiary. Feel free to place the Pulverizer, Redstone Furnace and Sawmill along the Redstone Fluxducts. For now on, use the sawmill to craft Wooden Planks instead of a crafting grid for 1.5x the amount and sawdust.

Complete the 'Help' quests from the quest categories 'Back to Basics', 'Machinery', and 'Resources'. They only cost a Cobblestone each. Next up is the 'Igneous Extruder' quest which requires manufacturing 16 pieces of Gravel. This can be done by smelting Stone and then Pulverizing Stone for a piece of gravel. You also need 16 sand which is much easier gained by pulverizing cobblestone. 16 Pieces of glass is the final requirement, and this is obtained by smelting it. You'll receive an Igneous Extruder, which essentially generates cobblestone, stone or obsidian as long as there is water and lava pumped into it. When placed, there are three mead buckets inside. You can also hand in 256 Cobblestone for the quest, 'Last Quest' for a Forest Queen, Meadows Queen, Unusual Queen, Water Queen, Mystical Queen and a rocky Queen. Choose the Industrial Apiary since they're much faster.

At this point, we can actually focus on the bees! Place down the Industrial Apiary next to a Fluxduct and then place a Queen along with a Drone inside. There are certain requirements to different type of bees, for example, a Forest bee needs at least one flower next to it. Hand in one of your Industrial Apiary's in the 'Mutations' quest for a Mutagen Producer, Advanced Mutatron, Meadows Princess, Rocky Drone, 2 blocks of redstone and a Genetics Labware. If you have 32 Oak Wood, 64 Cobblestone, hand it in the 'Powering' quest for 2 Solar Panel V and 8 Redstone Energy Fluxduct. Now, place the Mutagen Producer and Advanced Mutatron next to eachother but both touching an Hardened Fluxduct. In the Mutagen Producer, place 10 pieces of Redstone inside and place a Forest drone along with a Meadows Queen in the Advanced Mutatron. This will generate a Common Queen.


That wraps up the guide. This has been a pretty fun modpack in my opinion and the skyblock aspect makes it pretty nice as well. Hopefully we can see a lot more modpacks focusing onto one mod. The trend here is that I tend to do mostly quest packs because the idea of following a linear adventure inside a sandbox game is unique and fun to me.

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