Midnight Lover

Hast dou’th come to comfort me 
In a time of beginning 
Take heed of your knowledge 
Hold of the visions that are of you 
But, for warn on midnight’s hour 
You will be lost, in company 
A company not so crude but in mystery 
And you may lay daunted, wanting, of those confessions you hold 
A sin of a sinner only to have sinned 
Do tell me hollows of your gesture 
Am I your confession 
Does thou desire what in turn I desire 
Or shall I proclaim false and wilt 
And you draw near 
The smell of your smell, taste of a taste 
And I am left in memories 
Left in fever of lust 
But, I cannot be this, who you see 
For upon this night I must confess my own sin 
Is it if a sin to be bound to another 
But lust after perfection 
And you, you are my perfection 
The one I desire, crave, need 
Sands of time do not know 
The walls, oh if they could speak 
Would be beheaded for their whispers 
For yes, my sweet midnight desire 
We are sinners 
But must we wallow in it, no 
I say we take part, leave, forget 

But my mind is not controlled by my own heart? 

Shall we make this journey, shall we start anew 
What does happen after lust 
When the feeling of rage and loss of control fades 
Shalt you stop loving me 
Who in turn would love me 
And if I, of all women 
Stop loving you 
Who would love you 
Oh, curse the stars, heavens abound 
I want you, now within me 
Shall I give it all for you 
Leave my home, my husband 
And what of you 
Do you hold nothing dear 
Do you have no prized possession 
Or are of you just a brute of a man 
No heart, only body 
And if this thus true 
Those words in which you have spoken 
Not once but twice before, are those words false 
Who is the liar in this game 
Nor I nor you nor my ignorant husband can proclaim 
But ah, I still desire you 
Temptation of the devils earnings 
Sweet lips, sweet eyes 
And yet tonight I lay waiting 
Tonight I make a decision 
Tonight I lay with whom I belong 
I lay with what is right 
Thought feelings are wrong 
I lay with whom has never wronged me 
I lay with thee 
My husband 


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