Middle School ABC Poem

Academics for the year 2010 – 2011 starts today, August 23, 2010.

Breakfast is a really good way to start off the day.

Coach Brown is the only teacher that I had last year.

Dr. Glickman gave us so much paperwork that it overflowed my backpack.

Each time a teacher dismissed us, I hurried off to my next period.

Favoring shortest distance over fewer people, I took the main staircase to get to lunch.

Gaining knowledge every year is something that I look forward to.

Homework was very light the first day of school.

I ran into school, eager to meet all of my new teachers.

Jesting with my father after school, I told him that I had five hours of homework.

Kindergarten seemed very far away on my first day of seventh grade.

Language art is my favorite subject and I was glad to hear that it was first period.

My mom drove me to school instead of having me catch the bus.

Nearing the dismissal bus, I realized that I had survived my first day of school as a seventh grader.

Obnoxious children do not exist in my class.

Pacification was required when I found out that I had gotten Career Development as an elective

Quality work is required in all classes.

Ramifications of not following the Code of Conduce are very severe.

Surprisingly, I was looking forward to the first day of the school year.

To my stomach’s delight, it was announced that lunch was at 12:18 pm.

Usually, I like to postpone schoolwork but I did this poem when it was given.

Vacation came to an abrupt end on August 23, 2010.

Waking up at 7:20 am EST was the hardest part of the entire day.

Xylems of plants worked overtime because it poured all afternoon.

Yesterday, I was enjoying my last moment of freedom.

Zooming towards school on the bus, we almost got lost.

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