Hey, I'm new to Reddit.. kinda. I made an account and I've barely used it, but I think this is my favourite sub-reddit and after spending the last few hours being horrified by you guys, I wanted to share my own 'no sleep' inducing story/stories. My parents moved our family from Sydney, to the Central Coast, in coastal suburban country NSW Australia. I was 5 years old when they bought the new house and everything was pretty great, except for the fact that my mum unpacked my moving boxes, 'cause I really wanted that cliche moment that every kid has in every movie where the family moves into the new house, and the kid packs all their new toys and books into their room and is like “I miss my new friends, but I'm excited to go to my new school”. Anyway, it wasn't for at least a few years that we started to notice odd things about our house. I should first explain that I have three brothers. Two older and one younger, and both my parents. The house I'm talking about is the one I grew up in for the most part, we were there for 15 years, and have only recently moved out (I'm 20), and the layout of the house, is the front door opens to the lounge room, and theres a door that is to the left of the lounge room that is our parents room, which has an ensuite and a walk-in wardrobe. From the lounge room is a small staircase, of 3 stairs that lead to a landing, or mini-loungeroom thing, that leads off to a kitchen to the left, and a dining room that is one big room, with a kitchen that has archways and the kitchen bench doubles as a breakfast counter in the dining room. Off the dining room are two hallways that connect with a bathroom. The hallway on the left leads to two bedrooms, and the the second hallway leads to a third bedroom and a laundry. There wasn't anything too out of ordinary with the house, the wood on our built in wardrobes was chipped and broken in two of our rooms, and there was a deep ring mark in the toilet room wall, (Toilet room? we had the connecting bathroom that lead between the hallways, but in the first hallway was a tiny room with the toilet. Sorry I just wanted to clear that up) in line with the funny door knob, and the design of the door knob matched to the ring mark that was deeply impressed into the wall, but all these became homely aspects of our house.

It started off with my brothers telling my parents that I was up late at night playing in the loungeroom. I remember calling my brother an idiot and telling him off, because I slept all night, and he was just trying to get me in trouble. He was very sure about himself though and sternly asked me if I was being truthful, to which I nodded, and he told me that whatever he saw was dancing. He said I was dancing in the middle of the night in the lounge room, but he couldn't see that it was me, just a dark shadow because it was late at night and there were no lights on, but I was very much the kind of kid that danced a lot so it was in my character to do that sort of thing, but I hadn't, and I just took it that he dreamt it, or my younger brother was sleep walking, but it always stuck with me, 'cause it was kind of creepy.

The same brother than had an experience of being woken by my eldest brother, who both at the time slept in the rooms adjacent to each other in the first hallway. My second eldest brother was a big neat freak and hated anyone being in his room, so he told my brother off for being in his room, but our older brother apparently said nothing, and had no expression on his face, so my brother yelled louder, yet still he stayed in the room. So my second eldest brother chased him through the house, down to the lounge room, and our elder brother ran into our parents room. We always chased each other like this, and if they'd run into the parents room, we'd hold the door shut, because we were all kind of creeped out by our parents room, especially by the walk in wardrobe, that had a hanging lightbulb as a light source; Or we'd hide by the TV cabinet or the door, two places that you couldn't see from our parents doorway, and when they'd come out, wed karate chop them or kick them. But my elder brother (Ill call him Dean from now on) didn't come out of our parents room for a few minutes, so my second eldest brother (Ill call him Mike) still tired, walked back up to his bedroom to go back to sleep, but as he passed Deans bedroom, he saw him asleep in bed, which is completely impossible, because there is no way he'd be able to get back the far end of the house without having passed Mike.

Around the same time, I myself experienced seeing a ghost, I guess thats the best term for what Id seen. At the time, I shared a bedroom with my younger brother in the second hallway, and to see the time, we'd have to go to the end of the hallway, and lean out to the left from the two stairs that lead from the dining room to the hallway to see around the archway that blocked the time on the oven from view. I remember it being late at night, and I had gotten out of bed to go and do this, but as I got to the doorway of my bedroom, I saw a figure walk past the end of the hallway in the dining room. It was a girl and the whole figure of her was made of a ghostly white glow, and I remember she was wearing a dress.. not sure what kind of period clothing it was, but she didn't take notice of me, just walked across the dining room toward the wall. I ran to my bed and chucked the covers over my head and shut my eyes so tight that my eyelids were clenching like fists.

We had other experiences before this time, but it was when my younger brother and I shared a room in the other hallway. It was around 8 or 9 at night, and we were talking and playing with toys, when my brother went to the window cause he heard knocking, but when he locked out, there was an old man at our window. He ran to our parents, and my Dad checked our yard, but no one was there. It kind of became a fun thing to climb out of our windows and into the yard and walk up to our brothers window and tap from then on. It would have been impossible for a neighbour to get into our yard, regardless, because we had large fences, and a retaining wall above our pool that would be impossible for an elderly neighbour to a.) climb a large fence, and b.) get over a large thick retaining wall, with little area to balance yourself to get down. Around a year after the first two experiences, I swapped rooms with my Mike, and I shared the first hallway with my eldest brother. We rarely had an issue with each other, but one night, I was trying to sleep when my brother asked me who I was talking to. I told him I wasn't talking to anyone, but he told me he distinctly heard whispering from my room. He was scared, so I told him I was actually talking to pictures of disney characters that id had stickers of on my bedside table. Later on, he asked why I was speaking like an old lady, and why I bothered responding to my own side of the conversation.

Years passed, and we rarely had any issues, bar times where doors would shut loudly, and wed blame it on an updraft/breeze thing, with lack of there being any. We had a visitor one day, when I was 11, and my parents were trying to sell our house, cause they wanted to move to an area closer to the beach, it was a young guy, and he told us he works for a real estate agency, and he noticed our house was on sale. He continued to tell us he lived in our house, and his Dad had built it, and after failing to sell it, he moved his family in. Most of what he and my parents talked about, was the area, and the qualities of the house, the pool area and the look of the house, and how little had changed from when he was a kid, but then he asked if he'd had anything spooky happen, like any paranormal experiences. My parents tried to tell him that I was easily scared, and they didn't want him to tell me anything that could scare me, but I protested, and like usual, I complained until I got my way, and he told us that when he was a kid, they had a “poltergeist”, is what he called it anyway, and that the most it would do, is occasionally the door to the toilet room would swing open and shut violently in the middle of the night and whack the side of the wall, which explained the ring mark set deep into the wall. That scared me enough, but he continued on to tell us, that a lot of their experiences happened in the middle bedroom at the back of the house, which was the second bedroom in the first hallway, which is the very bedroom my brother heard voices from where I had been sleeping, and the same room Mike had seen Dean appear in, and chased him to our parents room.

Years passed again, without any noticeable occurrences, and my younger brother and I, after many more room swaps, acquired the middle bedroom, which by now, we argued if it was the haunted one, or if the first room was, but none of us were too afraid of it, but I did develop a fear of going to the back of the house alone, as did my younger brother, which lead to many pranks that are irrelevant. One day, when I was 14, my younger brother (Ill call him Samuel), was sick, and because he was the younger one that we secretly all loved to spoil and take care of, we gave him all our pillows, and family guy dvds, and some warhammer to paint (It was a tiny fad, that I had for probably a month, and i only really had a handful of them). It was his first time to stay home alone. It was probably a Tuesday, which was a half day of school for me, because I remember coming home early, and he was in the lounge room watching TV, but he looked pretty frightened. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me that during the day, he got thirsty and so he left the room to get a glass of water, but as he left the doorway to our bedroom and to the hallway, his leg was grabbed my an unknown force or thing. Nobody was home, and he spent hours alone being frightened by this. He would have been 10 or 11 at the time, or maybe even 12.

Again, years passed until we had any other notable experiences. Some. I was 14, and myself and two of my brothers were in the pool. They were at one end, and it was late at night, and we had the underwater light in the pool on. I dived in from the side of the pool into the deep end, but as my head went under, I noticed a leg, a thigh or something right in front of me, thinking it was my brother swimming close to where I was diving, I veered violently to the side, and swam up to yell at him for being in the way. but as I got to the surface, they were both still at the other end fighting each other with pool noodles. I was between the ages of 14 and 16 when the biggest experience we'd ever had, had happened. I was up late on the computer watching anime and listening to music and playing online game all night, with the playstation behind me. My parents, before we'd had laptops, kept a desktop computer in the dining room, and with headphones and a quiet keyboard, I could stay up all night, and not get caught out, but by sunrise, id have to pretend to wake up, or sneak back to bed. My eldest brother was out of town, he'd gone out, or was staying with friends for a week, and so his bedroom, the first bedroom in the first hallway was free, and he had a king size bed, so at 7 in the morning, I went to bed, and was woken early by Mum at 8:30 or 9 after a quick power snooze, so I got up and went to my own room to wake my brother and get ready for the day, and he was very angry and frustrated with me, which was odd for him, seeing as I hadn't done anything to him. To explain this experience, I have to tell you how our beds were set up. He had the large high bunk, and I had a single low bed which partially went under his. Kind of making an L shape. His would be against the wall, and mine against the adjacent wall, with the end of my bed tucked underneath his, so he could easily look down and talk to me, and I could talk up to him. He angrily told me off for stealing his blanket all night. I thought he probably just lost his blanket, or it kept falling away from him. I told him that Id stayed up all night on the computer, and it was my first time back in the room, from the afternoon previous. He kept telling me to stop lying, but I told him firmly and adamantly that I wasn't lying, that I was watching anime, and playing games all night, which was very in character of me, so he awkwardly stopped, and then asked me kind of injured like, if I was being honest, which I responded that I was, and he explained that throughout the night, I was tugging his blanket off his bed, and he had to keep pulling it back up and when he looked down to argue with me at one point, he said that when he saw my face, it was me, but my features were distorted and weird, but at the time, he just dismissed it for the darkness and shadows and lighting from the moonlight or his tiredness, but I could see his realisation and how horrified he was when he realised it wasn't me or anyone exactly that had been tugging on his blanket all night, but something probably dark and malevolent or demonic even. Remember this was the middle bedroom, the same one that most of the experiences happened, including where my brother had had his leg grabbed violently. I remember that for years, in the same room, I would wake up with my blanket and sometimes pillow on the ground, and this would happen every night for at least 2 or 3 years. It just became a normal occurrence for me, and it was all in the same room. It never happened in other rooms. I took notice of it as just something I did when I slept, but I remember watching TV once, and a paranormal expert was talking about poltergeist experiences, and said the most common was bed sheets and blankets being pulled off of beds. It was always the same side of the bed, never at the end of the bed, and never to the right of the bed. If it was from kicking in my sleep, it wouldn't be so exact as being the same side of the bed, and neatly pulled down to lie parallel to the bed, never balled up, or at the end of the bed where my feet obviously were, and never to the other side.

Furthermore, a few years later, my elder brother moved out, and i took the first room in the hallway, and my younger brother kept the middle room, which although it had its very occasional paranormal experience, it was the only one our three bedrooms that didn't have pieces of the wooden panelling on the cupboard doors pulled apart and chipped with pieces flaking off, so he was content with that fact. One night, Mike, who had the third bedroom at the time, had a girlfriend over, and because we liked to be funny, when Samuel and I shared the middle bedroom and Mike would have people over, we'd knock on the wall between the rooms to annoy them, or even if he had no one over, the wall served as communication, so we'd knock to relay the message of “Okay its late, parents are asleep. Come to my room, lets watch TV” or we'd try to mimic morse code (We had walkie talkies that had a morse code alphabet on the back of it.. but our morse code really was nothing and kind of just us trying to have fun). So this one night in particular, having now moved into the third bedroom, and Samuel was knocking on the wall he shared with Mike, I knocked on the wall I shared with Samuel, and I would repeat the pattern of knocks that he knocked on the wall he shared with Mike. This went on for 5-10 minutes, until I grew tired and eventually went to my bookshelf to organise my books, when I grabbed a book and started to read for a few minutes, when Samuel opened my door and asked how I did it. What was “it”? I had no idea. He told me that just then, because he'd continued his knocking, just to be funny, he brushed his wall silently with his knuckles in a pattern, which was weird, he told me he was kind of just mucking around with himself or something, I didn't entirely know why he did it, just to entertain a sudden impulse of thought, But apparently from my room came a knock that mimic'd the inaudible knocking pattern he'd just rapped on his parallel wall. Again this was the middle bedroom.

These are about all the experiences I recall now. I don't think there were many passed this. But I have other experiences that weren't mine, but close relations that I wouldn't mind recounting. Some even more frightening then these, but these were pretty fucking frightening to experience, especially when we stayed 15 years in that house.


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