Mercury – the Restless Traveler

Although when the first astrology chart of the heavens was created, the ancient people of Babylon didn’t know where the planets are and how they look like. Still, they have managed to describe their traits and energies with such accuracy, that we might believe they have actually visited some of them. Later, when this science was introduced to the Greeks, they gave the planets different names, the ones we are familiar with today.

Mercury in Mythology

There are more myths about Mercury than any other God in the Roman mythology. He is known as the protector of thieves, herdsmen and travelers. He was a very clever thief himself, who stole the girdle from Venus, arrows from Diana, spears from Mars and Apollo’s (his brother, the Sun) flock. Even though he played tricks on the Gods all the time, he was still the favorite God. He was the clever and witty God, who’s never short on words and ideas. In many books you can see Mercury is wearing winged hat or sandals, symbolizing his fast and dynamic rambling. Because he was fast on his feet, his father Jupiter made him the messenger between the Gods and the mortals. People called him when they were in trouble and needed to negotiate their way out. He was with the king Priam when he went to ask Achilles to give him back the body of his son. Mercury was also the leader of the souls from the Earth to the underworld and the lead of the newborn souls. His name has Latin origins, where the word Merx means to trade, or commerce and merchant. In Greek mythology this God is called Hermes, who was credited for inventing mathematics, gambling, music, the alphabet and gymnastics. In Egyptian mythology, Mercury is known as Thoth, where in addition to being the courier of the Gods, he was also a God of mystery, magic, creation and power.

The Atmosphere of Mercury

Mercury is a very fast moving planet. It rotates around the sun in 88 days, but only once in that time around its own axis. From our point of view on the Earth, Mercury is always around the Sun, within 28 degrees, because it is in fact the closest planet to the sun. If you look at your birth chart, you will see that Mercury is always in the sign where the Sun is placed, or the sign next to the Sun. During his yearly revolution, he will pass the Earth several times, and if you look at the sky during that time to find Mercury, it will seem like it is moving backwards or not moving at all. In astrological terms, when the cycle of Mercury’s becomes erratic it’s called a retrograde motion. Astrologers define these erratic motions of Mercury as the mind’s ability to go back and forth to examine ideas and thoughts. If we ever have the chance to step on Mercury, we will see that there is no atmosphere, no wind, no fog, no water vapor, and no gas collisions. You can see far and wide on Mercury, and if you leave something on the surface it will always stay there, just like you can in your mind. The element found in most parts on this planet is mercury or quicksilver, which is a fluid metal that can take many forms besides fluid and solid, like fire, vapor and etc. It is an element that moves very quickly and can be deadly if handled improperly, just like our thoughts.

Mercury in Astrology

In astrology, the planet Mercury symbolizes our ability to think, learn and communicate. It shows our communication skills and style, the way we create thoughts and express them in the world. Whether you are a quick thinker or a slow doer depends on where this planet is found in your birth chart. It rules the third house, the house of the mind and the six house or the way we communicate with our environment. Its placement suggests to the mind’s ability to perceive information, details and facts, our ability for inner and outer perception and all of our mental processes. Being the messenger of the Gods, this planet forces us to think and express our thoughts to create our reality. The keywords for Mercury are reasoning and logic, and his energy is fast, forceful, dynamic and restless. His energy is neither masculine nor feminine, because it rules over an essential domain that recognizes no gender. It can be either harmful or beneficial, depending on your current life setting. With a good Mercury placement, you will have rationalizing capacities to think of new ideas, present them to the public and do all that with energy beyond your personal power. You will be able to jump from one problem to another without feeling mentally disarranged. You will make clear and reasonable judgments and possess extraordinary verbal fluency. With a very bad placement, the person might be a “professional” procrastinator, with no goals, concepts and hopes. A very bad Mercury placement may suggest to a person who’s ignorant and refuses to use their mental powers, or it’s very bottlted up inside and withdrawn. When Mercury is moving retrograde, whether currently or in your birth chart, it suggests problems in communication.

Mercury and the First House

In the house of the Self, Mercury finds it easy to communicate. The person with this placement does not necessarily have to be very intelligent, but it will certainly deal with information quickly and instinctively. His first response to situations is more logical rather than emotional. Mercury in the first house will make you a rational thinker, but inconsistent and youthful in your opinions. You might be very eloquent and talkative, most likely about yourself or the things that represent you. Teaching and sales might be the working environments where you will feel more comfortable, because you will have to persuade people to cross over on your side. When Mercury is transiting over your first house, it signifies a period you will spend observing, thinking and evaluating. It may also indicate to a time when you will be the one that starts the discussions, make the phone calls and reach out to others. Most of the time, you will be a pleasure to be around, because you will be ready and willing to give advices, be the guide and help out others reason out their dilemmas.

Mercury and the Second House

In the second house, Mercury will give you a business mind. Whichever profession you choose in life, you will have a great business sense and you will keep an eye on the practical and logical strategies. Some astrologers think that with Mercury in the second house, a person might become a writer, a singer or a public speaker, but all Mercury traits considered, any job that requires captivating communication, negotiation and mediating will be perfect for an individual with second house Mercury. Mercury in this house also suggests that any loss of material possessions or personal values will be prevailed by adaptability. When this planet transits over your second house in the natal chart, you will tend to talk about business more than usual. You will focus on analyzing your income and outcome, and adopt a more rational and practical approach towards money and possessions. Ideas about a new source of income may come to mind during this transit or methods to keep your assets more protected.

Mercury and the Third House

In the third house, mercury is at home. The person with this placement will have a natural tendency to learn, explore and research. Their minds will be always active, maybe overactive, even when they are daydreaming. They are eager students and elaborate teachers. If the native has brothers and sisters, the fight about who’s the smartest will never end. Any form of inquiring information will be the favorite type of fun for a person with Mercury in the third house, including, reading, surfing the Internet, and even gossiping. Kids with this placement have a firm idea of what they want to become as adults, maybe even more than one. Their minds will always be hungry for new ideas, journeys and experiences. When this planet transits your third house, even if you are not really an explorer, you will feel the need to search for another point of view. Or you may start investigating some unfamiliar subject or spend your days chatting on the computer or your phone. If you resist Mercury’s energy you may feel anxious, tense and overworked.

Mercury in the Fourth House

In the house of the Home, Mercury feels a little trapped. His childlike heart and mind are focused on traditional manners here. You like your home atmosphere and the comfortable and familiar surroundings. The communications within the household are of extreme importance and a person with this placement may be the parents’ favorite. Because the mind is fixated on the home in the fourth house, you may be interested in history, your family’s past, the world’s roots and origin. Because Mercury is a fast and changeable planet, this placement may also suggest many changes of residence. If this planet is currently transiting your fourth house and you have unresolved issues with a family member, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to resolve them. This Mercury transit will give you the mental power to discuss your feelings with level-headedness. You will enjoy talking about your family, your childhood and your past. The bad influence of this transit is that it may cause some disturbances in your home, like unannounced guests, work you have to finish immediately and longtime overlooked household duties.

Mercury in the Fifth House

If you have Mercury in the fifth house of your birth chart, you are probably very lovable and childish. You know what to say to make people smile, and you are probably a good story teller. Children must find you very interesting, because you know how to connect with them on their level. Jokes, tricks, magic and word games are probably your best idea of fun, because you love using your intellectual capacities for fun. This is also the house of love, affection and everything beautiful. With Mercury here, you may promise a little more than you can actually provide and you tend to use your charming vocabulary to make everyone like you. It may also indicate that you are not traditional when it comes to love, and you prefer to “play the field” before you get serious. This placement points to a creative individual, whose mind is best expressed through beautifying their surroundings. When Mercury transits this house it brings love opportunities, where you may use your humorous, clever side to express your romantic feelings. All of your mental focus might turn onto games, trickery and fun and you may feel the urge to express yourself trough the arts.

Mercury in the Sixth

In the sixth house, Mercury is also very comfortable in releasing its energy. With this placement, you are probably working as someone’s boss or you are aspiring to do so. Organizing, making lists, sorting things out and almost everything else that needs detailed thinking is naturally easy for a person with this planetary placement. Where everyone else have troubles and feel stuck, you find the solution and the best option. With this placement, you actually love being of assistance and because this is also the house of health, you may be a great nurse, social worker or a doctor. Any work that requires mental dexterity is naturally attractive to you. With this placement, there is a risk of nervous outbreaks, especially if you have duplicitous colleagues. When Mercury starts to travel through your sixth house, you will feel the need to clear the clutter. You will become methodical and reorganize your day to day habitual schemes. You may start exercising more, eating healthier or think of ways to establish a healthy and more productive working environment. Communications with coworkers will be enhanced during this transit, where you will be able to provide your objective and clever proposals.

Mercury in the Seventh House

In the house of the Self, Mercury wanted to talk about himself, but in the seventh house, he needs others to bounce off his ideas. You like to exchange ideas, listen to others and make your own decisions accordingly. This is a favorable placement for one on one encounters, where your good judgment and strong brainpower will be appreciated by your audience. In this house, Mercury may make you quite the debater, where you might share your ideas, just for the fun of the argument. Your entourage loves your diversity and the stimulating conversations, but you might get bored if you are not challenged in return. When this planet is the house of partnerships and marriage it suggests to a person who doesn’t let their emotions guide them into a marriage or a serious relationship. If this planet is currently in your seventh house, you will feel an urgent desire to communicate. You won’t like being alone and thinking things out by yourself. You will need other people for mental support and making your mind. This is a good period to evaluate the pros and cons of any matter, where you will be naturally inclined to take other people issues into consideration.

Mercury and the Eight House

With the placement of Mercury in the eighth house, your attention will be placed mostly on other people. With the sharp reasoning power of Mercury here, you will be able to read their motivations, their hidden agendas and characters. You might even learn that you can manipulate others with your talents for fast and accurate evaluation. Your mind might be especially drawn to science, mysteries, taboos, the occult and sex games. Your voice and wording is always powerful, passionate and intense, and others tend to recognize you an authority. You may know more than what you say. Regardless of how superficial you are if Mercury is not in your eight house, when it’s crossing your eight house you will feel a change. You might be able to read between the lines, find some important clue or at least, be more planning, organizing and strategizing oriented. Because this is the house of taboos and mysteries, you also might find it interesting to talk about matters that usually cause waves.

Mercury and the Ninth House

In the house of Philosophy, the intellectual mind of Mercury is gratified. Here, the mind seeks for knowledge outside the ordinary and the basic. If you have this placement, you are probably always searching for the truth, whether in books or a different country. You might be interested in philosophy, religion, or some of the sciences, but it will always be something that can upgrade your current mental abilities. Astrologers say that if Mercury is in this house, the individual will be a great explorer. Others may perceive you as extremely enthusiastic and jovial, but you won’t care about other people and earthly matters, only about higher knowledge and wisdom. When this planet travels through your ninth house, mundane topics will not satisfy your far-reaching mind. You will think about your problems as a whole and you will put off the details for later. You may be even interested in topics you are not usually interested, or attract people who you find fascinating and enigmatic. In all cases, the energy of Mercury will make you postpone your own mortal teething troubles and think about more important or philosophical questions.

Mercury in the Tenth House

Mercury in the house of Career and Destiny will make you famous and respected regardless of your dreams. Rarely someone with this placement is without a successful career or a celebrated public status. Where the mind is in its perfect position to prove itself rational and organized, you will feel easy to gain other people respect and loyalty. You won’t get ahead by sheer luck, but with methodical and clear planning of your steps to the top. There is nothing impossible for you to achieve with this placement, because your mind is focused only on your goals. The influence of Mercury is very positive when it’s crossing your Midheaven unless it forms an intense aspect with another planet. Even if your career or life path is not unfolding as you imagined, with the energy from Mercury you can solve your business matters easily. You will be focused on answering the questions “How” and “What”, like what is your purpose, your goals, how to get there and etc. Astrologers also say that this is the most favorable time to contact authorities, talk to superiors or take the position as one.

Mercury in the Eleventh House

With Mercury in the eleventh house, you are the leader of free spirits. Your mind is not focused on the material and tangible things, but on humanitarian causes, friends and independence. You believe in justice and everyone is a brother and sister to you. You probably have a “dream board” where you keep track of all your hopes and wishes. You are not afraid to share your thoughts and unique ideas, and generally people accept them. You are also attracted to people who are independent and original like you, because they expand your mental capacity. You may be a part of many social groups, where exchange of ideas is a common interest. For the time period when this planet transits your eleventh house, you will have the mental abilities to grasp any topic tossed at you. You might think of some unusual idea too and you will feel a great deal of urgency when it comes to sharing it. Instead of private gatherings and quiet dinners, you will prefer to be a part of a bigger or mass gathering.

Mercury and the Twelfth House

Mercury in the twelfth house is where the communication is silenced. Whether you have a wonderful mind or you don’t, no one will ever know because you rarely share anything. You are also the ultimate secret keeper and many people may share things with you because they can sense your reliability. You feel most comfortable speaking after you analyze every situation, the people involved and their motivations, because you know that sometimes you act accordingly to your own hidden motivations too. Your biggest weakness is not communicating clearly, always sending mixed messages and over analyzing everything. If this planet transits through your twelfth house, you might feel the need to deal with your most private matters. You might want to skip work and social meetings because you will be more likely to wander in your subconscious, your dreams and the things you do unconsciously. You will travel to your past to examine your decisions and this might be the time when you will be dealing with feelings of guilt, embarrassment, and likewise.

Mercury in the Signs

Look for the Horoscope sign in which Mercury is positioned and you will see how you think and use your mind. In Aries, you have quick and energetic bursts of thoughts. You don’t have a lot of patience and you like to get on the matter right away, without thinking too much before and without thinking what you've done afterwards. You may sometimes be very argumentative. You are direct and to the point, which may sometimes be interpreted as aggressive.

In Taurus, Mercury will make you practical, determined, deliberative but slow. You may sometimes take too long to decide the right method for doing something, but when you finally measure every stop on the way to your goal, you have the willpower of a bull. You always think before you act, and nothing with you is left to fate and coincidence. You are also not very talkative and people have to poke you to get something out of that sturdy exterior.

Gemini is one of the most intelligent signs in the horoscope. With his mind you are probably very witty, observant, versatile and clever. Gemini knows a little of everything. They are like walking encyclopedias, and they know all kinds of facts. Their knowledge is not very deep, but only because they are interested in many different topics and don’t have the time to study them all intensely.

In cancer, Mercury sense things more than he observes them. They are quiet and emotional, and would rather communicate by touching you or hugging you, then with words. Cancers too like to think before acting. They usually go back and forth in their minds, which makes them lose opportunities. They may seem slow and unresponsive at times, but once something is in the head of a Cancer it will never leave their memory.

Leo is a very compatible sign with the energy of Mercury. With the help of this planet, the Leo gets the power to express everything they had in mind, and they will do this in the loudest, most dramatic way possible. A Leo will never change his perspective and point of view, because once their mind has decided something, it becomes the ultimate truth. Not only that, but they will find followers and fans who will cheer their way to the throne.

With Mercury in Virgo, your mind is wrapped up in the details. You understand the difficulty of every situation and you will not sit still until you find the right place for everything. In everything you do, you can see your critical, prudent, keen and discriminating mind. You have to learn to be a little more patient with those around you who doesn’t possess your mental abilities and logical mind.

Mercury in Libra is the mind of a rational judge. You like comparing, balancing out and compromising. No decision made by you is made carelessly and you have a list of arguments, pros and cons justify each one of your choices. Just like Virgos, they like everything to be perfect too. You are very easy to talk to, because as a mirror, you reflect other peoples' thoughts.

If your Mercury is in Scorpio, your entourage is afraid of lying to you. Your mind is so powerful, that your eyes tell people to run when they do something to hurt you. You are extremely perceptive and can read behind everyone’s façade, not so much with your mental abilities, but with your overall attitude. Generally, you have an insightful and penetrating mind, intuitive and psychic talents.

If you have a Sagittarius friend, you already know how quickly their mind lets the thoughts out. They are the most sincere and honest sign of the Zodiac, but because they lack tact, they may easily offend someone. They are enthusiastic and optimistic, and their minds are always exploring for the next adventure. They like to be intellectually stimulated and provoked, and rarely miss the opportunity to be a part of a hot debate.

In Capricorn, your mind is calm and thinking about the consequences. Every thought is carefully generated, examined and placed in the big picture. A Capricorn will never rush to make a decision, unless it’s already calculated. They are serious, pragmatic and like order. They don’t like abstract topics and are more comfortable within the limits.

An original mind hides behind Mercury in Aquarius. They like new ideas and will stir things up whenever they get the chance. They like breaking the rules, erasing the limits and thinking outside the box. They have idealistic dreams, radical concepts and advanced ideas. Aquarius people always have something interesting to say and they are usually accepted and respected within their social groups.

Pisces, same like Cancer, like to live inside their head. They are the dreamers in the Zodiac and it’s not easy to get inside their head. When a Pisces says something that makes no sense to you, it is probably very important, but you will have to dig deep to find out. They are very emotional and sensitive, where the slightest insult or even look may make the Pisces person shut down. Or they might make a joke or try to avoid the subject.


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