The Mercantile Association is an association implemented on the CrossCiv server of the Galactic Milieu; its leaders are Crissy and James.

It is located in the quarter known as Westend, west of the Planetary Governor's quarter, in the capital city of the galactic diplomacy planet.

The association has been instrumental in much of the commerce and finance of the Galactic United Nations and the setting up of General Financial Corp, General Development Corp and General Retirement Corp. As all three of these corps use DeVCoin some observers have naturally wondered why, right there on the United Nations planet, the association would deliberately set up these corps with a DeVCoin (DVC) focus instead of a United Nations Scrip (UNS) focus. The answer, it seems, lies in the independence of the association and of these three corps from any particular civilisation of the Milieu.

So why not use bitNicKeLs (NKL)? According to James, the answer lies in the ever growing supply of DeVCoin. NKL, like most familiar blockchain-based cryprocurrencies, is limited to a fixed maximum number of coins DeVCoin, by contrast, takes the approach its predecessor GRouPcoin had already taken, of continuing to generate new coins at the same rate forever. However whereas GRouPcoin was created to serve the needs of various groups (associations, clans, guilds, parties, societies and so on), [[Devcoin|DeVCoin was designed to support a much wider, more disparate group: developers of free open source material. Thus for example General Development Corp although general in the sense that it is not averse to getting involved in development ventures of all kinds has a special interest in the development of free open source materials and projects.

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