Mental Telepathy Works

A lecturer instructed us to program for the solution of a problem we had in mind using the Three Fingers Technique. I thought of my bamboo rest-house in Batangas that needs to be treated against termites, etc. We tried for months to schedule the treatment with a Pest-Control Contractor. For one reason on another, it would not push through. The day before, my wife told me that she would like to go to the farm and again arrange with the contractor the treatment of our rest house. The morning of Thursday, the contractor couldn't be reached. So, I decided to program that the contractor agreed and did the rest house. I visualized that the rest house was being treated. I could smell the strong scent of the insecticide being sprayed. That same day, I went back to my office I saw a note from my secretary that I should call up my wife I did not find time to call her until about 9:00 PM She told me over the phone that her trip to Batangas would push through and that according to her at about 4:00 PM, the contractor called her up to inform her that our rest house in Batangas will finally be treated.

I thought that was “chamba” so that same night (I was scheduled to attend a 3-day seminar in Antipolo the following morning). I programmed, again using the 3-fingers technique that I get a good seat in the coaster that will take us to Anti polo, Rizal and that my room-mate turn out to be compatible with me. True enough both materialized.

However, I was still not convinced. I was requested to hand-carry a letter to the Immunities and Privilege Office, Department of Foreign Affairs. I had to bring that same letter to the Department of Finance so I needed to rush the delivery so I could do both. I arrived at the office of the Director for Immunities and Privileges at about quarter past three in the afternoon. The Director arrived at about 2:30 PM and proceeded straight to a meeting. At about 3:00 PM I was already impatient. If she did not come out of that meeting in a few moments I would not be able to deliver the letter to the Department of Finance. At that point, I decided to do the 3-fingers technique. To my surprise, a few seconds after I programmed for her to come out - she was there calling me what I was there for. Not only that, she understood to favorably endorse our request to the Department of Finance. Atty. Wally Gloria

Success In A Taekwando Tournament

As an avid participant in my weekly taekwando class, I was very delighted and excited when my head coach announced that there was to be tournament sponsored by the Hong Kong Taekwando Federation. I managed to gain my mother's permission to compete. However, I was faced with a problem because I had not worked on my performance and negative thoughts were seriously impeding any progress which I could have been making. Therefore, I decided to employ the mirror of the mind technique to eliminate this hindrance.

First, I visualized myself as I was: timid, lacking confidence and aggression though clumsy Then, I visualized myself as I wanted to be: powerful, aggressive, agile. I repeated this programming daily for a whole month.

The result was that I did get my cup after all. But a note of warning to all graduate-practitioners, be specific when you are programming. Since I didn't' specify what prize I wanted I ended up with the silver instead of the gold! But it still worked for me - I got something!

INSTANT COMMUNICATION. One evening I was still at home, rather bored, as my parents were attending a dinner party to which I was not invited.

I began to think about a friend whom I did not see for a few days I was really desperate to talk to someone and so I considered giving him a call However, pride got in the way as I noticed that recently I had been the one who called him up all the time. But since I was so lonely, I decided to use the three-fingers technique to “will” to call.

So I went to my level and started to concentrate on an image of him. I mentally had a conversation with him, advising him to call me straight away. In less than a minute, as I was emerging out of my deep level, the phone started to ring. And it was him.

Although I have practiced the mind training for quite a while I always scoffed at the idea of being successful with such spontaneous programming. This success attests that even the most last-minute programming really works, even though it was proven in an eerie way! Ma. Lourdes Da Luz

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