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Melodie M

Melodie M : Also MelodieMuse, JaciBlak and Melodie Murphy

Author, Songwriter and Tactile Artist living in the Australian outback, playing in a global village. A colourful background and a complex life path creates a unique outlook and somewhat quirky style expressed in music, word and tactile art using upcycled/repurposed material.

Current Works

In 2013 MelodieM made the break from full time employment in any traditional role, to working towards the expression and acceptance of her art and writings. To support this brave endeavor MelodieM still designs websites for Kissmyweb.com, runs Workshops for Women and provides Joomla training and support to end users.

MelodieM is available for commission work, copy writing, ghost writing and editing services, self publishing support and consultation on unique, creative or complex projects. MelodieM accepts Devcoins, Bitcoins and Cash in Aussie dollars.

From the Artist Herself

What right a writer? - Source: http://au.linkedin.com/in/melodiemurphy/

I have been very lucky to have lived and worked in so many varied fields on and offline, so much so that describing my current potential for future writing endeavors might leave the reader thinking me a little arrogant. I hope that by sharing the following, I might convince you my confidence comes from the humility of knowing that without these life experiences and those individuals that took the journey with me, I would have nothing to offer any reader; no matter how well I might turn a phrase.

  • From Mercedes and manicures to fish guts and ports unknown:

This would be the time I was stashed on a fishing trawler in the role of cook/deckhand while a certain dark figure in my life disappeared.

The challenges faced by a woman previously managing the largest entertainment agency in the city, driving a trademark white Mercedes called Daisy and holding an open ticket to any party, thrust without warning into a world she did not know anything about, of crusty sailors, drunken engineers, cyclones and even finding the remains of a lost diver in the shoals off Broome Western Australia; will one day make an excellent book.

For now, the partly collated manuscript is a constant reminder to me of the variety of worlds within worlds of individuals who will read whatever I write.

  • Collins St Melbourne - Black Suits and Red Scarves:

Being the “chick from the outback” working for a large firm in Collins St afforded me a bizarre level of cool that I never did quite understand.

Regardless, it also meant stepping up to a professional mark I had previously and deliberately avoided. I am far too creative and flexible by nature to thrive for long in a daily concrete jungle, so why did I find myself wearing the wrong blue suit to a presentation of movers and shakers, answering questions about concepts that were not even realities yet and somehow pulling it off?

I offered to help a friend write a book. The fact he was also the head of a large economic development consultancy and considered one of the country’s leading experts while I had no previous understanding or even interest in economics, provided unique challenges and a learning curve so sharp I started to sound like an economist.

What I did have, was experience developing learning tools to meet the needs of adult learners at different education levels and the ability to communicate complex concepts effectively. I was able to turn these skills to planning the delivery and presentation of Mr Haratsis ideas in a way that would be accessible to the widest possible Australian audience.

I was honored to write the chapter on Indigenous Australia and the result: Australia 2050 - Big Australia, is available from MacroPlan Dimasi offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

  • Another experience to shed light on my abilities might be the time I produced my first album.

It was only a run of 100 CD's but they were all sold before they arrived so I claim it a small success. Luckily my children all had copies; I never did keep one for myself.

When I received my first royalty cheque for the princely sum of $9.70 and framed it because it was worth more to me as a souvenir than the cash, they added it to the following year and assumed I had lost the cheque. It still hangs there reminding me of how fortunate my life has been.

I have since written a lot more songs, one still played sporadically on ABC ensures those tiny royalty cheques arrive in time to remind me each year to expect the unexpected.

I rarely perform anymore but it was nice to be a rock star in my own little world for a while and the experience adds so much more to the repository of color, life and characters that allow my writing to carry a story to the heart and soul of the listener.

  • You cannot teach someone to read and write to an employable level, in 9 weeks.

When the Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program was reworked, the result was an insane expectation that any lecturer or teacher could teach adults to read and write to any real practical level, in 9 weeks. The truth was, “they” didn’t really expect anyone to be able to achieve this; they just needed to be able to show some improvement against the National Reporting Standards. The learners were forced to attend through threats to their unemployment benefits.

Trying to justify to a 50 year old man why he should undertake this training which will give him very little in return for his efforts to come - apart from the obvious loss of welfare benefits - was the first time I ever truly understood how many corporate decisions are made in Canberra that come out of left field and slam people in remote communities with restrictions, legislation and red tape that has no relation to daily life in the outback.

While the title of this section is true; You cannot teach someone to read and write to an employable level in 9 weeks, you can listen to learners and you can find ways to ensure their time learning is not only used effectively to collect knowledge but also has a tangible outcome. A curriculum or planned delivery in this case is impossible. Learning must be tailored to each learners needs, the first step being to find a tangible result that each student might achieve at the end of their course.

Various solutions like using the ATM machine instruction book to teach symbols and numeracy, while also giving a couple of students the skills to use an ATM – something they had expressed a desire to know how to do due to family controlling their money – or using the learner driver handbook to teach signs and symbols and to help a 58 year old lady finally get her license allowed me to witness human beings empowered and made strong by their learning.

Oh, and the lady with her license? She finally learned she was badly short sighted, got glasses and went on to drive the “old folk” in her community to their medical appointments.

I know the above stories don’t really introduce me as the person: Melodie the mum, muso, artist and web mistress, but I hope it gives you some insight into my writing ability and flexibility.

I learn so much researching topics I don’t know about that I am happy to step outside my own field of expertise.


  • An Anthology of Poetry – Contributor - Compilation publication 1999
  • Australia 2050, Big Australia? – Contributor and Editor - Published in paperback 2009
  • Neutiquam Erro – Author - in production, Chapters 1 to 7 on Devtome


  • Sari's Last Dance : The Fruit – Compilation CD, Charles Darwin University, 2002
  • Sari’s Last Dance – Single 2002
  • SpiritSong – Solo SP Album 2003
  • Rachel : Up Raw and personal– Compilation CD, Charles Darwin University, 2004


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