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One issue that is dividing the United States is healthcare. Those on the left are in love with Obamacare while those on the right believe in Healthcare Savings Accounts. The American media does an excellent job in hyping the quality of Healthcare in the United States. They also paint the picture that healthcare in other countries is poor quality. In some cases that may be true, but overall that isn’t the case. There was a recent study conducted among eleven countries that are considered wealthy. The United States finished eleven in terms of efficiency, equity and outcomes. To make things worse the United States has the world’s most expensive healthcare system. This is disgraceful. Many in the media will criticize the Canadian and British healthcare, but their healthcare systems rank higher than ours in the study. Is there a solution to this issue? I believe someday a solution will be developed and implemented within the United States. Unfortunately that day hasn’t come yet and there’s no telling when it will come. I believe that people need to improvise and look for creative solutions when available.

One of my friends told me about an alternative that Americans could consider. That alternative is called Medical tourism. Medical tourism is when people travel to another country for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment in that country. My friend is on assignment in another country and recently had an accident where his tooth broke. He went to a local dentist. Another interesting fact is my friend doesn’t have insurance and it’s not needed in that country. The dentist went ahead and fixed his tooth and on top of that gave him a temporary crown for another tooth that he was scheduled to get replaced upon his return to the United States. How much do you think that cost my friend? Not several hundred dollars. All of this cost my friend $60. That's not a co-pay or down payment. That is it, finished, game over. My friend received equal quality or better quality than you'd get in the United States.

My friend now believes that if you need major surgery or some medical procedure done that will cost a fortune in the United States that you should strongly consider medical tourism. This alternative isn’t for everyone. Some people are more comfortable in the United States for various reasons including closeness to family and friends and the cost of traveling to another country. Individuals will have to conduct their own research and figure out what works best for their particular situation, however in many cases there is a cheaper alternative if you’re willing to take the medical tourism plunge.


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