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For the past 7 years (since I was 14) I have been trying to grow my own marijuana. I was not a medical patient at first I just happened to have tons of seeds because I would buy weed that is considered “lower quality” but since the “high quality” is not 5x better I never said a reason to pay 5x as much.

I would make my own hash and my family would treat me like a junkie. I got in trouble for possession and when I was 18 I even took charges for marijuana my sister had left in our yard when police came.

For the past 2 years I have been trying to grow my own MMJ since I am now an MMJ patient and can legally do so. But I now live in Colorado so it would be recreationally legal for me as well. I have not had the money to grow though until I started writing for devtome, sure I grew before this but I did not have any of the proper equipment.


Thanks to Devtome I have put nearly $1000 into my current grow. I will be growing 2x 10 gallon bucket plants at a time and 4x smaller ones that will be put into 10 gallons later for when they flower. I have a real grow fan as well as mylar so that I do not lose any light that can be getting to the plants, a few different kinds of soil so that I can test the difference, some Coco fiber to mix with it because it should make any grow better, Fox Farm nutes, 2x 125w CFL bulbs which is = 1000w Halogen, a panel of t5s and a few other things.

This grow I expect plants that are at least 3 feet tall and since I will FIM them a few times they will be super bushy. This will be my first grow that end in medical quality marijuana.

I have used CFLs before, but just a few. My main light has usually been a panel of 4x 24w T5s, and in my last grow it was a 400w HPS.

So. This time I have…

4x 24w T5s 2x 125w CFLs 1x 400w HPS

So I am wondering… How do you guys think I should set this up if I want to do a perpetual grow?

Here's what I am thinking.

1-2 plants in the flower room 4-5 plants in the veg room 400w HPS in the flower room 125w CFL in the flower room 125w CFL in the veg room

and the 4x 24w T5s used whenever the veg room has small plants, maybe a “pre” veg, since I will probably have a mother plant in the veg room after a while.

I will be growing in multiple growing mediums. I have 2 blocks on Coco Coir coming that should make a good 20 Gallons of growing medium. Plus I got 25 lbs of some soil with all kinds of stuff like blood meal and bone meal and enzymes and bacteria. I got some beneficial nematodes. Timers. Mylar. An inline fan (240 CFM) and ducting. A heater. And a 3 in 1 Ph/Temp/Humidity meter that won't be here till after Christmas because it has to ship from Japan.

I'm going to just use the T5 for clones and as a light for YouTube videos. I plan on growing a BIG mother plant, so I will probably have just one. I think it's 2 foot 4 bulb, if not 2 ft it's 1 and 1/2.

If I were to put clones under the CFL 125w and switch them to t5 96w it will be ok? That is kind of a drop? I guess the mother plant room WIL have less plants… But they will be bigger. I should probably get 1 more CFL or FL soon huh? I just found that 2 foot 4 bulb when looking on Amazon and it does look nice, if you have the same one I am looking at.


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