Medical Doctors Eye Doctors And Dentists Are Some Of The Biggest Pyramid Scammers Ever

Is it possible to be a scammer and not even know it?

If the answer is yes, then most doctors fall into that category. A smaller percentage are probably 100% conscious of their scam, but the great majority are primarily suppressing such self knowledge.

The folks at the top of the medical pyramid are fully aware of the scams. You can take that to the bank. Indeed, a lot of the folks at the top of the banking pyramid are aware of the medical industry scam.

The pyramidal metaphor for the hierarchical blueprint of how the few control the many via interlocking conspiracies is quite useful. For the sake of brevity, here is an example with a six sector pyramid. (A better example would start out with a hundred sectors, or maybe a thousand at the base, but you should get the idea, nonetheless.)

Imagine a pyramid that is actually six pyramids. Like a classic college cheerleader pyramid, ours will have three on the bottom, two in the middle and one at the top. On the ground level we'll put the food industry pyramid, law enforcement pyramid and the banking pyramid. One level two we'll have the military pyramid and the political pyramid. At the top is the secretive societies pyramid.

The vast majority of people in each sector know very little about how the world works. They are not taught about the scams. They are compartmentalized, even in terms of doing their mundane jobs.

Above them in the same sector pyramid, are middle managers who have more of a grasp of some of the different compartmentalized tasks of the grunt workers below them, but they are also unaware of their participation in the scams intrinsic to their sectors.

Some grunts and middle managers may have heard or read something about some of the scams, but the media has conditioned them to not believe such rumors. They also are aware that talking about such matters is a good way to lose their jobs. Enough said.

Each pyramid has a capstone where only a relative few individual are allowed. These are people who know about the various frauds they are pulling off. It is their job to manage and assess them.

They also know a lot of the people in all the other capstones from each pyramid. A lot of them meet up physical and./or virtually in their secret, secretive society meetings. (That's not a typographical error. Secretive societies have meetings that are secret to most of their members.)

Take the secretive society pyramid, for example. One of the largest, if not the largest, is freemasonry. Just because you are a freemason, doesn't mean you know about the scams the run the world. That is knowledge for the secret group within their secretive society.

At the capstone of the secretive society pyramid, are people who are in the capstones of each of the other pyramids. These are the movers and shakers who know what's going on They tend to run the show(s).

They know that doctors are running health care scams that make their patients worse while bilking them out of money. They know that people are eating poison, often believing they are making healthy choices. They understand how that funnels them into the medical industry scam. They realize that the banking scam is involved by way of the insurance companies they own.

They are aware that top law enforcement officials are top mob bosses, and that the Drug Enforcement Agency is really about moving drugs around for the cartels they contract with while shutting down the competition. They know that parts of the United Nations that are supposed to help stop human trafficking, actually are actually involved in human trafficking.1) The irony of it all is so very funny when you're in a capstone.

Getting back to the medical pyramid, doctors, dentists and eye doctors all utilize main tools of their trades that are giant scams. They are supposed to make people better, but almost without exception, they ultimately make them worse, if not outright kill them.

There often is an initial appearance of help, but that is part of the scam. Patients get some symptoms addressed, (covered up), so it's hard to blame them for not being aware they are being played.

A guy goes to a doctor with bad back pain and the doctor prescribes a pill, and the pain seems to go away. A kid has a toothache and the dentist drills out a cavity and fills it in with fillings. The pain stops. A woman is having trouble reading, so her eye doctor examines her and prescribes glasses, and that helps her see clear again.

On the surface, it might not look like it, but each person in the above examples, just got played like a fresh mark in a three card monty game. The dealer lets you think you are winning so that you'll get sucked in.

Let's revisit our three medical card monty players, years later:

The man is now addicted to pain pills. His liver is shot. His body can't detoxify, so he's constantly sick. He's on seven different meds now, because every time he gets a new symptom, his doctor prescribes a different drug, which has its own side effects, for which he goes back to the doctor and gets a new drug to deal with the side effects from the last one. He's aging badly. In short; life sucks. His doctor told him if he keeps getting worse, he's going to need an emergency, life-saving operation.

The kid went on to have a bunch of cavities and a bunch of fillings. He now has a mouth full of mercury that is slowly leaking into his body. There is a very good chance he is going to contract a disease, or several diseases, as a result of the toxic poisoning he doesn't even know he's enduring. He's able to have children, but he might not live to see his grandkids if he doesn't discover the need to get his fillings replaced with a safe alternative.

The woman's vision keeps getting worse every few years, She is on her fifth prescription in 17 years. She can't figure out why her, “corrective,” lenses aren't correcting a thing.

She asks her eye doctor if there is anything that can actually be done to help her eyesight, as opposed to simply get thicker and thicker glasses. He answers, “Unfortunately, there's nothing that's been published in peer reviewed journals proving that anything exists that could do what you're looking for. Sorry. Here's a coupon for a free upgrade on your next set of frames.”

None of these practitioners happen to be in the medical capstone. They aren't laughing at what fools their patients are. They are doing what they know how to do.

They went to school for years and were taught a very specific set of instructions while being denied alternatives, except for when the curriculum mentioned them to put them down. In other words, they have extremely strong mental conditioning – some would say, bordering on brainwashing – that helps them to stay within their limited modality, despite a number of shortcomings that they can't help but notice.

And… let's face it. They have a financial motivation. In and of itself, it doesn't make them bad people.

If you go to a model home built by a home builder who uses steel frame technology, she going to tell you that steel frame houses are the best houses. If you go down the road and tour a model home made of reinforced egg cartons connected in the form of a geodesic dome, that home builder is going to school you as to why geodesic egg carton homes are far superior to any other option available on the market today.

In other words, the dome home salesperson isn't going to tell you the steel frame home is better in a hurricane, any more than the steel frame home salesperson is going to tell you that she finds the geodesic egg carton home so splendidly different and refreshing, she would move in to one tomorrow, if she could.

Likewise, you shouldn't go to a medical doctor, an eye doctor or a dentist and expect to be told about another modality that could help you better. It's not realistic. You need to do your own research and take responsibility for your state of health.

If you do the research, you will learn that there are natural ways to not only stop toothaches, but to protect and even heal your teeth. You'll discover that root canals are to be avoided like the plague,2) and that if you are going to get fillings, you should look for holistic dentists who use safe alternatives to mercury laden, silver fillings.

You would also discover that virtually everything in the medical doctor tool bag is wrong for well over nine out of ten of her patients, and actually makes them worse. That applies to all the drugs they prescribe as well as surgeries that they sell their patients into signing up for.

When it comes to cancer, you come to the realization that most of their treatments and protocols actually create cancer and other debilitating conditions, rather than heal you – and that individuals that do get help, do so in spite of the treatments, not because of them.3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15)

You'd learn that nutrition, including organic nutrition supplements, ionized water,16) and a healthy lifestyle that avoids toxins and helps you detoxify your body, thus keeping you away from being ensnared in the web of medical chemicals, is going to go a whole lot further in giving you a long and happy life, than anything the conventional medical industry has to offer.

You'll also discover that there's a very good chance that a $20 (or less) pair of pinhole glasses could stop the further degradation of your eyesight; a condition that prescription lenses accelerate many times over. Not only that, but they train your eyes to focus in such a way that can force them to correct your vision so that you need progressive less potent eyeglass lenses as you keep moving toward perfect (or at least, much better) vision.

As you get into this type of alternative health care research, you may find yourself getting mad at the doctors and medical industry that you have trusted all your life. In this post, I have provided the opinion that you can't really blame your doctors – at least, the ones who aren't in the capstone of the medical pyramid, but the truth is, most should take on some level of accountability for the poor quality of health of their patients. If truth be told, a lot of doctors have to have figured out, at least to some degree, that they've been conned, and yet they continue to go about business as usual.

In ancient China, the health care protocol was that everyone gave regular, small payments to their doctors, except for when they were sick. At that point, the doctors would get into action and work for free until the patient was healthy and would start making their regular payment again.

Perhaps that is the type of health system we need in modern times. The current system does strike many deep thinking individuals as questionable, at best, because the motivation is not to help patients get well, but is the direct opposite. The money is made when patients are sick.

The sicker they are and the longer length of time they are sick, the better for the doctors, hospitals, and drug companies. Most medical students are willing to go into tremendous debt and invest many years and extraordinary effort into getting their degrees, in large part, because of the potential to make really good money.

If there is more money to be made getting or keeping people sick, why would we expect that the system is interested in helping us get and stay in perfect health? Clearly, the entire concept is off kilter.

There is no doubt that there are a lot of doctors who are motivated by helping people more than they are motivated by making money. They staff local free or sliding scale clinics. They work with Doctors Without Borders.17) They make house calls and let their patients pay what they can afford when they can afford it.

The sad part is, they are in an industry that doesn't share their altruism and that only gives them the tools to ultimately hurt their patients. They are suffering from the delusion that allopathic medicine (the stuff they do) is appropriate 100% of time, instead of less than 5% of time.

If you're a young person reading this, and you want to help people, the last thing you should want to do is waste all kinds of money and time and effort to become a doctor. Start researching wellness (rather than illness) and natural health solutions. Then find ways to teach people and share your knowledge.

Virtually anybody, at any age can do this. The first step is to get yourself healthy. If you weigh 525 and are always seen with either a cigarette or a big mac in your hands, it's going to be hard for anyone to take you seriously, even if you are giving out great data, that you aren't yet practicing yourself.

On the other hand, once you can give truthful testimonials about how the natural lifestyle has improved your life, it will only add to the great information you are sharing with the world.


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