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Great Burdock

Family Name: The common name of Arctium lappa is Burdock. To the locals the plant is popular as the ‘Gobo.’ The plant belongs to the family of Asteraceae.


Burdock is commonly found in several Asian and European countries. It is known by the following names:

  • Greater burdock
  • Gobo
  • Lappa
  • Edible burdock
  • Beggar’s buttons
  • Lappa glabra
  • Arctium majus
  • Arcion tomentosum
  • Arcion majus

Medicinal uses

Greater Burdock is an edible plant which is used for a wide range of medicinal and culinary purposes. In China the plant is a part of their daily diet. However, in other continents the plant is mostly used as a traditional herb that helps in curing a wide range of diseases. The herb forms an important part of certain highly beneficial traditional Chinese medicines.

For over a decade the plant has been researched extensively and has been used in preparing several safe and potent western medicines. All the parts of the plant including the roots are used for preparing different types of drugs. In this review we will be looking into some of the major medicinal applications of Burdock.

  • Cures skin diseases

There are many natural solutions that guarantee to offer a smooth and shiny skin with attractive complexion. Nevertheless, these solutions are not for all and they even pose negative reactions in some people. This is where you can benefit from natural skin care solutions like Burdock leaves. The herb has multiple benefits but skin care is one of its major areas.

You can either make a paste of its dried or fresh leaves and apply it topically; or you can make a tea with its dried leaves and have it on a regular basis. Burdock is an excellent detoxifier. It purifies the blood by separating all the unwanted wastes and toxins. This indirectly helps in getting a clean and clear skin. The herb is popular for treating skin issues like boils, eczema, psoriasis, acne, ringworm and pimples.

  • Purifies blood

Burdock is well known for its cleansing properties. The roots of the plant were traditionally used to prepare medicines that helped in complete detoxification of the body. It is an excellent blood purifier which filters the blood and separates all the unwanted compounds that lead to a wide range of skin diseases and disorders like varicose veins.

Once the blood is free of its toxins it becomes lighter and also carries more oxygen to different parts of the body. In this process it also helps in corrective various vascular disorders.

  • Reduces the risk of cancer

As mentioned above, Burdock is a singular herb that has multiple healing powers, and it is truly a gift to mankind. Apart from detoxification, the roots of burdock have certain invaluable role in reducing the risk of cancer. Yes, its roots contain certain vital ingredients that function as powerful antioxidants. These compounds target the free radicals in our body and kill them before they set off any unwanted reaction.

This potent herb not only reduces the risk of cancer but also curbs the spread of cancer. This time instead of the roots, the seeds of the plant play an active role in controlling the multiplication of cancerous cells. The seeds of the plant are a rich source of anti-inflammatory agents that stops the growth of tumours and cancers. You must have heard about the popular anti-cancer beverage known as Essiac tea. Burdock roots and seeds form one of the active ingredients of this popular product which is well known for its role in preventing and curing cancer. Although, burdock is used to prevent cancer, its role in curing cancer has not been scientifically approved.

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