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Garlic is en everyday household herb and everyone is known to it. Unknown to most people, garlic possess many unique medicinal properties that make it special.

It is not only edible but it also serving humans by providing cure for many diseases at cost of minimal side effects. It is found worldwide and its origins or native land is unknowns.

Common Name: Garlic

Scientific Name: Allium sativum

Family: It is a member of the Alliaceae family.


  • Allium controversum.
  • Allium longicuspis.
  • Allium ophioscorodon.
  • Porrum ophioscorodon.

Medicinal Uses

Major medical uses of garlic come from utilization of its juice. And much more juice can be obtained from a fresh bulb than a stored one. So it is advised that fresh garlic bulb should be used.

  • Garlic juice has been used for long to treat GI problems.

Recent studies have documented that garlic juice is active against GI parasites particularly against helminthes. It effectively kills them in 3 doses (once daily dose 100 ml of garlic juice). There are no adverse effects of this therapy. The patient may complain of foul odor from mouth for a couple of days but it is acceptable. As compare to other pharmacological therapies available, this therapy is quite safe and effective and is at a negligible cost.

  • Garlic juice causes bronchodilation.

This is useful for treating asthma. The asthmatic patients have to drink 100ml of garlic juice every day for life time. This is not only useful in acute episodes but also for continuation of treatment. No drugs are needed for long term management of asthma if patient’s compliance with garlic juice is good. Main issue comes here of patient’s compliance. The taste of garlic juice is a main hindrance. Garlic juice can be diluted with equal quantities of water but nothing other should be added to it.

  • A cup of garlic tea every morning has been shown to lower the level of serum cholesterol as a whole.

This offers a protective effect against Heart diseases, stroke and many other diseases associated with hyper cholertermic states. Garlic tea is a cheap alternative to cholesterol lowering drugs. Garlic Juice is a very good antiseptic solution for cleaning surfaces. However, care should be take while washing hands with it because if there is any breach in your skin, it will cause lot of stinging. Similarly, due to its irritant nature, it can’t be used for dressing wounds. But its antiseptic properties can be employed for cleaning hospital surface (e.g. operating rooms, wards, equipment etc.).

  • Garlic juice is used to reliving muscle spasms especially after extraneous workout.

The desired effect is achieved in minutes after drinking the juice and it stays for long time. It is a tonic for Liver and Kidneys. It saves liver from damaging effect of alcohol. Those who consume alcoholic beverages are advised to drink 50-100 ml of garlic juice on alternate days. It has a very good effect on eyesight. It improves weaken eyesight.

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