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Aloe Vera

This plant has been known to humankind for a long time. Its origin can be traced to Mediterranean region. Now it has a worldwide distribution. It is an evergreen plant.

Scientific Name: Aloe Vera

Common Name:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Medicinal Aloe


  • Aloe barbadensis
  • Aloe vulgaris

Family: Aloeaceae

Medicinal Uses

This herb has been used for medicinal purpose for many ailments in traditional medicine for a long time. The active medicinal compound is alocethin-b.

  • Burns and Wounds

A gel is made from its leaves. This gel is thick. It has local antiseptic as well as antibiotic actions. It prevents the colonization of micro-organisms. It reduces the incident of infection to barely minimal rate and this speeds up wound healing and recovery. This has also been used with success in treatment of serious, deep dermal burns. This also speeds up reformation of skin over burnt area and reduces the complications like itching and hyper-trophic scarring. When used for dressing of wounds, it prevents kleoid formation. The dressing should be changed on alternate days and wound should be washed with some antiseptic solution before being dressed. Same rule can be applied to burns.

  • Dermatology

It has been used for treatment of sebaceous cysts, corns, callosities, warts, superficial ulcers. The patient compliance with this treatment is very good because it’s not only cheap but it can be easily done by the patient himself once you explain & demonstrate the procedure in detail. The oil of aloe Vera softens the skin and gives a younger look. It also acts as a sun block and offers protection from harmful ultraviolet radiations.

  • Laxative

It is an excellent laxative and is used for treatment of constipation and for bowel preparations before abdominal surgery. It is cheaper as compared to other laxatives and has minimal side effects.

  • Vermifuge

Aloe vera is effective for treatment of intestinal worms. Single dose of Aloe vera kills the worms and washes them out of body.

  • Tonic

It is a tonic for skin and hair. Skin becomes soft, smooth, wrinkle free and gives a younger and fresh look. The hair becomes long, silky and strong. They don’t break off easily. It also prevents premature balding in males and decreases the falling off of hairs.

  • Appetite stimulant

It stimulates appetite. The mechanism behind this is unknown but this effect has been documented by various studies. It can be used for treatment of underweight individuals.

  • Antispasmodic

It has mild antispasmodic actions and used for the treatment of renal and sometimes billiard colic.

  • Analgesia

The fresh leaf of this plant has an analgesic effect when it’s directly applied to some part of body

  • Other actions

There are certain other actions of Aloe Vera that are being studied. They are as follows

  • As antispasmodic
  • As aphrodisiac
  • As muscle relaxant
  • As treatment of vaginal candidiasis
  • Role in cancers

a. Skin cancers b. Systemic cancers

  • Antioxidant effects
  • For treatment of Kaposi sarcoma in AIDS
  • Local haemostatic actions

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