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Meadowlands is the fourth episode from the first season of The Sopranos, the episode is largely concerned with tying up a large number of the storylines begun in the pilot and continued through the next two episodes. During Meadowlands the rising tension over control of the DiMeo Mafia family between Tony and Junior is concluded with a strained peace being brokered between uncle and nephew.

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Tony's and his Therapist

Meadowlands sees the growing frustration and tension felt by Tony Soprano reach boiling point over whether he should continue to see his therapist, Dr. Melfi. Tony is confused about his relationship with the therapist and sees his feelings towards Melfi change from therapist to potential mistress, Tony's confusion is highlighted by a dream sequence which concludes with Dr. Melfi being replaced in the doctors chair by Tony's own mother. Tony's reticence about therapy is made worse when he bumps into Silvio Dante at the medical offices of Melfi, with Silvio attending a dentist's appointment at a nearby office. Tony's feelings of lust and fear of revealing his true self to Melfi conclude with him ordering police detective Vin Makazian to follow the therapist and photograph her movements. Makazian follows Melfi on a date before beating her male companion during a routine traffic stop as the detective believes Melfi is cheating on Tony. After hearing of the incident Tony reveals he wishes to stop attending therapy sessions, but is told by Carmela that without therapy their marriage is over.

Turf War Tensions

Tensions within the DiMeo Family have been rising following the mock execution that left Christopher in a neck brace. Fearing that Tony knows he gave drugs to Meadow, Christopher fears he and girlfriend Adriana will be killed when he discovers the body of Brendan Filone dead in the bathtub. After confronting Meadow about what her father knows of their drug transaction, Christopher is left satisfied that Tony has no knowledge of his involvement with Meadow. After including Tony in the news of the death of Brendan, Christopher vows to murder Mikey Palmice who is thought to be responsible for Brendan's death. Tony tells Christopher he is unable to sanction a murder as Mikey is a made man, instead Tony himself beats Mikey as a warning over his future actions. Tony then meets with his Uncle Junior to discuss the problems they face over which of the pair will become boss of the crime family. Tony now uses the advice of Dr. Melfi to give the impression of power and allows Junior to become the figurehead of the family in return for a large amount of compensation. Tony explains to Silvio at the funeral of Jackie Aprile that he will give the orders to members of the family and by assuming control Junior has opened himself up to an FBI investigation.

Family Problems

Family issues continue to cause problems for Tony and Carmela, in Meadowlands the problems center on son AJ. Returning home from school, AJ is confused about an incident that left him with a ripped shirt after a larger child, Jeremy, backs out of a fight with AJ and offers to pay for or replace the shirt he ripped during a schoolyard scuffle. Upon returning home, AJ tells Meadow about the incident and is then guided through the details of the truth of what Tony Soprano does for a living. An Internet search reveals details of the full extent of Tony's links to the DiMeo family and his supposed crimes.

Special Occurrences

The Sopranos introduced new characters throughout its run and does so in this episode in the form of Detective Vin Makazian and Larry Boy Barese, Jimmy Altieri and Ray Curto. In this episode and the remainder of the first season, Makazian is the most important of the introduced characters for his role in informing Tony of various incidents and the actions of family members. Wroter Jason Cahill won a Writers Guild of America for his work on Meadowlands.


Always an important aspect of The Sopranos, music in this episode includes the use of Mazzy Star's Look on Down from the Bridge over the closing credits. As Tony is informed of the death of Mob boss Jackie Aprile Floor Essence by Man With No Name is played.


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