The following are notes for the open source Hengemaster novel.

Mazar Colony - Mazar is arabic word for mausoleum

Mobray is a Mazar Colony

They are viewed by the Sarsids as tomb dwellers, death obsessed, misunderstood, taboo. They would reply, is not the womb of the world our tomb? Is not death our truth? We are reality dwellers, illusion spotters, and spirit fighters. Many were born in a tomb. “The tomb and the womb are rooms in the same house”.

The Mazar colonies are built around the henges, around which were buried the remains of the enemies of the Sarsids who fought against them in the Sarsid war of independence under King Antony 1st. The peace was negotiated in part by allowing them to be buried there as they were Mazars/spirit fighters themselves.

In the generation or two that has lived since then a ruthless campaign of lies has been run to convince the Sarsid People that the Mazars are a bunch of loonies. But they are still feared and the legends of their former power remain.

Do they call themselves Mazars? Not among themselves, they are the Mobray Tullab (arabic word for students/seekers).

'Art of dying' - …what to the Tullab believe happens after death? Maybe Alfred should die at the end and his spirit visibily ascends and they all party? They do the rebirth ceremony (need cool name) when they believe the person is needed to stay. Who chooses the reborns that succeed when one fails to be reborn? The Mystic.

Mazar are dignified and yet believe life is ultimately a cosmic joke. They worship 'The Joker' - the god of the absurd and keep an element of the absurd in their ceremonies with the aim to please him. Alfred is a Newind (Medicine man/Sadu) whose role it is to point out the absurdity of habits and traditions. He pulls stunts in Mobray and keeps alive the flame of the 'new wind' - from which his title is made..


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