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Maximilian Wilhelm


My name is Max Wilhelm and I am a current writer on Devtome.com - writing articles, poetry, research papers, etc., for the devcoin community in an attempt to help raise awareness.


I was born and raised in the Eastern Bloc back during the days of oppressive, hardline communists - the days of the Iron Curtain. My parents immigrated here on a political asylum visa when I was still in grade school.

As a result, I see things from a different perspective. I have spent a large portion of my life here in America so the USA feels like my home. At the same time I cannot forget the land and people from whence I came - thus my home country also feels like home to me.

I tend to be an optimist and I see all of the things that happened to our family, even in those difficult, life-threatening days as great life experience which molded me to be who I am today.

Given my parents had 6 children I had to start working at the young age of 13 and when I got older I had no help with anything so I had to work very hard to go to college.

I also see this as a great positive in my life as I'm sure I now appreciate things much more than I would have otherwise.


BS Degree in Economics and a BS degree in Business: Finance.

Work Experience

While in high school and college I worked in silicon valley as a technician. After that I got into banking and worked literally every position on the mortgage side of banking. If you have any questions regarding a home loan or an equity loan, please feel free to ask.

At the moment I am not working a traditional job as mortgage jobs are now much more difficult to find and they pay much less. Ideally I would like to become a stock trader as that's where my passion is and I have the perfect education for that type of job as well. Unfortunately, that's not a job which is easy to obtain without experience.

For the past 20 years, during my entire work career, I have also been involved in the stock market on a near daily basis, investing mostly in the more risky - tech and internet stocks. This personal stock market experience is a perfect fit for what I see as a new type of stock market, a currency or cryptostock market which is just now beginning to grow. I believe this nascent market and new industry will grow more quickly than any industry before it, more rapidly than even the explosive internet industry and as a result many early adopters and early investors will make incredibly high returns on their investments.

That said, I am now heavily involved with crypto currencies as I see these alternative coins as a new industry which is still in its infancy. It is my personal belief that once this becomes evident - the bankers, Wallstreet and then the masses will move in and start investing and speculating leading to an explosion in the value of many crypto-coins. As such, I am now mining, earning and buying various crypto-coins in preparation - should my theory prove correct in the next 6-24 months, as I think it will.

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