Master Brand Builders Of Tomorrow

A key executive of a global company has said that a great brand raises the bar- and gives a greater sense of purpose to an experience, whether it's the challenge to do your best on-the-job or simply drinking a can of juice.

Creating a power brand that markets a total experience - not just a product, service or a logo - is an awesome challenge that takes Del Monte Marketing Group Head Angie Flaminiano and her team more than a step farther. To dream of something that has never existed and turn this into a real winner - that is their big dream. But first, they must build skills they would need to create premium brands that can win us more loyal customers.

Inspired by a vision of molding master builders of brands among our current crop of talented men and women, Marketing opened DM BLU - short for Del Monte Brand Leadership University- as our first portal of learning for Marketects. The name, a fusion of the words market and architect, is a peer lingo for one who can design, create, build and grow enduring brand structures and organizations to support top-of-line products and services. DM BLU was conceived as a platform for building vital competencies necessary for the evolution of a special breed of experts who can sustain our marketing success far into the future.

DM BLU welcomed pioneer marketects as they took the first step in learning more about our organization. Group Head Angie Flaminiano inspired the team by sharing our Corporate Vision to be a global consumer-branded food company, and her vision for a totally committed Marketing Team. Would-be marketects learned key principles on Project Management and techniques useful to planning, organizing and managing projects. A marketect-trainee is expected to complete his transformation after attending a series of lectures and hands-on workshops focusing on nine key management competencies. Spearheading DM-BLU are Marketing Category Managers Roel Sun (Culinary) and Carol de Leon (Beverages for Adults, Moms and Kids).

DM BLU takes inspiration from Filipino marketing geniuses who have created the leading brands of our time by virtually shaking up the marketplace to achieve strategies never tried before and forge special relationships with customers. Jollibee Founder Antonio Tan Caktiong and Del Monte Pacific Ltd. CEO Joselito Campos Jr. are among leaders who inspire their teams to transform their dreams into workable goals with far reaching success. And take note, they don't just market products, they market power brands.

Marketects of the future with Marketing Category Managers Eileen Asuncion, Roel Sun and Carol de Leon, Group Head Angie Flaminiano, and Category Managers Archie Rilla, Jo Pena and Angie Castillo.

Empowered To Lead And Excel

We're a company that thrives on challenges. We mold leaders and grow achievers. And Del Monte sports teams are building blocks of our success.

Here at Del Monte, development is a continuous process, integrated in the job and not limited to training activities and courses. From your first working day till the day you leave our corporate doors, learning becomes an integral part of one's career. For us, learning is a personal commitment. It requires total involvement to hone skills, build discipline, and widen professional and social networks.

Empowered teams. With diverse work environments and local traditions, we have come up with a unique strategic focus. Sports associations led by Cannery workers have successfully organized the Bugo Olympics, an umbrella tournament of 9 sports events. We envision this to be the benchmark for worker participation and team development.

Vigorous Teambuilding. At the Plantation, workers and their families enjoy support for building productive teams and harmonious communities. Year-round sports tournaments give families from different camps opportunities to build ties and renew friendships.

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