Mars – the Warrior Planet

At the beginning of time, people were using astrology to predict the seasons, the rain, and to decide whether or not to sacrifice a goat. Nowadays, there are astronomers to inform us when the famous comets will pass our sky, and meteorologists tell us if the sun will shine tomorrow. But all basics belong to this ancient science, which literally translates into a science of the stars. With the help of this foretelling discipline you can explore the sky’s movement, but also your relationships, yourself, your place in the world and your life goals. The hermetic philosophies and the Vedas, both describe this science with the maxim “As above, So bellow”, a motto on which this entire discipline is fashioned. Planets, asteroids and planet’s aspects are all a part of what is above us and we are all part of what is below. Their relationship reflects our lives, our relationships with the world and with other people.

Mars in Mythology

In Roman mythology, Mars was the god of war. He wasn’t the favorite among the gods or the people. He was handsome, tall and malicious god who didn’t take sides in the battle; he was only there to enjoy the bloodshed. The energy of the planet is very similar to the energy of the god Mars in Roman mythology or the god Ares in Greek mythology. When the planet sends energy, it doesn’t care how you use it and it doesn’t pay attention if it will destroy or build. He is only there to add power. The name of the month March is named after this god, because in the ancient times the beginning of spring was when wars were started or renewed. Throughout the Roman Empire, this god was highly prominent and respected. At the beginning, Mars had only two temples outside of Rome and one shrine in the city, where his spears were kept. The emperors would shake the spears every time before a battle, to wake up the spirit of war. In the later years of the Roman kingdom, he became the traditional military guardian and was known as Mars the Avenger. Other minor spirits or goddesses accompanied him at all times, including the goddesses of Pain, Panic, Dearth and Oblivion, his sister Bellona and the goddess of discord, Eris.

The Atmosphere on Mars

Although the Egyptians called this planet “Her Desher” or the red one and the ancient Chinese astronomers named it “the fire star”, today we don’t call this planet the Red Planet because we believe the ancient god of war, but because its surface is actually red in color. Its dusty and rocky facade is rich in iron minerals, which cause the Red Effect when looking from out of space. Storms triggered on Mars may last for weeks, resulting in huge, red gust of wind. Some astrologers relate this atmosphere as the planets’ quality of rage, anger and violence. Every surface that appears red is rich in iron, same as our blood is red because it contains iron. This metal is the only one that burns. Meteorites and falling stars bright up the skies because they burn iron as they fall through the atmosphere, and that is why Mars was attributed as a fiery planet. When this planet was discovered, in 1877, satellites circling Mars were also discovered. They were named “Deimos” and “Phobos”, to symbolize Mars’ godly company - “Dread” and “Fear”. 20,000 years ago, there were no planets known to man, so the red dot in the sky became a symbol of war and violence, because it reminded the ancient astronomers of blood caused by violence.

Mars in Astrology

This ancient god of the warriors rules the source of raw power in astrological terms. Its keywords are passion, determination, endless energy and desire. If Venus shows how we love, Mars determines the power we project on top of that love. It shows how forcefully we act upon the things we want, how we act to get them and how much energy we have available for our actions. It’s the animal voice inside us, the one that tells us to get up and act and take risks. It’s the residual bestial nature that drives us towards our objectives and the survival instinct that eliminates our competition. In the natal chart, its house position shows where you can’t sit silently, waiting for gifts from the heavens and the area in your life where you are naturally likely to fight for what’s yours. It tells you how you get things done, where you act without thinking and where your instinctive drives are most highlighted. Sometimes it can show the domain in your life where you are most aggressive, assertive, even violent. Where Mars is placed in your natal chart, is the place where you are more likely to feel confident and sure in your individuality. Where you feel powerful and fearless when you are expressing yourself and content and ambitious when you take action. In a woman’s chart, it points to the type of men she is attracted to. Its sign shows how you express your primal drives and sexual energy. Whether you wait for the cup to get full and then explode, or you run to the goal without considering your chances to score. Mars is a planet full of forceful energy which can be either constructive or destructive, depending on how you use it. It is a masculine planet, represented by the metal iron and the element of fire. The choleric influence of Mars will be seen in everyone born on the Earth. It is the thing that makes you tick, the energy that commands you to take action. He is a fast moving planet, staying in one house around two months, but his combative energy might be felt even longer, depending on the house’ size.

Mars in the First House

Mars is a natural ruler of the first house, which means that he is at home in this house. If you have this placement, the violent energy coming from Mars does not necessarily cause problems for you. You are used to having much more energy than anyone else and his dynamism is part of your identity. If you are younger, you might have violent or aggressive outbursts, but as you grow older, you will learn to control his large amounts of power, and transform it into triumphs instead of pointless rebellion. Being passionate and pioneering comes naturally to people with Mars in the first house, and they even tend to start battles when they are feeling bored, stuck or framed up. A bad placement might suggest quarrelsome, domineering, hostile and dangerous predisposition. When this planet is crossing over your first house, you have the stamina to endure anything. You can win an election, run the marathon and emphasize all of your best assets. Since this planet rules the ages around 40 and 50, keep in mind that his potent influence may lead you astray and cause accidents, fights and arguments, especially if you are younger.

Mars in the Second House

Mars in the house of the money you earn roars with success. You have the energy, the assertiveness and will to achieve the highest goals, but even if you miss your target Mars will supply you with enough personal power and ambition to aim at the next one. There is a tendency to overspend what you have earned and maybe cash out all your credit cards, because Mars doesn’t care where you spent your money and how much you have, it just cares that the flow keeps going. Especially if you are too young to earn your own money, this position suggests that you will value your individuality and properties, and you won’t allow to be pushed around, taken for granted or run down. The biggest challenge in this position is to try to amass your profits and save some for rainy days. As this is the house of both your material possessions and your personal value, you will tend to improve your current state when this planet crosses over this house in your natal chart. It is the best time to ask for a promotion or a raise, but the worst time to apply for a bank loan or credit.

Mars in the Third House

If Mars is located in your third house of your natal chart, you must have been the loudest, most outspoken and active student in class. Mars in the house of the mind is anything but silent. He needs to express his thoughts as soon as they are created, without any tact or strategy. With this placement, you tend to say what’s on your mind, without worrying what other people think, how they perceive you and whether or not they are offended. As you age, this influence might turn into sarcasm, blunt wording and forceful language. Some astrologers even suggest that this placement might indicate violent environments or aggressive siblings. You like when your mind is being involved in many different tasks, you like to inspire people, motivating them and being the mental leader. This planet crossing over your third house adds wit and sharpness on your mind and communications. During this time, you can win anyone over, but if you come across obstacles or people who don’t share your opinions, will be ready to start a war to prove them wrong. The most favorable period for negotiations, learning new facts, gathering information or gaining access to them.

Mars in the Fourth House

In the house of the family and roots, this rebellious planet can often cause problems. In a male chart it may indicate a person that has a tough time settling down and prefers to take the “driver’s seat”. In a woman’s chart, this placement is also very powerful, where the individual has a hard time accepting the “woman’s role” in the household or wants to enjoy at least the same status in the family as the man in the house. In general, it speaks of a person who has a passive-aggressive approach outside of the family walls. You may be a quiet marionette in the face of the world, but at home, you feel the need to express the energy you are not able to otherwise. Some astrologers suggest that this placement point toward domestic violence, but if violence is not a part of your family atmosphere, you might at least feel restrained, confined or limited by one of your parents. Often times, people with Mars in this house limit, constrain and restrain other members in the family. When Mars takes a journey through your fourth house, it is a time for building, redecorating, and taking care of loose ends.

Mars in the Fifth House

In the house of love, games and pleasure, you exert your energy towards all things pleasurable. You are like a kid with matches, always looking for trouble. Your social life is probably very rewarding. You are very personable, likable and fun to be around. Everything that is hidden, out of your reach, forbidden or risky attracts your attention especially. Your flamboyant attitude directs you to pursue love relationships very impulsively, where love is regarded as an amusement or sport, more than it is anything serious. You are also very good at sports and games, and winning is an essential part of your competitive spirit. Your attitude towards children is also very cutthroat and you might be a good coach, trainer or their leading light. With Mars’ energy here, you may seek your own pleasure in things, without considering anyone else’s enjoyment. Mars is always looking for an outlet and in this house you will probably find it in games, romance and kids. When this planet moves around your fifth house, it’s time to win the trophy. Nothing can stop you in becoming the first at anything, because the cosmic energies are on your side. In competitive activities, elbowing is fine, but be careful not to hurt anyone with your eruptions of explosive energy.

Mars in the Sixth House

Mars in the house of work ethics and health is a sign of great placement. You are probably your boss favorite worker and the most aggressive goal getter in the office. There isn’t a case you can’t win, objective you can’t achieve and a colleague you can’t stump over. Taking work home is not a problem for a workaholic with this placement, but there is rarely any work left for you to take home. Arguments are a big possibility, but for you they are more of a fun way to solve an issue than they are difficulties. You can’t stand to work with lazy people and you will probably be in their nose especially. Since Mars is related to weapons, you may enjoy building weaponry, fighting gizmos, cutting instruments or any occupation that involves manual work with tools. As this house is also the house of health, you are probably very strong and in good physical shape, but headaches, migraines and inflammations may appear because you tend to overdo. If Mars is not in this house in your natal chart, but is currently transiting, you will feel the need to organize, create effective methods and strategies, to improve your present system and efficiency.

Mars in the Seventh House

Mars makes the house of partnerships a house of constant duels. You and your partners both exude great amounts of energy, and as long as you are both occupied and have things to do, you will be fine with Mars’ explosive temper. Mars needs a place and enough free space to express its power and potential, so you will be ready and willing to solve all of your problems, but you may also cause several of them out of boredom. Because it’s the planet of violence and war, this placement is often interpreted as a possibility of abusive partnerships or marriage. In fragile one on one encounters, you will have to learn to be more tactful and diplomatic and less domineering, direct and assertive. Mars’ potent energy makes you a partner for life, where you might be considered a hero or a savior. You will search for a partner who is argumentative, energizing, challenging, or anything else than boring, quiet and subtle. Because Mars’ energy is intense and not manageable, you also might marry very young. This is also the house of open enemies, which may have to pick their fights with you, because you never stop until you run them over. When this planet passes your descendant, it is the time to be socially active, arrange meetings for closing deals, but be careful how you behave. Don’t let Mars’ recalcitrant nature ruin your reputation.

Mars in the Eight House

Even though Mars is a natural ruler of the eight house, his energy here may vary deeply and depend on other planetary placements. This is the house of raw sexual power, your own emotional security, transformations and revivals. With Mars here, you may feel resurrected after sexual encounters, where your drives are powerful, full of fire and energy. You are probably very strong emotionally and feel stronger than anyone else you know. The ferocious nature of this planet attracts you to all things secretive, mysterious and sexual. You may use sex not just as an outlet for your strong drives, but also as a weapon to gain other peoples possessions, since this house is also the area that shows how you handle other people personal assets. Depending on how you use Mars’ energy, you may make very good and efficient investments, or you may empty your balance irrationally. With Mars in the house of death and rebirth, you have to be careful not to get involved in dangerous undertakings, circumstances and outer influences. Transits of Mars through this house may indicate potential credit improvements, sharing of confidential matters or dealings with taxes, inheritances and insurance. Your personal magnetism will be at its peak during this transit. Be careful what you wish for and make sure you clean your karma as long as Mars transits your eight house.

Mars in the Ninth House

The ninth house governs higher knowledge and Mars placed there, suggests a restless student. You don’t accept an idea just because it exists. You have to pour your hot lava on it and see the reaction. If your conclusion doesn’t reflect the initial idea, you will try to force your conclusion on everyone involved. Religious fanatics, dogmatists, extreme philosophers fall under this placement, and impervious atheists also. Your desire to learn is extremely enhanced by this placement and you will never cease to educate yourself. Mars’ occupying nature might take you to a new continent every year, where you will stay until you learn and experience every foreign custom. Your conquering spirit will be with you forever, and take you far and wide, literally or mentally. You may have a tendency to force your opinions to others, talk and advice, instead of listen. Most often, people will love the zest you have for life and new experiences, but there may be times when you’ll be considered self-righteous and arrogant. When this rebellious planet only passes through your ninth house you may break the law, cause some public disturbance and get into a legal trouble. With Mars here, you will feel the affinity to deal with the unknown, take a new study or travel aboard.

Mars in the Tenth House

In the house of career and social status, Mars’ energy is very plain and evident. You do not take setbacks and you will rise to the top of the social ladder very young. Any occupation that involves you in action will be the perfect job for you. This may include the military, police forces, sports or just being the boss. With Mars in this house, you have to be the person in charge, otherwise you will have problems and frequent arguments with the ones in charge. Hard work is not a problem for you, as long as it gets you noticed. Often, people with this placement choose to be self-employed, because that gives them the guarantee that they will be in charge at all times. If Mars in the 6th house estimated disagreements with colleagues, in the tenth house, you have to be the leader or everyone will suffer. With this placement, you are not the best team player and would rather work alone than with coworkers. In any case, the future looks bright for you. Whether you are a leader or a follower, you will enjoy people’s respect and admiration because of your hard efforts. While Mars is transiting your Midheaven you are in the best position to show your hard work and dedication to your superiors. Anything can be achieved during this two month transit, and you will have the energy to make the best of it.

Mars in the Eleventh House

When Mars is located in the house of your hopes and dreams, they are no longer just hopes and dreams. With Mars in it, every dream you have becomes a reality, sooner than later. This planet is used to charge right in, so whatever it is that you aspire to, you will find the necessary assets to achieve it. When you learn to handle Mars’ energy well, without letting your impulsiveness show, you will probably get quite well in the world. This is also the house of your friends, acquaintances and groups that you belong to. Your social circle will be very big, at least when it comes to meeting new people. Mars is a planet that wants to invade everything and everyone, so you might know quite a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean that you will get along with them. Especially if you openly express Mars’ intense temper. If you have ideas and projects you want to present to your circles, they will be generally accepted, because this planet will give you the impetus needed. When this house is visited by Mars once a year, it will be a good time to socialize and organize a get-together. You might feel like you want to be a part of a cause bigger than you.

Mars in the Twelfth House

The placement of Mars in the twelfth house is potentially dangerous. This is the house of our hidden desires, our unconscious mind, our hidden enemies and the things we hide from the world. If Mars is here, it means that you have some deep seeded anger issues, you like working behind the curtains and act behind the scene. Whatever the house is, Mars will try to release its energy, so you might have a tendency to hold everything in, until you blow up. Even though Mars needs confrontation, with this placement you might want to avoid it. Some astrologers suggest that people with this placement have never learned to use a vent for their anger, rage and other negative feelings. Nevertheless, Mars gives you the power to dig deep in the extremes of your subconscious mind and find the reasons for your behavior and everyone else’s. An inclination to become a healer, an occult priest or a member of a secret society is possible. When Mars is passing through your 12th house, make sure you find a positive outlet. Avoid psychological battles especially with yourself. Mars will mess up your mind for two months, so you might get painful flashbacks from your childhood, lose your self-esteem and undermine your positive attitude.

Mars and the Signs

In the fire sign Aries, Mars expresses his energy easily. Anger flares up fast, but it doesn't last for very long. Aries is explosive, but will never hold a grudge. They are always ahead of everything and everyone, real authentic leaders. You might want to speed up your tempo if you hold hands with an Aries, otherwise you will find yourself in the dust they leave behind. If you beat around the bush, move too slow or express no enthusiasm whatsoever, this person will get agitated very quickly. Mars in Aries lacks discipline besides patience. You may have to endure hurtful comments and rude remarks, but on the plus side, you will always receive the real truth from this sign. If you are too easy to get to, leave nothing for this predator to chase, he will leave you as soon as he catches you. Long term involvement is not the ideal type of fun for an Aries Mars, but if you can keep things exciting, create a colorful relationship setting and expose yourself bit by bit, you can keep him in a serious relationship.

With Mars in Taurus, you have a steady character. Although the erupting energy of Mars is projected through Taurus, you will rarely see this person angry, yelling or in a fight. When you do however, make sure you are as far as you can get. It takes a lot of time for this person to get angry, but when they do you will see that the iron fist of Mars comes once, but it can be deadly. They have the same attitude towards everything. Taurus is a slow sign, but not necessarily lazy. They always have a plan and a goal, and they always achieve it. They don’t rush ahead like an Aries. They take baby steps, but steady ones. They are the sign of stability, endurance and strength. You can’t push this sign into your personal emergency and you can’t make them adapt to your circumstances. They have their own calculated pace and nothing can move them from their designed path. In relationships, you may have a hard time getting through their hard core surface, but once you get under their skin, they will consider you one with them. The same goes in the bedroom, and unless you have a whole night free for sex marathons, don’t start the game.

In Gemini, Mars expresses his passion with words, games and intellectual competitions. They are a mutable sign, which makes Mars’ energy a little scattered. When there is enough fun around, a Mars Gemini will be the first to entertain himself and others, but if they are bored, they tend to express their boredom physically, with laziness. The combative energy of Mars through Gemini is often not expressed physically, but verbally. You will enjoy a debate with a Mars Gemini, because they always have facts, arguments and witty comebacks for their opponents. They love talking and intellectual debates, and you can learn a lot from their accumulated source of information. You may see this person involved in many different projects at once, not just because they get bored on only one mission, but because they love change. They feel at home in busy, active and fluctuating environments, so feel free to assign them with many tasks to keep them satisfied. In a relationship, a Mars Gemini is never boring. You can always expect a change in scenery, exciting new discussions and creative ways to make love. He might get bored with you however, especially if you are not challenging, intellectual and spontaneous. They are not the ideal spouses, and would rather choose one night stands, than serious attachments.

When Mars, the planet of war and confrontations is found in Cancer, you can always look for an emotional battle. They are too sensitive to fight or argue face to face with an opponent, but you can expect silent treatments, clever manipulations and guilt trips. They rarely talk about their feelings, but they are very emotional, especially when they feel threatened. When you hurt them, usually with your indifference, they might become argumentative, but it’s most likely that they will try to smother you. This crab is most comfortable when it can easily and freely express its energy through feelings. Their entire attention is focused on nurturing and protecting, so if these are not a part of their everyday life setting, they will get frustrated and resentful. With Mars’ intense and impulsive energy through Cancer, you might suppress anger until you start causing yourself physical pain. You also may make decisions based on your current mood, without rationalizing and thinking things through. If a Cancer has no outlet for Mars’ energy, they will probably cry or have a tantrum if they bottle up feelings for too long.

If your Mars is in Leo, you probably feel that your life is of special significance. This is a great position for Mars, where you are not only excited about taking risks, but you also have the power to downsize them to reason. Your attitude reeks with confidence, authority and idealism. You have a low tolerance for disloyal people however, and anyone who doesn’t fit well with your vision is bound to receive a makeover. Every action of yours is followed by theatrical entrance, your style is always dramatic and the center of attention is your favorite hot spot. More than often, your ego gets in your way and other people’s way. Your Achilles heel is your pride. If you want to make a Mars Leo angry, attack his self-image. In every one of their endeavors, including relationships, they are very charming and passionate. They do everything from their heart. If you have a Mars Leo spouse, you can expect them to be faithful, but they will expect that from you in return. They need constant admiration, expressed by luxury, gifts and a lot of compliments. In the sex department, they need to be the center of attention as well, and they may be a little more concerned about their own pleasure, than about yours.

When Mars is in Virgo, you will find its energy balanced. They like to be organized, where the aggressive nature of Mars will be felt on almost no occasion. The only time when you will be able to sense Mars in Virgo individuals is when they criticize. They love perfection, they consider themselves perfect most of the time, or at least they thrive towards it. If you make these individuals angry, expect to be critiqued, analyzed, evaluated and nagged until you start to accept their ways. They don’t feel comfortable expressing anger and rage, and they would rather feel worried, anxious and nervous. They are very methodical and leave no room for loose ends. You may be on their wrong side if you are too chaotic, but even then, they will not show Mars’ warlike side. They might try to help you, organize you and find you a useful goal. Mars’ nature finds its beneficial outlet in Virgo. They like new things and doing many things at once, so the abundant energy of this fiery planet will be attuned in Virgo. When it comes to love and passion, their urge is not to find the perfect partner, but to find the flawed one and make him perfect. They are very generous in the bedroom, where they aim to please.

In Libra, Mars is also not explosive. You won’t find these individuals raging, yelling or in a middle of fights, because they love taking care of things peacefully. They will rather use Mars’ energy to sort everything out and make sure every side of the story is considered, than actually fight for their cause. Mars Virgo will be in a middle of a dispute, even if it doesn’t concern them. They like playing the mediators, because their judgment is always sound. When it comes to their own goals, they might procrastinate and delay their actions until they find the right and perfect conclusion or solution. Like Virgos, Libras too don’t like to show anger. They will play innocent until proven otherwise, and then they will try to sneak their way out of trouble. They can be quite manipulative, because they can always predict other person's actions, so they would skip the fighting and try to make their way out by controlling the conflict. Romance is part of the passionate games of the Mars Libra individual. They will refuse any vulgarity, disrespect and pure sexual relationships. They want affection and sensitivity in the bedroom, where sex is almost intellectual for them.

Mars is a ruler of Scorpio, so his energy is quite obvious in this sign. Unlike the explosive Aries, with Scorpio you will never really know what’s going on until it hits you. They want to keep their cool, while they finish planning the perfect vengeance. These signs are formidable enemies and they might find a way to abuse you without your knowledge, for their own pleasure. Once you are on the wrong foot with this one, it might take years until you win your rightful place back. They never forget and rarely forgive. With Mars in Scorpio, you must love a good challenge. If there’s no one to provide you with one, you might start setting goals and objectives, because you enjoy the journey and it adds to your personal power. In the bedroom, these people are one of the most passionate signs in the Zodiac. They are sensual and attractive, regardless of their physical appearance. Their erotic magnetism is felt all around them and rarely anyone has been able to resist them. Sex is a very private matter for them, where they search for depth, intimacy and faithfulness. They are extremely possessive and jealous, even when their partner is with family members and friends of the same sex.

Sagittarius is a sign that already has the reputation of being restless and with Mars through him, you will see his energy scattered in many different directions. Mars here will find not one vent for anger, but many different ones. The excitement that comes with anything new makes this person impatient, and rarely will you see a project finished. If you ever get in a fight with this person, you will see that it’s a lot of fun. You won’t even notice when the dispute will take an unexpected turn for the better, usually accompanied by philosophical and ethical wisdom. A Mars Sagittarius doesn’t like to fight and would gladly stay for hours to talk things out, then roll his sleeves and take some action. When it comes to passion, they like variety. The need for diversity may come in a form of changing partners, unusual places and stuff they haven’t tried. Sagittarius is the famous spinster and bachelor in the Zodiac who avoids commitment at all costs. However, if you prove yourself to be spontaneous and amusing, as well as share his curiosity, this sign will make a devoted partner.

When Mars is in Capricorn, all of its rebellious energy is focused on goals. This sign is not concerned with anything that doesn’t affect them and their plans, so as long as you leave them climb their ladder, they will not show anger or anxiety. They are determined goal getters and their ambitious attitude makes them achieve any objective they have in mind. They are hardworking, strong and efficient, and you will only see them angry if their core is out of balance. Even then, their anger is not projected explosively. They will quickly calm down, analyze their current state and move up from there. They believe that waste is destructive, and angry outbursts will only slow them down on their mission. They need to be in control, and Mars’ energy may be allowed only as a means for achievement. They seek security, loyalty and steadiness in their relationships, but behind their conservative nature hides a powerful and passionate libido. They don’t kiss and tell however, and they tend to keep their private life - private.

It’s hard to determine what makes Mars tick in Aquarius, because they are pretty liberal and accepting. The only thing they don’t like is being stuck, bored or dependent. They are very original in their views, personal styles and thinking, and they tend to deal with conflicts in the same manner. If they find themselves trapped or boxed in, they will rebel and find their way out. In many circumstances, their cleverness and originality makes them the leaders, but their opponents will seldom notice. Anything that is normal or standard makes them want to change, and they will find the most unique ways to do that. They are happily accepted, very friendly and rarely someone will pick a fight with them. Their anger and madness is usually projected through their projects, where they exert will and courage. In the passion department, they want to try everything at least once. They need to be stimulated intellectually and they see sex as fun, without passion or emotions. Sometimes they may even seem detached.

The violent nature of the warrior planet finds no home in Pisces. Whatever you throw at them, it will sink like a stone in the ocean. Pisces takes everything that happens as a sign of fate, good or bad. They are a water sign, and just like the water, they go wherever the flow takes them. Their emotions are deep, unpredictable and strong, but they may change their course if the circumstances are not personally pleasing. They find an outlet for anger and frustration through creativity and the arts. If they can’t, they won’t try to control what’s happening, but react indirectly. When they want to be involved in a romantic relationship, their imagination takes them far ahead than their partner. The act of passion must involve a lot of touching, kissing and affectionate sweet talks. They tend to visualize what their partner acts like before they get involved, which may often be the cause for romantic disappointments.


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