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Marketing Your YouTube Videos

One thing that I love doing is making videos and posting them to my YouTube channel. I produce videos that help people with common everyday challenges. My goal is to get as many people as possible to watch my videos so that a lot of people can be helped by the solutions I present. Thanks to a four step system that I developed, I’m able to get lots viewers to my videos. I will now explain how this system works.

First, we have our video created and uploaded to YouTube. We also have our own YouTube channel that visitors can subscribe to. The next step is to start marketing your video. Even though some people will find the video through YouTube’s search function, you want to get it in front of as many people as possible and fast. I have found that the faster you get people viewing your video, the higher it will show up in YouTube’s search engine.

There are two main options you have that will help you accomplish the goal. You can use free or paid advertising. I recommend using free advertising. I found that they work really good and they will fit any budget. Below are the free methods that comprise my four step system.

  • Forums: I find a forum within the niche of my video. I conduct a simple Google search by simply typing “(my niche) + forums. I also search big-boards.com for forum options. I then register at a few select websites and add video links to my signatures.
  • Document Sharing Websites: I write an article to go with each video. The articles aren’t very long then I submit them to select document sharing websites. My favorite document sharing websites are scribd.com and docshare.com.
  • Social Media: Websites like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, and Stumbleupon are excellent for promotion. These websites can help you get direct traffic to your video. I believe social media is going to be your best bet if you want your video to get a ton of views. The key here is to get your video in front of people on these websites who would be interested in your video. I have found that not acting salesy and just acting cool has given me the best results.
  • Blog Comments: I’ve found that blog comments work really well. If you are contributing to the conversation and leaving a good comment, people will click through to your video. I define a good comment as one that is on-topic. I recommend talking about specifics found within the post that you’re commenting on. In other words, don’t just put “Great post”. Write something that contributes to the conversation and generates responses. I’ve found this to work best.

This four step systems has worked marvelously for me. My videos have helped thousands and I constantly receive testimonials from viewers whose everyday challenges have been positively impacted by the videos. I recommend following my four step system and watch your YouTube video traffic grow today.


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