Marble Madness


Originally created for the Atari 1, later ported to the NES. Playing with marbles was never so much fun.


You are a marble, and you want need to get in the hole before the time runs out. Sounds easy enough, but it isn't. The controls aren't the best, and you will often go too fast or too slow. You can also not fall off the edge, or you will lose the game. Added with this, there are obstacles like ramps to make it even harder. Also don't expect to have plenty of time, you have to hurry! There is the option to play co-op.


Dinkleberg's experience

This game is a lot of fun, just because it is so damn hard! You have to move really slowly and carefully to not fall of the edge, but this means you will run out of time. That's why you try to hurry, which will cause you to fall off the edge. It seems near impossible sometimes! It is also a lot of fun to play with a friend, not because they will help you, oh they definitely will not. It is just another marble taking up space. This is fun because you can hinder your friends, causing them to fall off, oh so much hate!

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