These series of lectures re very dear to my heart, they re going to deal with something that's going to help a lot of you get to grasp with what you need to do to get to where you want to get to. I’ve had a lot of correspondence from students, from my students and from the public in general and the most common question I get is,“ How do I make my dreams, my aspirations and my visions come true, how do I bring into manifestation, into fruition, the things that I strongly desire and hold dear to my heart?”

A lot of people struggle with these kind of things, that's the main reason why I have these lectures, where I discuss my thoughts and the things that have worked for me ;things that I've seen work in the lives of thousands, millions of people, sometimes unconsciously and in this new series, which I shall call, The Manifestation Series, I'll be delving into a very important tool , a tool that isn't often used in today’s modern society because of how fast paced we've become and how hungry as a society we've become for manifestation and as I said instant gratification.

This tool is called gratitude, again a few people might scoff or turn their noses up in damnation of gratitude, yes, it tends to be an over flogged topic in the circles of a lot of motivational, speakers or people who give lectures on issues of this nature.

Remember, Remember The Days Of Old

However in this series of lectures in this particular installation, we shall be looking at it from a very esoteric, brand new angle and there are ten specific things that I will want you to go away today with and make sure that it becomes a part of who you are and a part of how you live and conduct your affairs and your life. Remember, remember the days of old. How poignant you might say, how poetic, but at the end of this lecture, you will be given a seed and you'll be given a gem, which I urge you to protect and to use in your daily affairs, because it will revolutionize your life and answer a lot of hidden questions you might have about the process and the mechanism of manifestation.

Remember Where You Came From

The First pointer is this rule: Remembers where you came from'!You must never lose sight of your origins, of your history, of your antecedence, because a man, woman or child who doesn't know or take into consideration their origins cannot get to their destination.

How can a man or woman, move forward in life without a good grounding and understanding of where their journey started. For such a fellow, such a person can be deemed as being lost otherwise because a lot of people walk through society with a sense of loss and loneliness which manifests as depression in a few because there's no sense of belonging.

We tend to as a society these days try to find our sense of belonging or our origins from what is shown through the media, through the television, through pop stars, through affiliation with peer groups and what have you. That is how some people find their identity, which is okay if it's the only identity that they can lay hold of. However for you who have a goal, a vision, an ambition, even though the fruition of this ambition might be afar off in the future, what will really guide you and keep your feet steady on the path to success, what will keep you on the straight and narrow as you walk towards the manifestation of your dreams, goals and aspirations is that firm anchor that keeps reminding you where you have been.

Without proper understand of where you have been, you do not have a proper grasp of where you can get to, so again I say onto you, remember where you came from.

A lot of single women who perhaps have not had a lot of luck in love, send me emails and say,“ How can I find Mr. Right? How do I find Prince charming? I'm getting a bit older now and I would like to settle down one day and get married and have kids like my friends, I'm educated intelligent and sexy, I'm fun to be with, there's absolutely nothing wrong with me, tell me why can I not find that Mr. Right” I hear this a lot of times,. You will be surprised how many times I get emails of this nature. The point really is and I say this to a lot of people in similar situations, remember where you came from, and remember where the LORD has brought you from because he who has started a work in you will perfect it.

If God has been able to bring you from a point where you had little or no education, or social experience, no financial status and brought you to a point in which you say you're educated, in which you say you're beautiful, you're socially astute, is the same God not equally able to put a cherry on the top of the pie which is your life and give you that next thing that you hunger for?

Desire is an agent of God. There's absolutely nothing wrong with desire, desire is the force that intimates you that God-Infinite Love- wants to bring something into manifestation into your life.

Your level of hunger and how you react to desire, will play a very important role on whether that desire will manifest with the least resistance or whether you'll get a rough time getting that manifestation through. But a good tool is to be able to go back in your mind, to times gone by and see in your mind’s eye like a stage, the evolution that you had to go through to get to where you are today. Remember where you came from and your heart will feel hope and strength and acknowledgement of the fact that you're able to get to where you want to from here. This is the true esoteric nature of gratitude- the ability to see the good in your life, the ability to have faith in the process of growth in your life, and your ability to understand that the same principle to take you where you were, the way you are today is able to take you to where you want to be tomorrow because your past, your present and your future are one.

''Remember'' Where You Are Going To

You see a lot of times folks get hung-up on the present, they also get hung up on the past and just to make it a hat trick, they often get hung up on the future as well. Do not get hung up on anything, don't get hung up on the past the present or the future because your true nature and spirit is timeless. There's no future in God, there's no future in Man, there's no present in God, there's no present in Man, there's no past in God, or past in Man and when I say Man, the whole of Humanity is what I mean. What am I saying here? I am saying the past, present and the future all intertwine into a seamless flow of energy, which represents consciousness, which represents who we are, represents our infinite nature as the children of God. Time itself is an illusion however, a self perpetuating one which is useful in what it does in being able to ground us in the physical realm, so like any other tool, we are meant to utilize it for productivity. The tool shouldn't be using you, you should be using the tool, so don't let time use you, don't let time drag you into its illusionary game, however utilize time for your own benefit.

I say onto you again, remember where you're going to! When you have your vision firmly planted in your head, you can say to yourself, this is what I want to be, this is where I want to be, this is what I want to have, it might not be physically manifested now but I know that somewhere in the illusionary fabric of time, exists my desire and I’m walking towards it and I will get what it is I want Keep the vision focused in your mind, don't be distracted by the vicissitudes of today, don't be distracted by the abrasions of yesterday, keep firm, focus on where it is you want to be, let that be like a northern star to your mind, so that with that firm focus of vision in your head, you're walking straight, you're walking firm , there's a direction to your goal.

Show Gratitude For Where You Have Been

Now this is a bit of a throwback to the first pointer; when you show gratitude for where you've been, you activate a power within your own subconscious and this all ties down to the basic principle of gratitude. A baby can first of all crawl and then learn to walk and then run and with the right training, the right genes, that child could very well be an Olympic champion but it's started with the first crawl. When you're able to remember where you have been, the troubles that the LORD has brought you through, when you're able to go back in your mind’s eye and see how He took you out of brokenness, how he saved her life from that car accident, how he saved you from that nasty relationship, how he put that money in your pocket, just when you needed it the most.

When you can remember, how you were taken out of poverty in the past, how you were taken out of illness in the past and how when you got lost, a way was found for you to be where you are today; when you can remember how you've been raised from obscurity in the past, your faith for what is possible in the future will rise and with your faith the manifestation comes. Gratitude is your ability, again, to think back to where you've been to where you are today and that helps your hope for the future.

Listen To The Still Small Voice

Now this is very important, so I'll urge you to listen carefully. What is the still small voice? A lot of people struggle with this one because they sometimes think the still small voice is that secondary voice in their heads that they often have an argument with; what shoes should I wear to the party today? Should I call her or should I not? Or what should I have for dinner today? Should I go to the gym or should I not? etc., etc. I say to you today, that is NOT the still voice. What that typically is, that voice of argumentation, that secondary voice in one's head is merely egotistic echo, a bit of schizophrenia, if you will. That is not the still small voice that we speak of today. The still small voice for your information is the aspect of intuition within your subconscious mind, within your spirit, that often doesn't speak to you until you're absolutely still. Still in your thinking, still in your opinions, still in your manifestation of your emotions, still in every way, because this voice is a pure voice of intuition in you, it waits until your logical ravenous, rational mind is quiet and then it speaks to you. Often than not, the best way to hear the still small voice is to first deliberate in your mind for a while over what the problem you're trying to solve is.

Let your rational mind rave and shout and dissect the problem; let it have a go at it, let it chew at the problem, let it ruminate for as long as is required until tired out, your rational logical mind goes to sleep. It is typically at the point in which the rational intellectual mind exhausted by its attempt to solve a problem goes to sleep that the still small voice speaks.

Any time you have an Eureka moment, or an I should have known that moment, that is the still small voice speaking, it will drop a little command in your heart; a resistant thought, quiet, peaceful, loving and it will say to you, do that. In my experience, the still small voice does not give complicated instructions; it will typically give onto you an almost simplistic instruction on what to do to get what you want.

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