Managing The Age Of Technology

Before my techie self comes out I must express my non techie side and have a little rant.

I was walking in the woods today with huge, ancient 500 year old trees. It is a park in a nearby town where one goes to get in touch with nature, observe the wildlife, enjoy the solitude and rejuvenate the spirit. At least that's my take on it.

Apparently it's not everyone's.

Over 80% of the people in the park were also involved in using some sort of technology. Some were texting, talking on the phone, listening to music or reading from a tablet. Very few were enjoying all that the park had to offer.

As I'm observing my current reality it really made me realize that…

1. How reliant we are becoming on technology

2. How the art of conversation is becoming a lost art

3. We are vary rarely “present” in our current surrounding

4. And… are we taking the time to smell the roses?

I caught a part of a conversation as one man quickly strode by talking on his cell phone. He was making an appointment to see someone for stress management while walking through the biggest de-stressor of all times.

It also made me realize that I have been very fortunate to have grown up in a time before there was a TV in every home and when we first had a phone we were on a party line. That meant that everyone on your line could hear your conversation if they picked up the phone when you were on it. Maybe that's why I'm happy to leave the cell phone at home and commune with nature.

Don't get me wrong… I love technology and all the cool things that it has to offer, but I also want to live life on my terms.

When I walk away from my computer I don't want to be tied to it from my cell phone or iPad and receive the latest emails. They can wait until I get home.

I don't need the latest watch that tells me how far I've walked or run and what my pulse is or heartbeats. If I'm going that fast I can feel my heart pounding and if I'm out of breath it's time to slow down.

We have become an age of technology and I embrace it… but I don't want to forget that I can turn it off when I choose. Don't you just love having choices?

From: blackfox

Hey, I really enjoyed this article and just wanted to let you know that. I do indeed think we have come to rely on technology a great deal. Due to my short life I can't even remember a time before computers but I truly have grasped a glimpse of that time in nature. I go hiking in the woods frequently and the pure isolation and lack of any human contact for miles is truly something amazing to experience.

I also agree that conversation has become all but lost. Human interaction has been replaced by social networks and texting. I am quite thankful that the way my parents raised me I have never considered anything besides human interaction or at least a phone call as communication. There is something amazing to being able to sit down and talk to people.

Technology has also influenced us in that everybody needs to know everything now. My dad tells of times in his life where he would wonder something but never know where to begin trying to find it out. The point is, if you wanted to know something back then you had to evaluate it and see if knowing it was worth spending hours at the library. People had a respect for knowledge and learning that has almost been lost in the internet.

However, I do find technology to be useful tools for work and business if used properly. Like many tools, technology can become dangerous if misused or overused in situations where it is hardly fitting. Just my two cents, great article.

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