How to earn doing what you enjoy?

What's DevCoin all about?

DevCoin is a wonderful invention design to help Open Source creators escape from their 9 to 5 jobs and concentrate on the Open Source projects they and their followers enjoy. You may not see yourself as a creator in the Open Source world, however, your skills, what-ever they are, can be used to support it. So DevCoin could support you, using your skills, doing things you enjoy, in the Open Source world. Find out more about Open Source on Wikipedia here.

Devcoin can be converted into local currencies by use of an exchange see here for a list, but Devcoin can also be used to purchase items and transfer value around the world. Find out more here. So don't go running of to another currency too quickly, you may be able to get what you need with DevCoin directly. Remember if it cannot be done today then it may be possible tomorrow just ask around the Main DevCoin Forum.

This page is a beginners summary of the many ways you can start making DevCoin by doing the work you enjoy. Links from this page take you to more detailed descriptions of each topic.

Getting started

To make DevCoin by doing things you enjoy you will need:

  1. A DevCoin Wallet to put all the DevCoin you earn in. This is easy to get as long as you have access to a computer or an Android phone. Details can be found here.
  2. A DevCoin address to send payments to. You create this is your Wallet as follows (if you do not already know).
    1. Click Address Book
    2. Click the “Receiving” tab.
    3. Click “New Address…”
    4. Give the Address label 'DevTome Payment' so you know where the money came from.
    5. Copy the new address created so you can put it in your DevTome profile later.
  3. A DevTome account to connect your address and your work together. To get a Devtome account you will need:
    1. A BitCoinTalk account: you can sign up for free here.This account will allow you to keep track of events and opportunities, initiate new events, contribute to Projects or even get some free DevCoin.
    2. Enable messaging in your account. You do this by making one posting on the Newbie section of Just say hi and that you want to make DevCoin because OpenSource is cool. The number of postings may change, so pay attention to the introductory pages. You will need additional postings to enable the Marketing income from
    3. To request an account in DevTome by sending a message to one of the people in that administer DevTome. Details can be found here.
    4. To link your DevTome Account to your work and to your DevCoin address for payment. A description and examples can be found here. Please change the account address to your own if you are copying examples.

That's the hard work over and done with, you are ready to get some DevCoin by doing something you enjoy.

Earning by doing what you enjoy


The simplest way to start earning DevCoin is to write something. This document is my first attempt at writing for Devcoin. You will need to learn how to write and edit a document in DevTome.

  1. Beginners instructions are here
  2. An explanation of the Syntax can be found here
  3. The all important style explanation here, take special note of the category syntax.
  4. How to include your own images can be found here. This is only for images you own the rights to. Not got any images? You can find free to use images here and here. Note images should be no more than 800×800 DevTome can change this for you go here for examples.
  5. How your work is rated. To maximise your earnings I recommend reading this.

Your DevTome articles should be listed under the Original heading in your Profile. The format is important so pay attention to the examples. So lets say you have written an article on how wonderful DevCoin is you can create a page for it by typing the tittle “devcoin is great” in to the search engine on the left of this screen and clicking Go. If it does not already exist then you can click the 'Create this page' and start writing and formatting you page. Then when you are finished you put a link to your page on your Profile under the Original heading that looks like

*[[:devcoin is great]] - Source: First published on devtome

You can get paid for improving articles as well as writing them. These articles should be listed under the Collated heading in your DevTome profile.

Get commissioned to write

Currently interest in particular types of work can be advertised here. This is in Beta form at the the time of writing but please register for a login. If you do not get an email activating your account go to the main forum threadand request one.

Once you have an account, login and create an advertisement for the kind of work you are interested in. Also have a look around for work requests once a week.

Bring money into DevTome so you can be paid to write more

DevTome is an Amazon Associate. This means that when you write about things that your reader may turn to Amazon to buy, you can include a referral link in your document. When a reader clicks on the link and buys from Amazon, DevTome receives a small commission which is then passed on to you. In this way your past work helps to fund your future work. See the Amazon Associate page for more information.


Open source developers can get there names on the bitcoin share list or the devcoin share list. Details are here.

Developers can also get paid for rating writers. Details here.

For the raters out there: the intention is to create a useful landing page for beginners which I can link to for promotion. Not too much detail just enough for them to work out were they need to go… OK paranoia attack over.


Marketing refers to marketing of DevCoin. You can do this in a number of ways some passive and some active.

  1. Advertise Devcoin in your Signature as demonstrated here. The minimum number of posts needed on before you can put links in your Profile is 10 at the moment. Note however that you can get DevCoin for making posts! See here
  2. Promote DevCoin on you website

You can put banner adds on your website and receive DevCoin in return. More details can be found here.


Not seen anything that you are interested in? Then get on to the main DevCoin Forum and let everyone know what you can do. There may be a project you can get involved in. Projects are funded by Bounties at the moment. So you get DevCoin for performing your part of the project.

Getting payed

If you have linked up your work to you profile page in DevTome correctly the following should happen:

  1. An admin will contact you on BitCoinTalk, so keep an eye on your account.
  2. You will be asked to confirm your payment address.
  3. Your work will be reviewed.
  4. Your word count will be tracked here. Use the search tool on the top right to search for your user name for the current round. The current round can be found in the top left panel along with the numbers of future rounds were you may get recognition.

If this happens you will get paid. So pay special attention to the examples: here and here and make sure your work can be found. It can take two months for payment to appear so you need to be patient and keep contributing so the income keeps coming.

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Return to this page for updates on new ways of getting DevCoin for doing the things you enjoy.

Currently there are new services being created for:

  1. Commissioning work from Developers
  2. Commissioning work from Writers
  3. Commissioning work from Artists

Updates will appear on this page as the new services become available.

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