Magic Genie Wishes

One time, I was walking along and minding my own business and I saw a very odd looking item on the ground. It caught my attention almost immediately because it was very shiny and it almost blinded me because it was very sunny that day. I thought about bending down to pick it up because it looked very interesting and as I bent to pick it up I noticed that it looked a lot like a lamp. That got me even more interested because even I know that magical genies are supposed to appear in lamps and that got me really excited because if I get get some wishes that would really be awesome. I then took a moment to look at just how perfect this day was. I mean I looked around and all I could see was sunshine everywhere and perfect clouds everywhere. The temperature was perfect and the humidity was just right. There was perfect green grass everywhere and the air was crisp and clear. The sidewalk was a perfect grey and it was smooth almost like it was just laid. The lamp was sitting in a small hole in the perfect yard and it was just sitting there almost like it was meant for me. The odds that I would find it like this, just sitting there in broad daylight, were very small. If it were me, I would have guessed that someone else would have found it by now and that is why I was so surprised that nobody else had picked up the lamp.

However, I was the person who found the lamp for one reason or another and I could not figure out why. However, that was not particularly important to me. All I wanted to do now was open that lamp and see what was inside because I really wanted to make some wishes and genies were inside of lamps and that was a lamp. Even better than a lamp, it was one of those really old lamps that are still made out of expensive materials and are very detailed in their engravings. I was very impressed by the sheer quality of the lamp and that also made me happy because even if there was no genie inside then at least I could either sell the lamp and have some money or I could keep the lamp and have this really cool old lamp all to myself that looked very mysterious even if it did not have a genie inside.

In any case, I decided that I would take the lamp with whatever was inside and take it back to my house and open it because it was really interested in it plus I really hoped that there could be a genie inside because I really did kind of want those three wishes. I really could not wait until I reached my house because I really wanted to open it and I really wanted to show it to my wife in any case because she was very interested in stuff like this because she really liked antique things, especially lamps. After running all the way home as fast as I could, I finally arrived there breathless since I was almost five miles away from home when I had started running. I was so far away from home because I was on my morning walk which was 11 miles long every single day so I was a long way from home when I found that lamp. In fact, I was so breathless by the time I had reached home that I had to lie down for awhile I even fell asleep because I was so exhausted. When I finally woke up, I immediately discovered that my wife was not home at the moment so I could not show her what I found. I was kind of saddened this because I really wanted to show her but in a way it was good as well because I could now look forward to show her and in the meantime I could watch some TV until she came home.

What felt like a couple of hours later, I heard the door beep and I knew that that meant that she was home and I could finally show her what I found. However, she had just come home from the grocery so first I had to help her by uploading the car and placing all of the food she just bought on the counter so she could put it away. When all of the food was put away, I could finally show her what I found in the grass right in the middle of the park. I asked her to close her eyes and hold out her hands. She did as she was asked and I placed the lamp in her open hands. I asked her to open her eyes and look at what was in them. She opened them and then opened her mouth in astonishment. She said that she had never seen a lamp like this before and she did not know what could possibly be inside of it. However, we both thought that it would be best to open it immediately because the curiosity was getting the better of us and we really wanted to know what was inside. So without further ado, we opened the lamp and we could not possibly begin to imagine what happened next.

In a great burst of white light, a genie type being appeared out of nowhere and it appeared to be about six feet tall and about the size of the average, perhaps tall human being. He stretched his arms and said how cramped it was inside that really small lamp that he claimed to have been inside of for the past 105 years. I thought that that was a rather long time to be confined to a really small space like that but I did not say anything except to ask him what he wanted and what exactly what he planned to do now that he was free. He responded to say sadly that he was not really free: he was just temporarily out of his lamp to grant me three wishes and then he would have to go back to the lamp until the next person opened it and freed him again. He also said that this cycle continues forever because he cannot die so it never ends and he grants wishes all the way, some for the better and some for the worse. I thought that this was very interesting and all, but I had more important things on my mind.

Some of the things on my mind included the fact that we had just gotten access to three free wishes! Naturally, the first thing I had done was ask the genie if there were any rules at all that applied to our wishes because if there were any rules, I wanted to know about them immediately. The genie said with a smile that there were no rules and that my wife and I could wish for anything we wanted to. The next thing I made sure to do was to ask the genie if there was any time limit in which I had to make my wishes or if I could think about what I wanted to wish for as long as I wanted to. Smiling again, the genie said that my wife and I could think about what we wanted to wish for as long as we want, but we should not dawdle for no reason. I said thank you and that I understood and that I only had one more question for the genie before I was ready to release him and think about my wishes. He asked me what my questions were and I told him that I wanted to know what happened to him while I thought about what I wanted to wish for. He told me that while I was thinking, he was free to do whatever he wanted to do but he would probably go back inside of his lamp because he really had nothing better to do and he did not think that I would take very long to decide about what I wanted to wish for. I said that he was most probably correct and that I will open his lamp again when my wife and I decided all three of our wishes.

However, before he went back inside of his lamp, he had one word of caution for us. He told us that most people who find him usually use their third and final wish to undo their previous two wishes and to wish that they had never met the genie in the first place. When I asked the genie why most people did this, he told me that this was because the vast majority of people who found his powers got too greedy and made wishes that made the world a much worse place and in the end had to use their third wish to get out of all the trouble they caused with their first two wishes. I thanked him for this advice and then I told him that I would try and not be so greedy and try to use my wishes for good rather than for greed. With a sad smile, he told me that that is what most people said before they made their wishes and the outcome was usually the same: an outcome polluted by greed. At this point, I was kind of frightened because I did not want to make greedy wishes and I only wanted simple things that would not change the course of our lives too much.

As soon as the genie went away to wherever he had come from in the first place, I went to go and tell my wife everything the genie had just told me, namely that it was very important that we do not use our wishes for greed or very bad things may happen. After I was finished explaining the situation to her, we decided that we should really start thinking about what we wanted to wish for. Although we did not want to be greedy, we thought about wishing for money because we really did need more of that and wishing for it seemed so innocent and it also seemed like nothing could go wrong with that. Since we had a lot of ideas about what to wish for, we decided that it would be best if we made a list of them, then we could choose the ones we liked the most and go back to the genie and actually wish for them.

We thought about what we could wish for and we were divided greatly in our ideas. I wanted to wish for a little bit of money and perhaps a longer life and more intelligence while my wife wanted to wish for world peace and things like that. However, when she said that she wanted to wish for world peace I told her that doing that might be a bad idea for two reasons. Then she asked why I thought that and I happily provided her the reasons. The former of the two reasons was that since many people have used this genie before to make wishes, it was likely that one of them had wished for world peace before because that seemed to me like it was a very common thing to wish for. Since at least one person prior to us had probably wished for it and we had not yet achieved world peace we could safely assume that either I was wrong in thinking this, that it did not work, or that something horrible had happened and that unfortunate person had to use his or her third wish to undo their previous wishes because something had gone horribly wrong. After contemplating this for some time, the she said that I was probably right in saying this although that made her very sad because she really wanted to make the world a better place and stop all the fighting that was always going on. However, she still wanted to know my reasons for thinking that wishing for world peace might be a bad idea so she asked me for my second reason. Upon her asking, I provided it: I said that the genie said to not get too greedy and wishing for something huge and life changing like world peace was pretty much as greedy as it got so that was maximizing the odds of something going horribly wrong. Once again, she said that I was probably right and that we should probably not wish for such a thing like world peace. Since we both agreed on it, we crossed it off of the list of the things we wanted to wish for.

Now the list was only down to 20 or so things because although we did not know exactly what we wanted to wish for, we did have a vague idea or another. At this point, a wonderous idea had crossed my mind and I thought to announce it. I asked my wife if she thought it would be wise to wish for an infinite number of wishes. If that could actually work, then we could get anything we wanted and even if a wish went horribly wrong, we could always use the next one to wish that it never happened so we could not really create any wrongs. However, we then decided that we should probably think about doing this for a little while longer for a bunch of reasons but the most important of these reasons is that we did not want to mess anything up because we were basically paranoid of doing something wrong. Even considering all of this, we honestly thought that we were going to wish for an infinite number of wishes because that honestly seemed like the best thing to do. This seemed like the best thing to do at the time because it would basically mean that we would not have to narrow down what we wanted to do so it would make the entire decision making processes a bit easier and quite honestly, we were both getting headaches from this whole thing by now and just wanted it to be over.

We thought about it for a few more hours and still thought that it could not possibly be bad to wish for infinite wishes. However, I thought that it might be best to ask the genie himself if that was allowed because that could not hurt and it would tell us if we could even do it in the first place. So, I opened the lid to the genie’s lamp and asked him to come on out by talking to nobody and suddenly he appeared. I asked him what I wanted to ask him and he actually acted really surprised when I asked him. When I asked him why he was so surprised he had to think about it for a little while before he gave me an answer. When he seemed to finally think of answer, he told it to me. When he spoke, he told me that he was surprised because nobody had ever thought of wishing that before and wondered what would happen if I did because he honestly did not know. When he told me this, I was surprised too but I asked him what he thought would happen even if he was not certain. He thought about it for a little while and he said that if he had to guess, he thought that if I wished for infinite wishes, it would probably work and I would most likely have wishes until the day I died, which could be never as long as I wished for it. Therefore, theoretically, I could have wishes forever and do anything I wanted for as long as I wanted to do it. I said that I really liked the sound of that and I would really like to wish for that as soon as I got the chance. However, before he went back into his little lamp, he had one more thing to tell me. He went on tell me that if I did wish for that, he thought that he would not be able to return to his lamp ever after I made that wish because he would have to stick around and grant my wishes for as long as I was alive. I asked him if he thought that was a good thing or a bad thing and he said that he might have to think a little bit about that because it was a very complex question.

He thought about it for a while and finally had an answer for me. He said that he thought that if I really made the wish for an infinite number of wishes, he would most likely be happy. When I asked him why he thought that he would be happy, he said that he really hated being confined to his little tiny lamp for such long periods of time while nobody touched it and since he thought if I wished for whatever I want he would not be able to return, that made him happy. Since I wanted the genie to be happy since he was going to be the one who was going to grant my wishes after all, I was more in favor than ever of wishing for infinite wishes. When I told all of this information to my wife, she said okay and thought that it was fascinating and it was at that moment that we decided to wish for infinite wishes because it would make the genie happy and it was what we wanted to do. Little did we know, things can go wrong when people get greedy and we had just made the greediest wish of all. Without further wasted time, we told that genie that that was what we wanted to wish for. A smile seemed to split his face in half and, laughing, he said that our wish was granted. We said thank you to the genie and then it occurred to us to test out newfound power because for all we knew, it did not work and we wanted to make sure that it actually did. Just to test it, I decided to wish for something small because I did not want to get greedy, yet. I thought about what a nice simply thing was to wish for and I eventually settled on a cupcake. When I was all alone and not even the genie was next to me, I wished for my cupcake with sprinkles and, sure enough, roughly 3 seconds later a cupcake with sprinkles appeared out of nowhere and I thought that I would eat it because I was kind of hungry anyway.

I popped the cupcake in my mouth and chewed it slowly and I must say that it was one of the most delicious things that I had ever eaten in my life. Now that I had confirmed that the wishes actually worked and that we could probably get whatever we wanted, I went to go find the genie and my wife. I told the genie thank you again and told him that he could go do whatever he wanted to do so long as I could still make and receive my wishes for whatever I wanted and then I set in search of my wife. When I finally found her, I saw that she was doing laundry. To test the wishes powers again, I decided that I would wish for the laundry to be done because it looked like a painstaking chore and it would speed up the process greatly and then we would have free time to make more wishes. As soon as I had wished for the laundry to be done, all of the clothes folded themselves and put themselves away the proper drawer. When she saw this, she was extremely impressed because that one wish had just saved her about three hours of work and it did not even take five seconds to make the wish. We then realized that we had stumbled upon a great discovery because we could literally have whatever we wanted for free and instantly. The next thing we wished for was one million US dollars. Almost as soon as the last word left our lips, 10,000 $100 bills appeared before us, neatly stacked and ordered. This is when we really got excited. We then wished we were at the bank so we could deposit our new money and the deposit went without a hitch. We decided that we should take a break from wishing and get something to eat. However, we then realized that we could just wish for whatever we wanted. After thinking about it for a little while, we wished up a feast fit for a king because we decided that we were especially hungry. We shoved all of this food in our mouths and it seemed like we ate for weeks but in reality it was most likely only for a few minutes. We were so full by the time we finished our feast that we wished that all the dishes were washed and that all the chores and then decided that we should go lie down for a while because we were so full that we could hardly move.

At that moment, we noticed that our television was not as large as we would like it and we really wanted a bigger one, perhaps one with 4k capability. Without wasting any time, we wished for a state of the art television with 4K and 3D capability. We were very impressed with our new tv and began watching shows on it almost immediately. Some time later, I think we fell asleep because I have no real memory record for a couple of hours of that day so I think we dozed off for roughly that amount of time right in the middle of one of one of our shows. When we both woke up from our long nap, we decided that we should go find the genie because everything had been going well up to that point and I really wanted to thank him because our lives were now much easier now that we had an infinite supply of wishes. After searching for a while, we found the genie lying down on a couch, sleeping. I gently poked his shoulder to wake up and that he did as soon as I aroused him. When he woke up, he groggily asked us what we wanted. Upon his request, we responded that we just wanted to tell him thank you for letting us have all these wishes and asked him if he planned to stay in our house forever to grant our wishes or if he could still grant our wishes if he was somewhere else so that way we would be rid of him and he would be free to do whatever he wanted. Most importantly, we would still have our infinite wishes and could continue to live our easy lives. He said that he honestly did not know what would happen if he tried to move away and if he did, what would happen if I tried to make a wish. Upon hearing this, I said that there is no other way to know then to actually try it and when I said this, he said immediately that this sounded like a good idea because he wanted to be able to go free because he was growing quite bored in our house.

Some number of hours later, it is difficult to remember exactly how many hours passed, the genie left our house but not before we agreed to a plan. Our plan went something like this: the genie would attempt to get further and further away from our house and I would make a random wish once every five minutes to see at what point I could no longer make wishes because the genie was too far away. As soon as he set out, I made my my first wish, which was for a paper clip. This continued until I was up to my few thousandth wish or so at which point I had accumulated a lot of random stuff. Then, all of a sudden, I could not wish for anything anymore. When I wished for it, nothing would happen and my request for whatever I had wished for would go unanswered. As previously agreed, when this happened, I would call the genie and tell him that I could no longer wish for anything and he was supposed to return to our house so I could continue to wish for things as he had previously promised me.

However, in my foolishness, I had not realized that if the genie did not return, then I would not get to wish for anything ever again. As if to confirm my worst fears, I waited for hours and hours and then those hours stretched into days and still the genie did not come back. I wished for something just to make sure that it would not come true to really cement my fears in place. As if to do this, nothing happened when I wished for a new table. This told me two things: the first was that the genie wanted to get away from us and the second was that I could not make any more wishes until we found the genie or the genie came to us. Since we were certain that the genie would not come to us because at that point it seemed clear to us that the genie wanted to escape from us, the only other option seemed to be to attempt to find the genie although this would prove to be a very difficult task. This would be so hard because we basically had to search the entire planet for a single human being sized entity. Luckily for us, we had a kind of proximity detector. We eventually decided that the way by which we could find the genie was if the two of us split up and began making wishes at random. This way, if the wishes did not come true, then we would know that we were not close to the genie but if we were close to the genie then the wishes had come true.

Another piece of fact that was in our favour was when I was conducting those tests to see how far away the genie could get and still fulfill our wishes, I noticed that each time he got further away, it took longer and longer to successfully complete the wish. This would also explain why the wishes were so fast when the genie was staying in our house because he was practically next to us. This meant that we could gauge the approximate distance between us and the genie based on the length of time it took for the wish to work. We decided that based on this method, we could certainly find the genie, it would only take some time. At that point, we decided that we needed a more detailed plan in order to find the genie because it we randomly walked all over trying to find him, it would be unlikely that we would ever succeed. Also in our favour, we still had our million dollars that we wished for when we still had the genie that we could use to find him. Since we had all this money, we bought a helicopter so we could more efficiently search for the genie from the air and so we would not have to walk or drive all over looking for him. Conversely, at that point we had also decided that it would be most efficient if I was in the helicopter looking (since I had a flying license and my wife did not) and if my wife drove in the car all over looking for him making wishes.

Armed with this plan, we set off in search of the genie. We each had our cell phones on us in case the genie tried to call us but more importantly so we could call each other should we find the genie or something like that. I got in the helicopter we had just bought and she got in the car. With that, I flew off and she drove. I had already decided that my search pattern would be a systematic search of the globe making wishes all the way. I had decided that I would wish for small things so I could find the genie the easiest so each time I made a wish, I wished for a small silver stick to appear next to me. As soon as it appeared, I would know that I was near the genie and I could get closer. I began flying around and making wishes. However, all of a sudden, a small silver stick appeared next to me after I had flown a few hundred miles. This filled me with joy because this meant that we had finally found the genie and that now all I had to do was find him in his exact location. Since the stick took about ten seconds to appear, I guessed that I was still a few miles away from his current location. I kept on flying in the same direction and noticed that the amount of time the stick took to appear was gradually getting faster and faster. This made me even happier because that meant that I was getting closer to the genie and closer to my infinite wishes. After a while of narrowing the search, I had got it to the point where the stick took mere microseconds to appear next to me and it was at this point that I decided that I must be directly above the genie.

At this point, the wise thing to do seemed to be to call my wife so she could take over the ground search from this point because I could not find anywhere near to land. I called her up on her cell and told her that I had found the genie’s approximate location and that she needed to start driving to where I was at once. She said ok and after I broadcasted my GPS signal to her, hung up. I hovered where I was for a few hours and then I got another call from her saying that she was right under me. To test the genie’s location, I made another wish and it took about a quarter of a second to appear next to me. At this point, I had figured that the genie walked a mile or so while I was hovering in the air and while my wife was driving towards me. However, we quickly corrected for the distance the genie must have gone while we were finding each other and once again our wishes were granted within milliseconds of us making them. After a couple of hours of searching, we finally found the genie, or should I say my wife did. I could not since I was still in the helicopter with no way to land. My first priority at that point was to find a place to land so that is exactly what I did. After a few minutes of searching, I found a spot that I could land in so I did and then I called my wife to tell her that I was on the ground and that she should bring the genie and that we could go home after this was done. We strapped the car to the bottom of the helicopter and we all got in it. At this point, I piloted us all the way home which was supposed to take us at least a few hours since we were hundreds of miles away from home at this point. However, when we were only a couple of hours into our trip, the genie began talking. By itself, this was not usual but up until this point he had not said one single word so this kind of freaked us out at this point. When he opened his mouth to speak, his speech was highly distorted as though something was very wrong with him. We were worried for him and for ourselves because although we liked the genie, without him, we could not make out wishes and those wishes were very important to us because we really wanted everything free.

His speech was so distorted that we could not even understand what he was trying to say. We asked him to repeat whatever it was he was trying to say but he did not seem to understand which only seemed to confirm what we had already thought: that something was really wrong with the genie and that all of our wishes were probably about to go away. This made us really sad because we really wanted to get the rest of our wishes granted and if the genie died or something, we would not be able to do that. As time passed as we got closer to our house, the genie got sicker and sicker. Finally, he said something that we could understand but thinking back on it, I would have preferred it if we could not understand it. He said that he would rather die than live forever and be forced to grant all of our wishes and live in our house. We finally understood what the genie meant when he said that too much greed is a bad thing. We were so greedy when we wished for infinite wishes, it had caused the genie to want to die rather than live and grant everything we could ever hope to wish for. The irony of this situation was rather overwhelming and it really made us sad to even think about it. We had not benefitted anything from getting our wishes granted because we wasted our million dollars trying to find the genie and the genie was now dead so we could not wish for anything else.

And that is how greed consumed my wife and I when I found a genie in a lamp lying in the middle of the park. Although, technically, I still had the lamp to remember it by.

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