MAbtc’s Devtome log, #2

In my last post about writing for Devtome, I talked about the disappointment in realizing that the earnings multiplier had changed without the Earn Devcoins by Writing page having been updated. As a result, I had put less effort into driving traffic to my pages and more effort into writing.

As we approach the close of Round 29, I have taken the opposite approach. However, this wasn’t entirely due to the need to drive up my earnings multiplier. It was largely due to the excitement and nail-biting price movements of bitcoin’s latest rally. Though we have continued to see intermittent corrections—healthy, of course, for any strong rally—we are now, as of 2pm Pacific Time on November 9th, very close to the all-time high reached early this morning. The current price on Bitstamp is $354, after having reached a high of $363 this morning, and the current price on Mt Gox is $382, after having reached a high of $395 this morning.

Understandably, after having seen more than 400% price growth since the Silk Road crash, it’s been hard to concentrate on writing. Hell, it’s been hard to concentrate at work during the week! However, I have been able to drive more traffic to my pages. My links show around 1500 clicks in the last month—not phenomenal by any means, but a significant improvement from when I was not promoting my Devtome pages in Round 28. In that round, I believe my total unique page views amounted to something less than 100, so it was a big disappointment to see my earnings multiplier, to be sure. I can’t be sure exactly how my web traffic will fit in with others, and thus, how my earnings multiplier will turn out, but I have to think it will be better this month. Unfortunately, I think I have written quite a bit less in this round, as mentioned earlier.

Hopefully I will still be able to snag a decent amount of shares, as I think there is a good chance we will see a decent bounce in the value of devcoins in the future. Not only do I love the ethical ideas behind devcoin, but I think that there are some promising things happening. We have been informed in the Official Devcoin Thread that the developer who is updating devcoin’s code to be in line with bitcoin’s most recent updates has given a timetable for completion. I’m not actually sure what the timetable is, but originally it was thought to be only a couple weeks. I also see some small, but new, vendors coming onto the scene and accepting devcoins. After a scare that mcxnow was going to remove devcoins, that has been tabled, and they are still being traded there. Devcoins are also trading on crypto-trade, which I did not realize before—they seem to be relatively new. So that is more good news.

Even though some devcoin holders have been dumping the price of devcoins down as the price of bitcoins have rallied, the bid support seems somewhat resilient. The people dumping millions of devcoins—many, I think, are new Devtome writers interested only in acquiring bitcoins as quickly as possible—are apparently willing to sell them for 18 satoshis a piece. I have had some asks fill at 29 satoshis when the price rallied to 30 satoshis—my asks at that price did not fill. The last price was 24 satoshis. I think that even if we don’t see a long sustained uptrend in the near future, that we will still see some devcoin price pumps once the bitcoin rally fizzles off.

I have to think the eventually, after this kind of growth, that we will see a pretty epic trend reversal at some point. Who knows when? I may write another Devtome article shortly that takes a another look at the current momentum and trends driving the current rally. Maybe it will yield insight into when we will see a significant downturn—thus far, we have only seen small, healthy corrections that have not stopped the upward trend of the rally. Currently sitting near $400 per bitcoin on Mt Gox, I actually think we can still expect some pretty significant upside movement from here on. Time will tell!

One unfortunate thing that has happened regarding writing for Devtome has to do with Facebook. For some reason—I have no idea why—links to Devtome appear to be blocked on that site. When I look through my timeline, I can see now that links that I posted in the past now have the following message:

Attachment Unavailable. This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

When I try to post a link to a Devtome article, I get the following message from Facebook:

You can’t post this because it has a blocked link. The content you're trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe: - Please remove this link to continue. If you think you're seeing this by mistake, please let us know.

When I clicked the link to give them feedback about this, they said that this domain had been flagged as “abusive.” How could that be? I’m unsure what could have caused this—in reality, anyone could have spammed Facebook with any number of inappropriate articles, or something of that nature. It seems odd, though, that it was categorized as “abusive.” I reported that this is not the case and requested that they reconsider the decision to block linking to Devtome. As of this time, it seems that we still cannot post there.

As a result, I am going to need to reassess how to go about driving traffic. I had been dropping my bitcoin articles into a few bitcoin groups—I can’t imagine that is what got Devtome flagged as being “abusive”, could it?—and that had been giving me considerable traffic. My efforts on Twitter, for instance, have been much less fruitful. I have begun posting links to my most recent articles on the subject of bitcoin in the signature space of my bitcointalk account, and that has at least generated a handful of views over a few hours. I am worried, though, that this won’t be enough. Perhaps it will help to start posting excerpts of my Devtome articles (with links to them), or something similar, on a blog, in order to drive traffic from Facebook that way. I can’t imagine it will be as successful as posting direct links, but it may help. After Round 29 closes—it looks end about 16 hours from now, at this rate—I will begin looking into starting a blog.

Thanks for reading!

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