MAbtc’s Blog, #1

I already had begun two separate series of blogs—one about writing for Devtome and one about bitcoin and crypto-currencies. Since these were so specific, I decided that it made sense to have a more general blog to discuss day-to-day things, news and politics, thoughts on philosophy and good quotes—things of that nature. So thank you for reading my first entry into that blog! As you can tell, I haven’t really figured out a name. To be fair, I haven’t really established a particular theme for it, so for now it will remain unnamed.


The last month-and-a-half since the Silk Road crash have been nerve racking for me, with bitcoin occupying my mind for much of the day, every day. It’s just incredible to watch the price soar—it’s now almost $400 on MT Gox, and I believe it surpassed the $400 equivalent on BTC China at some point, but don’t quote me on that. Unfortunately, I haven’t reached my all-time goal for acquiring bitcoins, and as the price soars, obviously there is a fear that they will become more difficult for me to acquire. I never put more than $200 into bitcoin, and to be honest, I live more or less paycheck to paycheck, so acquiring more bitcoins with dollars seems like it may not be the best way for me. Even if we see a prolonged crash / downtrend, the bottom will be significantly higher, I think, than the price levels we had been seeing for many months following the April crash.



By writing for Devtome, I am hoping that by acquiring devcoins, that I will be able to continue to ride on bitcoin’s rocket—as the dollar price of devcoins has risen considerably even though the bitcoin price has fallen during this rally—and also ride future pumps in the price of devcoins. This is in addition to being a long term holder with hopes that not only the devcoin economy expands, but that we will soon see new venues for open source creators to share their art. I’ve expressed a need for a site like deviantART, where artists can share their work and users can donate or buy works with devcoins. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about coding—otherwise I would already be trying to build a site like this on my own. Hopefully, it will come to fruition in the not-so-distant future.


Work has been pretty brutal lately. This is in addition to my inability to concentrate at work due to the crazy excitement of the bitcoin rally and the panic of the price corrections. I do public affairs / compliance work for a small law firm in Los Angeles. Generally, in an odd year (2013), around this time of year, I would have expected very little work and lots of boring days with little to do at work. Well, it hasn’t turned out that way at all. Somehow, many of the clients that I handle are quite active—much more so than I’d expect—at this time. This has been making for days full of nonstop work—issuing disbursements, doing data entry, preparing reports, etc. Yes, compliance work is extremely tedious and boring, so being extremely busy at a time when you are expecting the opposite is frustrating, to say the least.

Unfortunately, I don’t really partake in the profits that the firm takes when work picks up—all I can hope for is a decent raise and bonus at the end of the year. At least now that we are into November, we are nearing that time. For the last few years—ever since I have worked here—we have received year-end bonuses and raises around the 15th of December, so I have my fingers crossed that everything goes well until then! I could use the money! If bitcoin’s price sees a sizable crash, I may just put some of that money into it at that time—if I can get money to an exchange before it takes off again!

Living in Los Angeles

I have to say, living is Los Angeles depresses the hell out of me sometimes. I’ve been here a few years and I’m really trying to put together a plan to get out of here. I’d like to get back to the east coast, or maybe up north to the Bay Area.

The pollution and congestion here is pretty awful—I suppose most who have heard of Los Angeles would not be surprised to hear that. I live on the east side in the generally vicinity of Hollywood. What that generally means—despite anything glamorous you may have heard—is that the sidewalks are lined with dog shit. It’s everywhere. Normally, walking the city, I’d say someone should look up when walking, to avoid any accidents. Around here, I’d say, you have to look at the ground when you walk much of the time if you want to avoid stepping in the one of the never-ending piles of dog shit that line your way.

All the stuff you see in the movies about lots of people with little dogs in LA? Yeah, it’s true. And many of the dog owners are simply awful—hence, all the dog shit everywhere. Instead of letting their dogs go in the grass, or at least off the sidewalk, they drag them along and don’t realize when their dogs have to use the bathroom. Worse yet, many obviously don’t clean up after them. I constantly see people holding cigarettes right in their dogs’ faces when I’m walking down the street.

I’m an animal lover. I have cats and I would love to have dogs someday, when I have the room for them. It really bothers me to see people dragging around their dogs like they are a clothing accessory—that is something I see all the time around here. To be honest, I find that people here are generally more vapid, phony, and oblivious than anywhere else I’ve ever been.

Hopefully I’ll get out of here sooner than later, because the public transportation here is awful. I drive as well, but my place of work is right off the subway, and I can save on gas and insurance by not commuting. Unfortunately, LA is still running the types of subway trains that were phased out in New York and Boston over the past couple decades. In many cars, the ventilation systems do not work. They are quite bad at keeping on schedule—I am constantly missing my transfer train by a minute or less because of it. The biggest issue regarding public transportation here is that it is so incredibly limiting. The furthest you can get on Wilshire Boulevard is Western Avenue—Koreatown—many miles from Santa Monica. There was a recently built “Expo Line” that manages to go all the way to Culver City—sort of close to the beach—but it obviously ends up much further south than many of the places people need to go. Not only that, but one has to go all the way downtown in order to get on that line, so if you live in or near Hollywood or the San Fernando Valley, it’s hardly worth it to bother. Supposedly, they are working on plans to extend the Purple Line (which ends in Koreatown, as mentioned earlier), to the beach, eventually. That is probably a decade away, at least, though. I better be out of here before then!

Anyway, thanks for reading my first blog in this series!

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