Lucid Dreaming & Growing Dream Herbs

Day 1

Here are some methods for Lucid Dreaming that anyone can use.

Soon I will be growing Xhosa Dream Root and Calea Dream Herb, and I will be using them as dream aids, along with Kanna (not Cannabis) and Imphepho. All of these things were employed in “Dream Teas” by ancient people.

Also, I have some Choline, some Alpha-GPC (a more redily usable form of Choline). This promotes the creation of Acetylcholine in the brain, which regulates dreaming. I took this along with some 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan, which contains a tryptophan molecule which is the thing that makes you sleepy on thanksgiving, and 5-HTP itself helps the body directly make serotonin) which should help promote dreams.

I have some L-Theanine and Taurine as well, but I did not take those tonight. If I have any memorable dreams I will make a video tomorrow, and if not, I will try another mix or another dose.

Dream herbs seeds should be here in a few days, they will be grown in a few months.

Day 2

So last night I don't remember dreaming, but I also do not get the feeling that I just went to sleep, saw darkness and woke up. I feel like I did have a dream. So I think my main issue is going to be remembering my dreams, which I am not very good at right now.

The Biggest mistakes people make when Lucid Dreaming

Dreaming with the Ancestors

I just made a capsule (around 4 PM Colorado time) of Choline, Alpha-GPC, Ginko Bilboa glycosides, 5-HTP & L-Theanine. I am going to see if taking it now instead of right before bed has any different effects. Plus the extra stuff in the capsule.

I just took another capsule of choline, just to add to the effects in case it all burned up from earlier.

I think that these supplements will REALLY be good for dreaming after a little while of building up in my system, so in like a month.

I found some Calea on top of my fridge, so I am going to take it tonight. I made the first half of the video, but it won't be posted until tomorrow when the second half (description of what happens in the morning) can be added to it.

Day 3

the Calea did not work perfectly. I do get the feeling I had a dream but I don't remember it. I think it may have been something that was wrong with the boards under my bed that made me focus on that when I woke up instead of remembering my dreams. So I went ahead and fixed that this morning, and it should be easier from now on. My bed is also less lop sided now.

Alright, so I took all the same stuff as the other night, minus the Calea. I don't expect any dreams, but I will post if there are any.

My nose is extremely stuffed and I can't get it unclogged with Camphor etc. So I am going to take some Zyrtec. I looked online, it is Cetirizine (an Anti-Histamine like Benadryl or Datura), so it could have some dream promoting properties of its own. I am taking a 10 mg capsule to unstuff my nose. I don't expect any dreams, but I will write if anything happens.

I just looked up “Zyrtec Dreams” on Google, and it seems that it is actually a common phenomenon, so it is actually pretty possible.

Day 4

I know for sure I had a dream last night, but I can not remember it completely. There was some false dichotomy between people (as if we were at a party and it was split between people that drink and people that don't, but it was way different than drinking, I just can't remember what the difference was). And I was on the computer at some point. Other than that, I don't remember anything. I was trying too hard to stay asleep this morning and not hard enough to remember.

Brain Building and Dreaming Regiment


You should start writing about your dreams, and eventually try an Ayahuasca ceremony with the intent of entering your dream.

I will be taking another Zyrtec tonight to see what happens, and I might try Benadryl later in the week. I looked it up and people are saying that Benadryl causes vivid dreams.

Just btw, if anyone throws up while taking Ayahusca, ask the person who made it if they put caffeine in it. And if they say they did (which many shamans do, via plants like Ilex) tell them to never give you that again.

Some people seem to think the “Purge” is good, which it can be. But people inducing it with Caffeine are risking people's lives. If someone is going to purge from Caffeine, it should be because they drink so much regularly that it is still in them when they get to the ceremony. That is the Ayahuasca telling them “don't drink so much coffee”, instead of it being induced by the person you are supposed to trust.

How to make progress in your lucid Dreams

I took a Zyrtec, my nose was clogged again and I wanted to test it for dreaming. My nose is unclogged, I will write about it if there are any dreams.

Day 5

I do not remember my dreams from last night. I think I spend way too much effort in the morning trying to stay asleep and forget everything else. I am going to keep a blank piece of paper and a pencil by my bed from now on, so I can start writing whatever I remember right when I wake up.

Tonight I am trying Cat Herbs to see if they will help me dream. I am going to take Valerian Root & Catnip before I go to sleep (both plants cats love) and I just took some Passion flower (which cats also like to sit in and goes well with Marijuana from what I have read)

Imaginary Time

I have about 2.5 Grams of Valerian Root and 3 Grams of Catnip in capsules from Nature's Sunshine, I will be taking them in about 2 hours.

Making Cannabis Butter

I am taking another 2 Grams of Valerian Root and 3 Grams of Catnip.

Day 6

Ok, so I had the most memorable dream so far, last night.

Everyone was like an artist or something, and we were all (like people in general) being forced to do something. I can't remember if it was art related or not. But it was like we were a non-volunteer army of some kind.

Yage of the East

Marijuana Sprouts

Marijuana Seedling Transplants

Beer Flavored THC Butter for Cooking

Lemon Grass & MJ, Ancient Chinese Secret


5 Grams Valerian Root. 6 Grams Catnip. And a 5-HTP + Choline + Ginko Bilboa capsule

Just took another 820 mg of Valerian root and 3 Grams of Catnip.

Also just decided to Buccal some Alpha-GPC for the next 5-10 minutes, then going to bed.

Day 7

Last night was not lucky, I know I had a dream, but this morning there was construction going on outside and people walking around my bedroom window, so I found myself trying to ignore that instead of trying to remember my dream, and now I have no idea what it was about.

The weekend should be better, no construction should be going on. I don't see why construction needs to start at 8 am anyways, especially when they are not like building a building or anything.

Alright, so I decided that on this “journey” I am going to try something pretty awesome.

I study cultures and history (with some focus on Biochemistry through time), and I have noticed something. You have probably all heard of “Salvia”, Salvia actually just means “Sage”. Salvia Divinorum is the special kind of sage that you think of automatically when I say “Salvia”. Native American's INVENTED this plant by mixing Mint plants (probably American Wild Mint) with Sage Species (Probably White Sage, or Common Sage). NONE of these plants are psychoactive until genetically combined in the Salvia plant, and these natives had NO knowledge of genetic operations as far as we know.

Then there is “Inebriating Mint” which is a Turkish species of Mint, that people use as a Sedative.

Catnip is related to mint.

And even Peppermint is said to have it's own Psychoactive properties to an extent.

Anyone else seeing a pattern here? I have decided that if Ancient man could figure out how to make Diviner's sage (which I want to try to dreaming) who are we to be in the year 2014 and not even trying to make anything new like that?

So I have a plan, and PLEASE steal my idea and let me know what you come up with. I am going to get some different mint seeds: Peppermint, Forest Mint, Pennyroyal, Catnip, Australian Mint, Slender Mint, American Wild Mint, Apple Mint, Corsican Mint, Bowles and Inebriating Mint if I can find seeds.

Then I will get different sage seeds: White Sage, Pineapple Sage, Greek Sage, Chia, Wooly Sage, Baby Sage, Red Sage, Common Sage, Clary, Scarlette Sage and Salvia eventually.

Then I will start mixing pollen all over the place, just to see what happens. Inventing ALL KINDS of new cross breeds, some will have entirely new properties of their own and won't resemble their parents at all (Like Salvia). And hopefully, I can make something that is good for dreaming.

Then, I have plans for even MORE seeds to mix in, but I don't want to give those away yet.

If anyone here would like to see this happen extremely soon, please help us out on this page.

I just ordered some: Wild Mint (Mentha Arvensis, not the other one) White Sage Common Sage & Mountain Thyme (not a mint or a sage, but in the same family)

So, I will see what I can make. And I hope to order some more soon so that I can get even more genetics in there. Seeds are pretty cheap.

I saw Dracocephalum Moldavica and definitely had to get it. $1.05 for the seed pack WITH shipping.

This garden is already going to be pretty Biodiverse, all just in the mint family.

Just btw.

Once I make new species I will be naming them. Kind of like Marijuana strains, except for it is actual species strains. So the names will have to be Latin, and I will probably need help naming things. So just btw, people in this thread may get to pick the names of plants that don't exist yet, but will soon.

And I just ordered some Apple Mint, lol.

I just ordered something else that I can't believe I forgot before.

Coleus. It was another plant used by the Mazetec people (The inventors of Salvia), and it is in the same plant family as Salvia. So I just spent like $2 on 300 seeds.

The biodiversity here is going to be EPIC and I have hardly even started getting seeds yet.

So far: Wild Mint Apple Mint Common Sage White Sage Mountain Thyme Dragon's Head (Dracocephalum Moldavica) & a Coleus Mix

And that is just the stuff that goes with Mint. There are also 3 dream plant seeds coming and 2 species of plants growing now, then Marijuana.

If anyone thinks I don't know what I am talking about, just look up “Intergenetic Hybrid” and then try to explain to me what a Genus and Species are except arbitrary classifications that make it easier for us to understand the plant world.

Just took a 10 mg Zyrtec. “Zyrtec Dreams” is a common search on Google and common discussion. And this is the first time I will be ready to write about whatever dream I have when I wake up after taking Zyrtec, so hopefully it works tonight.

Day 8

I don't remember much from teh dream last night, but we were running. Not away from anything, but to get to something or somethings or someone.

2 of these plants I am getting are already said to be sedatives. And if you notice, most people don't breed garden plants for their resin glands or for their alkaloid content. But if I start breeding Coleus (Sedative) and Dragon's Head (Sedative) and only let the plants that produce the most hash and the strongest smells breed. That way I could not only end up with “Intergenetic Hybrids” but also “Hybrid Species” that can no longer breed with the parents and are almost a different plant because of their resin mutations.

I think that if I graft 2 plants together during veg, so that they are using each other's root systems to survive for a few weeks maybe a month or so. THEN try to make intergenetic hybrids, using pollen and flowers from plants that are already connected genetically via the grafting process.

I am not sure if the flowers would maybe use genetics from the roots they are on and make regular seeds for another plant, or if it would make hybridization easier, or if it would just work like any other breeding process. But I do want to try it.

And, just btw. If you know anyone that has cancer or heart disease or anything, I don't know of a single doctor that runs out of options and instead of microwaving the person, saying “Hey, why don't we try some ancient healing”.

The ancient people called the people who entered the “spirit world” HEALERS, and MEDICINE MEN.

So if you have any kind of Chronic illness and nothing to lose. Try Salvia, Datura, Ayahuasca, Iboga and anything else that is considered to be able to “teach”.

Datura is a poison, so it could even kill cancer while just making you trip. And I have heard of heart disease being cleared just because someone started eating fresh plants and had NEVER done so in their life.

Planting Marijuana

Marijuana Sprouts

Marijuana Transplant


If anyone is wondering where I got the idea to mix plants, there are a few examples in history that I am copying.

Eventually I will start getting some plants in the Oregano family, so that I can copy the ancient “Greeks” (Creteans) in their creation of “Dittany of Crete” which is a plant that you can't find seeds for, and you have to buy a cutting. It has been classified as an Oregano species, but I am personally pretty sure that it is an Intergenetic Hybrid, which left it sterile. But the people of Crete saw it had Psychoactive effects and preserved it by sharing.

You will find a similar story surrounding Salvia. Salvia is a plant that almost always gets reproduced via human intervention (just like Dittany). This means that like Dittany, you will usually find it in cutting form.

I am not sure if Salvia or Dittany are viable to reproduce within their Genera, I have never heard of anyone mixing Salvia with any other sage variety (someone should), but again, flowers of Salvia are rare and it usually reproduces through cuttings.

If you have heard of a mule, it is a cross between a horse and a donkey, and it is sterile. There is some fancy breeding pattern (like back breeding with the parent species) that works as long as you have a female mule I think, but it changed it's breeding ability.

There are also “Ligers” and “Tigons” (depends if the mom or dad is a lion or tiger) and other similar animals.

So either Salvia and Dittany are similar to the mule, and are hybrid species (Sage and Oregano) or they are Intergenetic Hybrids, meaning Sage species mixed with some kind of mint or something. And an Oregano species mixed with some kind of mint or similar species.

So basically, if/when this works (I will be trying to make both Hybrid species & Intergenetic Hybrids) I expect that these plants will not be easy to breed further, and will have to be spread by cuttings. And these examples are where I got this idea.

Morning Glory Germination

Syrian Rue Germination

How to grow without a huge bill (growing with CFLs)

Tonight (right now) I am taking 5 Grams Valerian Root, 3 Grams Catnip, 1 Gram Common Sage, 3.5 Grams Damiana, 360 mg Passion Flower.

Day 9

I think I need to make sure to take Choline supplements from now on.

I woke up and I had a dream to write down, and while reaching to get the paper and pencil to write it down, it completely escaped me.

So, tonight I am going to weigh out 300 mg of Alpha-GPC, which is the recommended dose, but I have not taken that much yet because I was also taking Choline.

So 300 mg Alpha-GPC, then 25 mg 5-HTP and around 25 mg L-Theanine. Then someone said that Vitamin B6 is good for dreaming. So, I will take 100 mg of that also, all around midnight.

Someone on another site asked if I had any childhood dreams I remembered, I wrote this and decided to copy it here.

I had a dream where I walked into a concrete building with spray-painting all over it, inside there was a hallway I walked down. The hallway was concrete and had like lit up movie posters all down the hallway on the left, and pillars on the right. At the end of the hall their was a staircase and I went up it and the next floor was an identical hallway. I kept going up and up and at the top room there was a guy that was like 20 something an we were all teenagers and me and my best friend at the time (around kindergarten) weren't really paying attention, then the guy ran down a hallway and all the kids followed. Down the hallway there was a bunch of colored tubes that we could choose to go down, so all the kids went in pairs down the different color tubes. Me and my friend did not have a tube to go down, but then we found some school lunch room tables that were folded up and moved them to find a maroon tube. We went down the maroon tube and at the end of the tube there was a concrete room with concrete walls, and in the middle was a concrete staircase that took up the whole room, like the walls were each end of the staircase. And then we looked at the ceiling and a person that was folded up like a bat fell down towards us from the ceiling and I woke up.

Then there was one where we were running around an ancient place with tons of columns and high ceilings and we went into a drawer and found a paperclip and the paperclip was very important for some reason but I can't remember why.

I think the act of remembering my old dreams itself is going to be good for dreaming. If you are having a hard time dreaming, try thinking of old dreams. I feel like it is definitely a good idea.

I just set up a capsule of 300 mg Alpha-GPC, around 25 mg of 5-HTP, around 25 mg of L-Theanine and 200 mg of B6.

Day 10

Ok, so I had too much stuff today to focus on dreaming last night. I had to get a bunch of stuff for cooking and planting seeds. So my mind was just too busy, and I might have taken the Alpha-GPC and B6 too soon, because I wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to go to sleep when I laid down at first. I was just way to aware of my thoughts.

But I ordered some more seeds, and now I will have PLENTY of genetics to play with.

Here is what I had before: Wild Mint Apple Mint Common Sage White Sage Mountain Thyme Dragon's Head (Dracocephalum Moldavica) & a Coleus Mix

Just ordered some: Pennyroyal Blue Sage Clary Sage Syrian Oregano (Biblical Hysop) Catnip Mother of Thyme Oregano Rosemary Lavender Spearmint Wild Dagga Black Horehound & Water Mint

Day 11

Last night I had a dream. I was cooking Marijuana bread and stuff and someone wanted to compete with me for some reason, and then I got some mint seeds and when I looked at where they were planted they were all like 5 inches tall already with tons of leaves. I don't remember anything else though.

Germinating Dream Herbs

Making Marijuana Biscuits and Gravy

Morning Glory Sprouts

Illinois Bundleflower and Phalaris/Canary Reed Grass Update

Tonight I am going to take a Zyrtec and see what happens.

Day 12

No dreams that I can remember, but I feel like I had a dream that was too regular for me to tell between it and real life now and last night.

I am going to make a family chart so that anyone that wants to try to breed plants can, and they will know what has the best chances of breeding successfully based on the chart, and certain plants that will tie parts of the chart together.

Nepetoideae (we'll call this a “Group”) includes 3 “Tribes” only 2 of which have many species to work with, but the third may come in handy for someone: Mentheae, Ocimeae & Elscholtzieae.


Salvia (Sages) Romarinus (Rosemary group) Lepechinia (Pitcher's Sages)

Nepeta (Catnip group) Dracophalum (Dragon's Head group) Agastache (Giant Hyssop)

Origanum (Oreganos) Thymus (Thymes)

Mentha (Mints) Saturja (Summer Savory) Clinopodium Bystropogon Pycnanthemum (Mountain Mints) Monarda (Bee Balm) Dicerandra Conradina (False Rosemary)

ALL of those are EXTREMELY CLOSELY RELATED, here is their sister “tribe”.


Lavandula (Lavenders) Siphocranion

Isodon Haceola Hyptis (Bushmints)

Orthosiphon Ocimum (Basils) Plectranthus (Spurflowers) Solenostemon (Coleus)

Then there are “Cousin” Tribes.


Holmskioldia (Chinese Hat Plant) Scutellaria (Skullcaps)


Pogostemon (related to all Lamiodeae)

Phlomis (Jerusalem Sage) Lamium (Dead Nettle)




Rydingia Leonotis

Stachys (Betony or Hedgenettle) Sideritis (Mountain Tea)

Stenogyne Phyllostegia

That is it (as far as we have genetically) of the Nepetoideae, but that is not the end of the larger “mint” family. So more chart to come later.

And in case anyone cares, and just so I can see what goes where. I am going to post the list of what I got here.

Wild Mint (Metha) Apple Mint (Mentha) Common Sage (Salvia) White Sage (Salvia) Mountain Thyme (Acinos) Dragon's Head (Dracocephalum) Coleus Mix (Solenostemon) Pennyroyal (Mentha) Blue Sage (Salvia) Clary Sage (Salvia) Syrian Oregano (Origanum) Catnip (Nepeta) Mother of Thyme (Thymus) Oregano (Origanum) Rosemary (Rosemarinus) Lavender (Lavandula) Spearmint (Mentha) Wild Dagga (Leonotis) Black Horehound (Marrubium) & Water Mint (Mentha)

Also, there is a strange Genus “Mesona” which is basically between Skullcap and Basil, which ties the chart together basically.

doing this is kind of like going to a Rain-forest (like in Mexico or Greece or Syria or something, based on the Genetics) and looking for a new species. So, something awesome could come out of this for sure.

Here are the Hybrids I can attempt with the seeds I am getting.

Mint Hybrid Species: Wild Mint x Apple Mint Wild Mint x Pennyroyal Wild Mint x Spear Mint Wild Mint x Water Mint Apple Mint x Pennyroyal Apple Mint x Spear Mint Apple Mint x Water Mint Pennyroyal x Spear Mint Pennyroyal x Water Mint Spear Mint x Water Mint = Pepper Mint

Sage Hybrid Species Common Sage x White Sage Common Sage x Blue Sage Common Sage x Clary Sage White Sage x Blue Sage White Sage x Clary Sage Blue Sage x Clary Sage

Oregano Hybrid Species: Syrian Oregano x Standard Oregano


Sage Species x Rosemary Catnip x Dragon's Head Oregano Species x Mother of Thyme Lavender x Coleus Horehound x Leonotis

And those are all plants that are extremely closely related. There is also the possibility of.

Sage Species x Mint Species Mint Species x Rosemary Mint Species x Catnip Sage Species x Catnip Mint Species x Dragon's Head Sage Species x Dragon's Head Mint Species x Oregano Species Sage Species x Oregano Species Mint Species x Mother of Thyme Sage Species x Mother of Thyme

Those are less likely to succeed in breeding, but still have a chance.

And it is possible to even go a step further, but I think that I should try all these first and see what happens.

The most stable possible Intergenetic Hybrids from Earlier: Sage Species x Rosemary Catnip x Dragon's Head Oregano Species x Mother of Thyme Lavender x Coleus Horehound x Leonotis

I just added some more seeds to the list, so there are some more stable combos to try.

Thyme Lemon Thyme Basil Chinese Medical Plant (Giant Hyssop) Red Bee Balm Summer Savory

So now there are mixes possible with…

Mint Species x Summer Savory Mint Species x Red Bee Balm Oregano Species x Thyme Species Coleus x Basil Catnip x Chinese Medical Plant Dragon's Head x Chinese Medical Plant

the Acinos is compared to Thyme by people, but it is not on the genetic tree officially yet. So, I think it might be able to breed into the Thyme or Oregano genera.

Tonight I am going to try 1 Zyrtec and 810 mg of Valerian Root.

Day 13

No dreams last night from what I can remember, most of the seeds should be here around the 1st, so only like 5 days and this whole thing really gets started.

Marijuana Update

Morning Glory Update

Just something random.

If anyone ever reads this that happens to live in Mckinney Texas or Australia.

1st. Those trees that people in Australia call “Waddle trees” are Acacias, aka “The Tree of Life”.

2nd. In Mckinney Texas, across from Boyd Highschool (in the little neighborhood there), unless they built something new there, when you walk straight in and down to wherever the little park is. If you look right next to the park there are trees that have little oval leaves that kind of look like palm leaves, and big spikes, some possibly as big as your pinky. These trees are native to Texas.

Everyone should take seeds and cuttings from these trees and grow them anywhere you can.

Also, If you are ever in West or Southern Texas, or New Mexico or Arizona. And you see a short bush that has kind of furry leaves, big white trumpet flowers and thorny green seed pods. Take the seeds and plant them somewhere. This is Datura.

And if you are in Louisiana or around there (I saw it in the back yard of Red River Academy), and you see a little plant with weird pink flowers that look like a pink dandelion, and leaves that are kind of like palm leaves, and when you touch them the leaves close. This is Illinois Bundleflower, which is a similar plant to Mimosa Hostilis.

Tonight I am trying 2 Zyrtec, so 20 mg.

Day 14

I think I have a theory as to why I don't dream regularly.

How many of you go to sleep most nights either watching TV and getting bored or thinking “Finally, done” with whatever you were doing all day?

I think that is my problem. I'm not like doing random busy work, I am doing a few things that are going to take months if not years to finish. And most nights I go to sleep thinking “It's too late and I shouldn't be up right now” or “I guess I can stop here” ex: It is 1:57 am where I am right now.

If I were to have a day where I felt like “Finally, done”. I think I would almost absolutely have a dream. Because there would be nothing that I would have to wake up and focus on (I usually have writing or something to do early in the morning, because the ideas are in my head or I texted myself on my phone the night before what to do in the morning)

Anyways. I am going to try a Zyrtec and some Valerian Root together tonight.

Syrian Rue Sprouts

Tonight, 1 Zyrtec, 1.6 g Valerian Root and 1.2 g Catnip.

Day 15

No Dreams

When I start breeding Bud (And I will be) I am going to be breeding THCv strains. So probably start with Durban Poison and mix in different Milawi strains, African Strains, Mexican strains and some good Sativas.

Just in case anyone lives in Texas, New York, Florida, New Mexico, Southern California, etc.

If you get bud with seeds in it, SAVE THOSE SEEDS. The only difference between reggie (seedy bud) and Dank bud (seedless) is that the males were killed, seeds were not produced, and the plant focused all it's energy on making buds hoping to attract a bug with some pollen on it.

So if you take Compressed Mexico Import Brick Weed, or just Reggie, and put those seeds in the right conditions, they WILL be plants. And there are people ALL OVER THE WORLD paying like 10-50 dollars for seeds. And if you breed your own strain using reggie genetics (Basically Land Race Genetics) you can get a new strain going that no one has ever seen before.

Ok, I have had this idea, but I did not have the scientific words for it until now.

My idea was that if I took different garden herbs (Catnip, Dragon's head, etc) that have psychoactive effects, and breed only the plants that have the strongest smells and make the most hash, I would get a better (for our uses) breed of plant.

I got the idea from Marijuana, obviously the plant didn't have a reason to evolve the way it is, we selected it, like we have with Bananas and Dogs, etc.

This in evolutionary theory is known as “Pollination Syndrome”, the plants with the biggest glands and the strongest smells and the most colors, gets pollinated which has led to changes over time that we can see in plants (for example their are plants that basically have airplane runways on their flowers so that bees know where to go).

So, I now have something behind that theory.

And if anyone is doubting the Cross Genus thing (like Mixing Mint with Sage) look up “Intergenetic Hybrid”. And “Angiosperm”. Which both point to me being able to do this with these plants.

Day 16

Datura Stramonium Germination

Catnip Germination

Wild Dagga Germination

Coleus Germination

Syrian Oregano Germination

Rosemary Germination

2.1 g Damiana & 1.2 g of Valerian Root

In Mexico Damiana is used with Marijuana or Alcohol. So maybe they will make a good dream mix.

Day 17

No Dreams

Ghost Train Haze Update

Illinois Bundleflower Update

Morning Glory Update

San Pedro Germination

Animals (including people) only exist because some plants decided not to poison us, because we eat their fruit and shit out their seeds in new places.

So if you eat Apples, Lemons, Oranges, Watermelons, Pumpkins, Tomatoes, or anything that has seeds. Or if you know where to get Marijuana with seeds. Collect some seeds up, and take them out after winter, mix them into a bag of soil. Then throw that soil on the side of highways and in the woods and on the side of businesses that have sprinklers, etc.


Day 18

Taking 3.5 g Damiana and 360 mg Passion flower now, I will take some Valerian Root before bed.

Once I have some herbs I will start paying more attention to journaling and doing things like writing “awake” on my hand. I just want to try all kinds of stuff and see if there is like a magic bullet.

Fox Farm & Stress

Foliar Feeding

Marijuana Update

Tickle Me plant Update

Catnip Sprouts

Coleus Sprouts

Xhosa Sprout

Datura Sprouts

Calea Sprouts

I just want to point something out to people, I am not doing this to try to be some kind of Herbalist or anything like that, this is my religion.

Different plants contain different alkaloids and terpenes, which help you to contact what are known as “Gods” or “Plant Teachers” however you want to word it. I am only here to help bring those spirits into the world, not to prove anything to anyone.

And most of you have probably experienced what ancient people called “Shiva”, you just call it something different. The modern name for “Shiva” in English is “I am so High right now”.

Root Stimulation Mix

I got a mystery plant, no idea what it is. I had a dry brick of Coco, so I put it in a 10 gallon trashcan full of hot water and shoved it down to the bottom until it broke apart. Then I stuck a lid on top of the trash can so no fungus would get in, but the soil would remain moist.

I had no idea there was anything in there, but there are some stringy little plants that popped up (probably because they had no chance of getting light, so they are stretched) and they each have 2 little red leaves (probably because they could not get light so couldn't turn green). I have no idea what kind of plant it is, but I transplanted them into a cup, and I think I have 6 in 1 cup. I will do updates, I have no idea what they are, but has anyone ever had seeds grow out of their coco?

They claim our efforts are futile, I know they lyin, the only thing thats futile is never trying.

Just btw, you can find most of these plants in Garden centers (Home Depot, Wal Mart, etc) in seed and small plant version, even the Cacti.

Some can even be found growing as weeds, ALL of them actually, each one just has a different area that it grows naturally. Most weeds and garden herbs are actually all weeds, depending where you are and how common the plant is.

Can you Identify this plant?

Trying another Zyrtec and some Valerian Root tonight.

Day 19

I am working on a list, and I am wondering if anyone knows of any natural plants that anyone can find anywhere. Once this list is done, anyone that reads it should be able to find themselves a natural Anti-Depressant or even just mood elevator.

While working on this, I accidentally came across the phrase Oilhuasca. I make my own essential oils from Cinnamon and Lemon Peel and Peppermint leaf and all that, and I have been wanting to do some “Pihkal” and “Tihkal” type smell research. So when I was researching plants that activate these receptors, and found the phrase “Oilhuasca” a whole new landscape opened up in front of me. I AM NOT CLAIMING TO BE AN OILAHUASCA EXPERT, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AFTER READING.

I recently found out that Bitter Orange extract is like Norepinephrine, which really made me second think for a second. I knew Ephedra contained Ephedra which is used to make meth, but that never interested me. And I also knew that MDA/MDMA could be make from Black Pepper or Sassafras, but I don't want to be an ecstasy cook.

And I have known about Entheogens, everything from San Pedro, to Datura to Amanita or Marijuana and Betel. I have read about almost everything and have tried a few things. But these are always classified as “Psychedelic” or “Stimulant” or “Sedative”. And most of the stuff people are looking for are “Opiate Replacements” or “Marijuana Replacements” and I am not really interested in Opium, or replacing Marijuana.

So, we know of plants that contain DMT, and LSA and Mescaline, but we don't really pay attention to the plants that act on those SAME receptors, just in a lighter way. So, why not do that now?

I can hardly find anything about this stuff online, but some people have posted some stuff and here is what I can find.

Graviola- 5-HT1a Agonist Black Cohosh- 5-HT1A, 5-HT1D & 5-HT7 Binding C. Foetida L.- 5-HT1A Agonist Yokukansan- 5-HT1A Agonist

DMT hits ALL of these, and can be found in tons of plants.

If anyone can find something that binds/agonizes the 5-HT1B receptor, please post it. All I can find that is not a prescription is TFMPP, but that is not from a plant. There are also “Triptans” but they are also not natural.

I can't find anything that goes to the 5-HT1D receptor except black Cohosh.

St. John's Wort should be on here, I just can't find out where. And 5-HTP, L-Theanine and L-Tryprophan can help also, but I am not sure if they are specific in their action. Kanna should be on here, but I don't know exactly where. And maybe Rhodiola rosea, Albizia lebbeck & Albizia julibrissin.

I read some where that these are 5-HT1 Receptor Agonists: Turmeric, Ginger, Ginko Bilboa, Lemon Essential Oil, Rauwolfia, Valerian, Yohimbe

(also from what I have read) Elmicin & Myristicin (in Nutmeg)- 5-HT2A Agonist Estragole (in Sweet Basil)- 5-HT2A Agonist Safrole (in Sassafras)- 5-HT2A Agonist

Those 4 oils are the main oils used in Oilahuasca, please name more if you know them. They say they can be taken by swallowing, huffing or rubbing it on your skin.

Some people report Black Pepper being of use by adding Peperidine to the body, some claim black pepper made things weaker. Just thought I would add that here. Making Pepper tea with water and filtering out the solids can help keep the good stuff in and keep the bad stuff out they say. And Synephrine might do something with the pepper. Also, L-Lysine can be used instead of pepper.

These next oils are the oils you need to activate them. Cinnamon Bark- CYP2A6 & CYP2E1 Inhibitor (It will deplete your liver's Glutithione) Taken 1 Hour before Allybenzene, Clove Leaf- CYP2C9, CYP3A4, CYP1A1 & CYP1B1 Inhibitor German Chamomile- CYP1A2 Inhibitor (Caffeine may also do this)

Also GoldenSseal & Echinacea purpurea very effectively do the same thing. And people have reported using Vitamin B9 or Almond extract or Star Anise Extract and Tangerine Peels or Extract.

And from what I am finding now, Black seed oil, 50% EGCG, Valerian root oil, Pomegranate, Vitamin B9, 40% Ellagic extract, Rooibos 20% Gallic acid extract, Rutin, B3 & Kudzu are best here. THC is also said to have an effect here.

I have read something about DMSO being used with these, not exactly sure on this though.

This supposedly only leaves a few enzymes to break things down, rendering these things orally active. They may not work for everyone, and dosage is unsure at this point. But people have reported better results with Phenethylamine (Some people say you NEED to take it with your Allylbenzene, or at least some kind of 'amine' like Tryptamine) and Phenelalanine. As well as Coffee and Cayenne Pepper. Milk may also do something, it contains a few things like Tryptophan and Choline.

The 4 Oils listed are “AllylBenzenes”, here is a larger list, but I am not sure if anyone has ever tried to Oilahuasca these yet, and I do not know if it is safe, so I am not suggesting anyone try these, they are just here for the sake of discussing them so people in the future can be safe.

Anethole, Apiol, Asarone, Carpacin, Chavibetol, Chavicol, Dillapiole, Eugenol, Isoeugenol, Isosafrole, Methyl Eugenol, Methyl Isoeugenol,

And since Cinnamon is a Phenylpropanoid, and Phenylpropanoids are made from Phenelalamine, and people who took Phenelalamine claim to get better results. I decided to post a list of Phenylpropanoids also.

Caffeyl Alcohol, Cinnamaldehyde, Cinnamyl alcohol, alpha-Cyno-4-hydroxycinnamic acid, Ethyl Cinnamate, Lignin, 2,4-Methlenedioxypropiophenone, Neoflavonoids, Nordihydroguaiaretic acid, Phenylpropanoic acid, Phloretic acid, Rhododendrin & Suberin.

Here are the things that you need to make sure the Oil works.

Star Anise Extract or B9 for CYP2C9 Induction

Most important things: CYP2C9 Induction Alcohol Dehydrogenase Induction Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Inhibition Piperidine and or Dimethylamine Supplementation Methyl from foods Exercise or compounds that produce effects like exercise

Less important, but still factors: SSAO Inhibition (Caffeine, Phenethylamine, Phenelalamine, Tryptamine) MAO-A Induction MAO-B Induction NDMA Antagonism Prolactin Inhibition

Here are some Piperadines (Pepper Replacement) Thioridazine, Haloperidol, Mesoridazine, Raloxifene, Loperamide, Risperidone & Paroxetine

Peppermint oil has also been talked about as a possible base instead of the Allylbenzenes.

And there is an Oilhuasca diet you are supposed to keep up for a day or so before the Oilahusca, because some foods naturally counteract these effects you are looking for. If you take lots of Vitamins and stuff too, some of those could get in the way. If you look up “Oilahuasca Diet” you can find it.

No one seems to have mentioned this, but MAOIs could help in this also. But do not eat Chocolate, Cheese or Alcohol if you take MAOIs.

Hungarian Parsley Seed is a better source of Myristicin, just found that out. And the effects of it when activated properly are said to be like Mescaline and MDMA together. The P450 Enzymes CYP1A2 & CYP3A4 are what break this down and need to be inhibited. CYP2D6 could also play a big role.

Elmicin is something you either needs Chromotography type knowledge to get, or you have to buy it in small quantities. When activated properly it is like Mescaline, when activated wrong it is like Melatonin (sleepy). CYP1A1, CYP1B1, CYP1A2, CYP2A6, CYP2C9, CYP2A6, CYP2C9 & CYP2E1 are what are needed to be inhibited to activate this. CYP2D6 could also play an important role.

Safrole is like MDMA when activated properly and like Melatonin when not. CYP2A6, CYP2C9, and CYP2E1 are most important for this. CYP2D6 could also be important.

Methyl Chavicol when activated properly is like a light speedy LSD, when activated wrong it is said to be almost like Marijuana. CYP1A2 and CYP2A6 inhibit it, and CYP2D6 could also be important.

If the CYP2D6 Enzyme is inhibited with all the others, these are possibly visually hallucinogenic Oilahuascas. And the Methyl Chavicol doesn't build a tolerance (the others do) it actually gets stronger for you every time you use it, or you can use less.

Dill seed extract also is said to be able to be used. As one of the main things, like in place of the Chavicol.

And apparently you can turn the main ingredients into 3 different forms, depending what you take: Dimethylamine, Piperidine and the Pyrrolidine derivatives Piperidine is said to be the strongest and is made by having Pepper or a Pepper replacement in your system.

And Apparently Elami oil can be activated by Valerian Root of Chinese origin, Coffee, Almond Extract & Glycerin (the stuff E-Cig liquid is made of), and nothing else. And it is like Mescaline. Someone told that guy that he didn't even need the Valerian root, and if he had added Vanilla or Cumin oil to his coffee, it could have been even stronger. So basically if someone were to drink a Nutmeg, Vanilla, Almond Coffee… They could trip and not even expect it.

Ok, so I just read coffee inhibits Xanthine Oxidase, which is key is some people while other people can get effects just fine without the inhibitor there. But to be safe, if you want to ever try any of these, take a small amount of caffeine or drink a cup of coffee and see if it helps. (I will be trying all this stuff as soon as I can grow or order all the stuff for it)

Someone else said that Valerian Root oil might actually be the key, because it Inhibits CYP2C9. Lol. So, I guess the key is just to try as many Inhibitors as possible, and try not to take to much of the base oil so that you don't trip too hard.

Valerian Root, B9, Anise seed are all interchangeable or to be used together or replaced with: DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) Eugenol (inhibits/induces CYP2C9) Ginkgo biloba (inhibits/induces CYP2C9) Licorice (inhibits/induces CYP2C9) Milk Thistle Resveratrol (inhibits CYP2C9) Saint John’s Wort (inhibits/induces CYP2C9) Turmeric (inhibits/induces CYP2C9)

Pepper tea, with the solids taken out, seems to be the best thing for creating the base base.

L-Lysine is said to really help the pepper.

Vanilla and Cinnamon seem to be interchangable. They are both Aldehydes.

German Chamomile does the best at blocking CYP1A2, but you can use Cayenne Peppers or Tangeretin.

CYP2A6 can be inhibited by: Almond Extract, Anise oil, Benzaldehyde, Cinnamaldehyde, Lemon oil, Lime oil, Orange oil, Limonene, Tangerine oil, Lemongrass oil, Nicotine

CYP2D6 Inhibition could mean the difference between Psychedelic effects and no effects. Here are the things that inhibit it: CBD (Cannabidiol from Cannabis), Echinacea Purpurea, Pomegranate, Pummelo, Calamus oil, Kava, Black Cohosh

CYP3A4 is important to inhibit, which can be done with: Catechin, Clove oil, Dill seed oil, Ginger, Goldenseal, Pomegranate, Cinnamon & Kava.

Kudzu seems to help protect it after it is formed. This can be replaced by Gallic Acid, Soy Isoflavones, Glycerin, Caffeine or Benzaldehydge.

And if anyone were to try these things with Mescaline or MDMA or DMT, they would probably get some awesome effects. I am not sure if anyone has tried it yet, but there may be other versions of Ayahuasca to make, where you take DMT orally and have it made into something else by inhibiting certain enzymes.

Cayenne Peppers promote Endophines and Adrenaline, so they also put things in the body that are helpful.

Just to add, It would probably also be good to take Phenethylamine, Phenelalamine, Tryptamine or even just Choline or Tryptophan or 5-HTP if that is all you can get.

From what I read earlier, any NMDA antagonist would be beneficial, but not crucial in the mix. This makes sense to me, because NMDA antagonists are things like, Ecstasy or Cough Medicine (Delsym) or MXE. So it would make sense that having something that has these effects would kind of kick the whole thing into a full blown experience.

So, Dextromotphan, that is what is in Cough Syrup and it is legal to buy, posses, etc. It is not any kind of drug. MXE is legal to buy and posses, but you are not allowed to take it unless you are a member of the Church of NeuroScience.

There are also plants that have these effects: Uncaria Rhynchophyllia Psychotria Colorata Huperzia Serrata

Then there is the addition option of Prolactin Inhibition, which can be done with: Zinc, Ginko Vitamin E, B6, Almonds or Almond Extract & Magnesium And possibly by anything that releases Dopamine or acts like it. So L-DOPA, THC, and a few other things maybe.

Also, Once I get these plants grown and have a bunch of Mint and Sage and Coleus and all that, I will start making extractions and essential oils of all the plants I am growing, then I will start breeding the plants together and making new plants with new smells. And once I have all of that going, I will start making bulk extractions of things like Roses, to get Damascone, etc. And start making analogues of common perfume smells, analogues that NO ONE has ever smelled before. All it takes is some Benzene structures, or Methyl structures, or an Acetone like structure, and entirely new molecules with entirely new smells can be made.

Most of these things are active with a few drops. And Methyl Chavicol gets STRONGER as you use it, so eventually you could just smell it in the air and feel some STRONG effects. If you did all the preliminary, you could possibly get effects just from the smell without building your reverse tolerance.

Trying some Benadryl tonight.

Day 20

I had a dream last night, but I can't remember it exactly. I am pretty sure it was about enzymes and stuff, but I feel like it was the same as a dream I had a few months ago before I knew about the Enzyme stuff. So I think I am thinking on Enzymes just because I can't remember what it was.

Now that I know Oilahuasca exists, the Synchronized Hyperspace Event (S.H.E.) will be a lot easier to share with everyone.

This Christmas season, I am going to be complaining about a “War on Christmas” where I am going to complain that there are people dressing like Santa, putting up Christmas lights, and NOT taking any Hallucinogenic substances. It's HERESY.

If people are going to celebrate Christmas, they need to celebrate it all the way. So now that I know about Oilahuasca, I am going to test it out, make some videos showing people how to make a cup of coffee that can make you feel like you are on Ecstasy.

THAT is what Christmas lights are FOR. End the war on Christmas!

Benadryl again tonight, with some B6. It worked last time, so maybe it will work again.

Day 21

I had a dream about some kind of machine someone was using, but I don't remember what the machine was or who the person was. It was kind of like the machine that is in the light when you take DMT, but it was more solid and easier to understand, like less 4 dimensional. But I still didn't know what it was I don't think.

Just something I randomly thought of, if anyone wants to learn about dream stuff, you should look up “Imhotep” he was the first person to be recorded in history who was not royal or mythical. He invented surgery and tons of other stuff and was the Pharaoh's dream interpreter (vizier), but mainly he was the first person that found out you could solve modern problems by reading old books. Basically, he solves a famine/drought by reading about how they had droughts in the past.

They thought he was a magician, and a really good one. But really, he just read some books about the past and was like “Hey, we have that problem now”.

If anyone is following this and doesn't want to sort through the pages and pages, here is where the videos are posted. And I will soon be posting Oilahuasca videos. No one else on youtube has made one yet. Someone else should.

If anyone wants to get in to dream stuff, but doesn't want to spend the money involved in any of the processes. You can get FREE (you earn it for writing, which everyone on the internet does) through Devtome.

If you have heard of Bitcoin, there is another coin called “Devcoin”. You earn FREE Devcoins for every 1,000 words you write on Devtome. To make a Devtome account, search Google for “Devcoin Official” and there will be a thread on Bitcoin talk. Talk to the people there, and they can tell you how to make a Devtome account (you just have to talk to a certain admin and they will make the account).

Once you have an account you just write your words, then in about a month or so you get paid Devcoins into your Devcoin wallet. Here is a link to check how long everything has left:

Then you can use those Devcoins to either buy other coins (Like PoS coins, which allow you to earn money by having coins in your wallet, like Hobonickle.

Or, you can trade your Devcoins for Bitcoins on a website like: … &locale=en

And, Paypal accepts Bitcoins now.

And just btw, if anyone actually looked up Imhotep and found him interesting. Here is a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff similar to that, much of which is not taught to you in schools, but is definitely real. Most of it is in stone. … earth.html

I did some more personal research on Oilahuasca and found some interesting things.

I am sure the Enzymes have a lot to do with the effects, because apparently people get the Oilahuasca effects from just a few drops. So, by listing these compounds I am not saying that they are the reason for the effects of Oilahuasca, but they are in these plants.

Pepper = Peperidine (Supplement: BioPeridine, available on Amazon) Anise = Anethole (a Phenethylamine) Parsley & Dill = Apiole (a Phenethylamine) Acorus Calamus = Asarone (a Phenethylamine) Betel = Chavicol (a Phenethylamine that is a stimulant without enzyme inhibitors) Elemi = Elemicin (a Phenethylamine, many say it feels like Mescaline when activated) Basil = Methyl Chavicol (a Phenethylamine) Clove = Eugenol (a Phenethylamine) Raw Soy Beans = Phenethylamine Mucuna Seed = L-DOPA and tons of Tryptamines

All of these are things that can help in Oilahuasca. You can also get Oxytocin nose spray or tongue drops, I have not heard of anyone trying it, but it makes sense that this would help, since things like Ecstasy release Oxytocin.

A thing that HAS been used to boost the experience is NMDA Receptor Antagonists, which is another trait ecstasy has. Which can be found in DXM (Delsym Cough Syrup) or in a few different plants. But just like the oils, if these things are added, it should be in small amounts since you are turning off the enzymes in your body that usually break these things down.

Procedure, in plain English:

The pepper would be made into a tea. Solids filtered out.

Then you would get some Anise Oil, B9 or Valerian Root (of Chinese Origin, according to the forums)

So that is your Pepperidine, and you activators. Now you need your Enzyme Inhibitors. You can add L-Lysine, but it is not necessary.

Vanilla and Cinnamon work, pick one or both. You also need the Aldehyde structure from one of these.

Next. German Chamomile, Cayenne Pepper Capsules or Tangerine Skin extract/capsules

Then Almond extract, Anise Oil (if you already had it), Cinnamon, Lemon peel oil, Lime peel oil, or a cigarette or nicotine gum if you can't find anything else.

Then CBD, Echinacea Purea, Pomegranate, Pummelo, or Calamus Oil.

Then Clove oil, Catechin, Dill seed Oil or Goldenseal.

Then Kudzu or Glycerin or Caffeine

Not ALL of these things are neccisarry, but if you do 1 thing in each list, you should get VERY strong effects from whatever you take.

And according to the forums, the best thing to take is Sweet Basil Extract, in it's pure form, it is known as “Methyl Chavicol”.

Take all that other stuff like 30 minutes to an hour before the Basil Extract, and redose the B9, Anise or Valerian root to keep the effects going without taking more. According to the forums.

Calea Update

Coleus Update

Syrian Rue Update

Datura Update

Canary Reed Update

I could not find a video talking about Oilahuasca on Youtube, but I JUST found a video that kind of explains the P450 Enzymes.

Oilahuasca Intro

I am trying Benadryl and B6 again tonight to see if there are any dreams.

Day 22

I had a dream last night, but I can't remember it and I think I have something a little more important here.

Random question thing.

Everyone says that Tribes, Villages and People in general have been in a state of war basically until now. People say “In the past if you showed up in a boat, people would kill you” (there is more evidence of the people on the boats doing the killing in reality), and people like to say “In the past” (without qualifying that) “If someone wanted resources, they would just go to war and take them.

This is simply NOT TRUE. Even the generals of warring armies could get together and have debates 200 BC (so 2000 years ago) and they went to war for reasons like “This empire is infringing on our land” not “I want blood”.

There is even evidence THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO (around 7,000 BC in Poland), the first Farmers (the first people to plant seeds) made a trading post, where they would meet up with the hunter gatherers and trade pottery and food.

And if you are Christian, Jesus says in the Bible “Nation will rise up against nation” why would he need to say that if it was the norm just to attack people for resources. Think.

Random post about hash making that will happen at the end of this MJ grow: I keep seeing people posting about Bubble hash, and I am not trying to discount Ice Wax and stuff like that. I have seen some really good Dry and Wet Bubble Bag extracts from people like Matt Rize and Bubbleman and people like that.

But, if this is going to be MEDICAL. Like a REAL Medical product, you can't just be making Bubble hash.

We NEED to be making more pure materials. So, what I will be doing as soon as I can, is using the trim from the plants I am growing now. And do the “Dr. Atomic” hash making method from the 70s. Where you Reflux and Polarize the liquid hash.

Everyone right now is like “Oh wow, you can get trich heads” and yeah, that is cool, but it's not medical grade. To get medical grade we are going to have to MELT the trichs in a solvent, then extract ONLY WHAT WE WANT from them. Via Polarization.

I do want to mention something that they talked about on Bubbleman's channel once. They said that a D-Lemonene Extract won a cup or something, because it was the best hash in a competition.

I have noticed that Myrcene additives (Lemon Grass mainly) can help the Marijuana get you higher. So I am guessing that D-Lemonene probably actually has a similar effect.

We may be using Oilahuasca Marijuana Techniques and not even know it yet.


Sativa contains and Indica usually does not.

Caryophyllene Oxide is used in things like Perfume, and some Police use it to train dogs to find Marijuana.

There are hundreds of Cannabinoids and THOUSANDS of Terpenes, and all of these things work TOGETHER to give us the effects.

I think that smoking/vaping/eating weed, and smelling/smoking/trans-dermal Caryophyllene, will actually boost the effects of the Marijuana. And d-Lemonene and Myrcene can also. Myrcene has been studied and seen to do this via Mangoes (look it up), but I am not sure if anyone has tested d-Lemonene and Caryophyllene for this specifically.

I have been looking for “Non-Polar Solvents” to make “Concrete”, to make Absolute for perfume.

I was sitting here for like 30 minutes, and all I could find was like Benzene, Hexane and Chloroform, and I was just thinking “If I order any of that, they are going to think I am trying to do something WAY different than perfuming”.

Then I decided to do a search for “Lemonene Polarity” and all the sudden, I realized why it is such a good solvent for extraction. This is going to make Polarized hash making EASY AS SHIT.

So, what the plan for hash making is now. I am going to get some d-Lemonene and use it to do a COMPLETE non-polar, full spectrum extract on the Cannabis trim.

Then I will add a polar substance to it, like some kind of alcohol. Then I will keep the Alcohol layer, and toss the Lemonene layer, sine it will contain all the resins and waxes, while the alcohol will contain all the Cannabinoids. You can probably also smoke the Lemonene layer to get extra terpenes.

But This should make Clinical Grade full spectrum hash, and if I Isomerize it, it would be TRUE clinical grade, with NOTHING but Delta-9-THC in it.

Medical Grade Hash Extraction Method

I just found out that the Butter mixture is known as “Enfleurage”. Which is the process of capturing plant fragrances in fats and oils.

You can do it cold or hot. And people do it in Tallow and Lard. But I am going to continue to use Butter for Cannabutter, and I will use Coconut Oil if I am going to make anything meant to go on the skin.

But this opens up a new route of Application for Oilahuasca. You can extract the plant essence in fat or oil, just like when making Cannabutter. Then you can use the Enfluerage of the certain plants needed in order to get the Oilahuasca to work.

From what I can tell, this is also one of the best ways to extract the Terpene called “Ionone”, which according to perfumers, does not extract well in to alcohol.

But I bet if you made Enflourage or used Lemonene, then went and separated via Alcohol and Polarization, you could probably get a good Alcohol Ionone extract.

By only using a single solvent, you are making what is known in the Perfume world as “Concrete”. This would include everything from Cannabutter, to BHO. Even if you use water, you are making a single solvent hash, known as “Concrete”. Which is usually only sold as incense in the perfume world, and with any other plant it would NEVER be considered “medical grade”.

You have to do the second step. The first step is best if you use a Non-Polar Solvent like Butane, Lemonene, Hexane, Bezene or Butter.

Then, you either want to let that dry out and do a “wash”, or you add some kind of 99% alcohol (Ethanol, Isopropyl or Methanol) and let it separate. Then you will get the 2 layers, which you can gather the alcohol layer of.

This is known as “Absolute” in the perfume world, and IS perfume grade. And with various plants, this would be known as “Medical Grade”. With no contaminants.

If anyone knows anything about the THC Isomer called THC 5 aka THCV, not the same as THCv I don't think.

This Isomer could actually have some Amazing medical application, it is like 100x stronger than THC or something like that, and you can make it from a THC molecule. It just has to do something with the structure being able to cross the blood brain barrier. If anyone has any info on this, please share it.

Just btw:

This is only the beginning of this. I am still growing herbs, many of which have Terpenes that will be useful in some “Marijuasca” mixtures.

Then I will still be cross breeding different plants in the mint family with each other to see if I can make any Intergenetic Hybrids.

While I do that, I will also be making some “Hybrid Species” so that we have have some new Cultivars, maybe even Cultivars of things like Catnip, which is know to have psychoacitve effects in humans and cats.

While getting terpenes from home grown plants, and trying to make new species. I will also be making my own essential oils of different plants, so that I can have more Terpenes than just the ones I grow.

And somewhere early on in there, I only put it last because it was discovered by myself last, I will be getting the ingredients for Oilahuasca and testing it.

And something I have been wanting to do for a while, but won't have the weed or the money for for a few months, is making polarized hash. That will probably be the very last thing to get done, and it should be some time in the first 6 months of 2015.

After hearing about Oilahuasca, then more-so after learning about Enfleurage, I thought about something I read in the past.

My mom is kind of in to witch stuff, so she has a magic book. And there are some werewolf “spells”. One time I looked some of them up, and there is one that I can't find the source of, but it seems to be pretty widespread as “A Werewolf Transformation Potion that Witches Used”. Again, I can't find the source, but if you search “Cat Fat Wolf Skin Belt Parsley” on Google, you will find various websites that talk about this “Spell”.

And the reason I specifically remember this spell is because the first time I read about it, I was reading that it was strange that parsley would be an ingredient, because it is NOT Psychoactive. The other ingredients were psychoactive, but should not have made anyone feel like a werewolf. But it is possible that the Apiole could have been activated into an ancient form of Werewolf Ecstasy.

Here is the “Spell” aka Ritual: opium, poppy seeds, aloe, henbane, hemlock, parsley, solanine (an extract of night shade), and asafetida (a gum resin). After stirring all the components together , he will allow the contents to simmer. When flames leap up, he will begin his incantation: “Elect of all devilish host, I pray you send hither, the great gray shape that makes men shiver. Come! Come! Come!” Having removed his clothing and put on a wolf-skin girdle, the devotee now rubs his entire body with a salve.

And now that I know about Oilahuasca, I am pretty sure that this is what the witches were brewing.Parsley contain Apiole, which is not active by itself, but when taken with the right Enzyme inhibitors, it is possible that it could be activated. And it is possible that it is an Enzyme inhibitor itself.

So basically, what I think was happening is, the witches would get someone REALLY worked up about the full moon, like really make them antsy about it. Like tell them that that is when the freaks come out and stuff. Then, once the person is worked up, the full moon comes along. You give them a belt made of wolf, or have them kill a wolf to make it. Then you have them kill a cat to get fat to mix with the plants so you can rub the oils all over your skin. So, doing this, while in the light of the full moon that you are worked up about. Might make the ecstasy effects kind of turn you into a mental “Werewolf”.

Tonight I am going to try B6 and Valerian Root capsules.

Day 23

Someone asked me some stuff on another website, and I thought all the Oilahuasca threads should have it. So here it is.

I never said anything about not doing drugs because of food. I said these oils will last longer than “drugs” like ecstasy, because instead of $10 for 1 tab, you are spending $10 (or less) on a bottle, and you have like 5 bottles that will last a LONG time.

I have not heard of it making people sick, and you can apply it on your arm. I have heard of people getting sick from eating lots of Nutmeg, but some people have tried Nutmeg Oilahuasca drops and I have not heard of them getting sick even. If you deactivate everything properly, and activate the right thing, people say it gets visual.

My religion is that of the Aboriginals. I call it “The Tree of Life School” they call it “Dream Time”, and there is even “Dream Time Archaeology” you can research.

I grow Marijuana, and I have been growing spices forever. And I understand how esoteric oil making seems to people, but I have been making hash since I was 14 and I take very easily to new oil making methods, and I have been studying the perfumery methods for about a year now, and at this point they seem “simple” to me.

Lucid Dreaming is “Real”

Just btw, if anyone thinks I think I am smart, you can go fuck yourself. I got all of this info about Breeding and Ceremonies and Dreaming from studying “Dream Time”, “The Land of Punt” and Ancient Kemet (Egypt).

I am not trying to “show off things I know”, I am trying to share stuff that we as humans have done traditionally, and would not be where we are without.

If you can't read me posting about chemicals and hash without thinking I think I am better than you, again, go fuck yourself.

If you would like to see this information in it's historical context so you can know how I know these things (by knowing which cultures I got them from) here is a link. … earth.html

If anyone is scared of Ebola, we should all start letting food rot in composts and growing bacteria from it in petri dishes, this is how Penicillin was discovered. The way you can tell if one bacteria is good at killing things, is by having it in the Petri dish and watching it eat all the other bacteria. That is how Penicillin was discovered.

More plant updates today or tomorrow, I am going to start making the videos now but I might now finish editing until tomorrow.

And just btw, anyone that thinks I am into “Quantum” things and Depac Chopra. You are very wrong. I have never read anything of his, and I am pretty sure the only time I have seen him speak was when he talked about Neuropeptides, which he called “Chemical Emotions”. Unless that was someone else.

It seems that anytime someone hears anything about Egypt or Dreams, they automatically want to pretend that they are talking to a certain kind of person.

I also do not believe aliens are God. Actually, I think the Ancient Alien Theory is racist because it says that if white people didn't build it, grey people must have come and helped.

And for anyone that hates me for not being Atheist.

I would like to point out that Doctors still say the Hippocratic oath, which is 2000 years old. And before their were labs, Science was done in Temples. Just because you have a bad taste in your mouth from Christianity does not mean you figured out EVERYTHING about religion.

If anyone thinks technology is not natural enough, or that people are destroying the natural world. Someone needs to figure out how to use Drug Test Technology (Electro-Chemical reactions) to run a computer, we will be moving in the right direction.

If someone can create a computer that runs not on Electricity, but Bio-Electric activity (Like the activity that happens in someone's brain when they get high), I am pretty sure we will be in a new era of technology.

If any Christians or any other religious people that don't agree with modern science are reading this, if you don't believe in Evolution via Natural Selection, please look up “Ebola Survivors”. Anyone that survives is Immune, and this kind of thing can be found in the human genome. We have had big diseases before and they left scars on the genes.

And just btw, if anyone here wants to say “I have never seen a God”, you simply don't understand the world around you. If you REALLY don't know of any Gods, then you can go ahead and stop considering different rotations of the Earth to be “Months”, because that is all based on Mnemonic God mapping. March = Mars, June = Jupiter/Zues etc.

And have you ever heard of a Movie? Most if not ALL movies are based on Greek and Roman Plays (which were all based on the stars in the sky, and how they interact with the sun and the Earth's rotation) The most “in your face” example of this is the movie “Prometheus”, they took the story of Prometheus, and put it in space. So when you watch a movie, you are usually watching a new interpretation of an ancient story. Even when it's just explosions. War has always been a theme, and their are different situations that happen to Mars in the sky that were interpreted by ancient actors in the sky. So without “God”, Media would get pretty boring. We would just have the news then.

And you can go ahead and stop using clocks. Because those are both based on Automatons that people made 2000 years ago (so they must be useless right?) and they are based on “Chronos” aka “The Measuring of Time” aka Chronology, Chronology MEANS “From Chronos” or “The Study of Chronos”.

And if you have ever heard of “The Scientific Method”. That comes out of what is known as “Philosophy”, which is where Demonstrations and Debate come from. Sophy in “Philosophy” comes from the Goddess “Sophie” she is the Goddess of Wisdom. When you “Philosophize” you are “Loving Sophie Actively”. And since Science only exists because of the “Philosophy of Science”, in extension, you are “Loving Sophie Actively” when you do science.

I could keep going, but these are some REAL Gods you can see on Earth or being Interpreted on Earth, if you wanted a magic man in the sky that in kinda your own problem.

Morning Glory, First Day of Stress

Day 24

Random thought:

If anyone thinks technology is not natural enough, or that people are destroying the natural world. Someone needs to figure out how to use Drug Test Technology (Electro-Chemical reactions) to run a computer, we will be moving in the right direction.

If someone can create a computer that runs not on Electricity, but Bio-Electric activity (Like the activity that happens in someone's brain when they get high), I am pretty sure we will be in a new era of technology.

If any Christians or any other religious people that don't agree with modern science are reading this, if you don't believe in Evolution via Natural Selection, please look up “Ebola Survivors”. Anyone that survives is Immune, and this kind of thing can be found in the human genome. We have had big diseases before and they left scars on the genes.

Random: Also, if anyone wants to add me on Skype, I am “Kemetichindu” and on Xbox Live I am “Hannibalimhotep”.

Also, just a random little bit of information. Now that my name is FinShaggy again on Youtube, my Youtube account is now associated with my main online username, which is FinShaggy.

I changed my username because there are people that jack off to pictures of my family and post pictures of their cum on the pictures. And they pretend I am a troll as they do it. But they are the real trolls, obviously.

But now my Youtube is associated with the things like the Urban Dictionary Definition of me, and all the Google images people tied to my username

Synchronized Hyperspace Event (S.H.E.)

I am going to continue updating this thread and the new channel, but my plan is now to wait until after Halloween (I don't have anything for this Halloween, but I will try to have something for next Halloween). But I have been specifically doing a lot of Research on the Mediterranean “Paganism”, from Europe to Africa, and I have been studying Egyptian Myth and History, as well as Australian Aboriginal Myth and History.

So together, those have led me to know more about “Dream Time” and Christmas/Easter stuff, which is Time to plant and Time to Harvest. But Halloween (Samhain) is also a harvest festival, hence the Pumpkins. So I will start growing Pumpkin seeds or something, but next year I will have more Ritual. But there are already other people who advocate Samhain (maybe not with Psychedelics though), so this year I want to bring to light the ancient Christmas ideas.

I am going to be making a thread using this thread (but with all the videos replaced with videos that work) and by the time I make the thread I will have some Terpenes and maybe all the stuff for Oilahuasca. But what the focus of the thread will be is (besides continuing the Dream rituals) is to share the idea of the “Synchronized Hyperspace Event”, so I am going to go ahead and explain that here.

Every year for Christmas (at least in America) people just randomly put lights up on their houses. Other people come and look at the lights and are like “Wow”. But in the past, people used to take Mushrooms for Christmas. If you have ever wondered why you bring a tree in your house, and why you put presents under it, you are about to find out.

You have probably heard of the Red Mushrooms with the white Spots and the white Stalk. They grow under… Pine trees. They use the nutrients from the Pine to survive. And when they are not actually mushrooms yet, they look kind of like little white pine cones under the tree. In the past, people used to call this Mushroom “Mythras” and they called the little white pinecone a “Cosmic Egg”. And every year they would find a tree that had Cosmic Eggs at the bottom, and they would decorate the tree and wait for the “Egg” to become a mushroom.

So if you are going to put lights up on your house, or other people are, then why not do what they used to do. Everyone should try to find some Mushrooms, and take them when the lights are on the houses. This is the “Synchronized Hyperspace Event”. We are reopening the Christmas season to its TRUE potential. And if you can not find Mushrooms, I will have tutorials for anyone in the Tree of Life School, so that you can learn to do Oilahuasca and learn about different plants that contain DMT (DMT is what gives the Tree of Life/The Acacia Tree it's “power”).

So like right after Halloween I will make a new thread with the focus being more on Holidays, year round, and the dream stuff will basically just be something for people to read between Holidays.

Since I am using the FinShaggy username again on Youtube, I just figured I would share the reason I came to the internet in the first place.

I am from Texas, which is a very right wing, Christian state. I was born in Dallas and lived in Texas until I was 19. I am not Christian though. I decided this when I was about 14, because the church I went to simply was not a community, it was a club. It was all about dressing up and socializing, which is fine, but it's not God.

When I was 14 I felt a strong connection to Marijuana, and started learning more about it. And eventually I stopped being Atheist (which I was for only a short while) and started studying Shiva and reading the Rig Veda and stuff, and I continued to use Marijuana. Then when I was 14 I was arrested and got put sent to a place where we were not allowed to leave and we had to wear collard shirts and follow rules like turning left and right at 90 degree angles and carrying a water bottle around. There were a few books there, but all the ones about religions like mine were more in a historical context. But I knew Hindus and stuff existed still.

Then when I came back to Texas I started studying Hindu communes around the country and sent some emails trying to get in touch with some, but I was like 15 and had no way to do any of this. Then I got arrested again and put on probation again. I lived in Texas, so smoking Marijuana was not acceptable according to them, even religiously. I would tell them it was my religion all the way to the cell, then when I was in juvy I would tell all the other kids about different entheogens and research chemicals. The probation officer and guards probably remember me.

I got put on probation again when I came out, and I continued to express to my probation officer that it was my religion, but I didn't smoke because I wanted to pass piss tests. And eventually I ran away from home so I could just go do things freely out in the boons. But they found me and took me back to Juvy.

Then I got out and the court ordered that I had to have a Psychologist. And the Psychologist said I was not being challenged in Highschool and I needed to go to college. So my probation officer had a judge sign off on it and I went to the community college in town, and the first weekend I was there I got someone to take me even further out into the boons and I ran away from home again.

So they put me back in jail. And that time I was there for like 7 months. I graduated Highschool while I was there, because it wasn't classroom based, it was workbooks. So it was really easy. So I graduated a year early, so my probation officer let me out of jail (by talking to the judge) and let me off probation.

But they knew I smoked Marijuana religiously. So one day they noticed that my sister and her friends were not at school. So they came to the house with NO WARRANT, thinking they were going to find them all hanging out at our house. But they went to a lake, and I was asleep in the backyard with a friend who was there watching TV. They arrested me for 1 gram of weed my sister had left in the yard, and charged me with Paraphenalia for some pipes her friends had brought over and let their before.

Since this event, which happened in 2010, I have left Texas and still can get arrested if I go there again, but not anywhere else because it is not a Felony. But I have been doing tons of legal research since I left, and in the state of Texas you are NOT allowed to enter a property without a warrant, no matter what is happening there. And there are TONS of laws that defend the religious rights of Texans, more-so than most states. So I could probably legalized Marijuana in Texas. If you know how common law works, then you know that if I get a county judge to say that the police broke the law, then Marijuana is legal to posses at your house in that county (Collin County). And if I get a state judge to say the police broke the law, then it is legal to posses Marijuana in your house in all of Texas. At least religiously. I am in Colorado now and have a medical card, just btw.

Random: If anyone wants some tips for stuff to do when the Christmas lights aren't up, there are still plenty of things to do.

You can: Find a fire pit or a grill or something and make a fire if you have a yard, or are at a campsite. Fire is great when using mushrooms or anything like that.

Watch Marijuana Dry, either after a harvest, or by putting some orange peels in with dry weed. If you do it with Oranges it can make your bud taste better and you can choose the dryness by just taking the orange peels out and then sealing it in a plastic bag when it dries to where you want it.

Go to Church, don't do anything stupid, but go to church and act like you have some holy spirit in you or something. Church gatherings were meant to be done on Mushrooms. They take communion and sing with their hands in the air and stuff. It's definitely a mushroom ceremony.

Or This seems to be the most popular among people who use Psychedelics for enlightenment, but try tripping all alone in a dimly lit room. Listen to music and eat food and have some different textures to feel. And pick a movie that you can watch or something if you get bored, like have one planned. Even if it's on Netflix or something. Fear and Loathing is good, Dazed and Confused is good, Fight Club is good, I Heart Huckabees is good and strangely the Futurama movies are good for this also.

Day 25

Sorry I have not been taking anything at night the past few days, I have been captivated by some research and have been up late everynight not wanting to take sleep aids that would make me tired.

And since I have been doing that, now I will share with you what I learned.

Caryophyllene, was mentioned earlier. It is a Marijuana Terpene used in the Perfume industry to give things a Marijuana smell, and recently I learned that it actually connects with the CB2 (Cannabinoid) receptor, even without any Cannabinoiids. So Caryophyllene has cannabis effects, even when taken outside or without Cannabis. Sources of Carryophyllene include Uziza Pepper 50% of Essential oil) and Indian Bay Leaves (25% of Essential Oil). So taking either of these things can and will increase the effects of the Cannabinoids.

Indole-3-Carbinol can be found in many common vegetables, and it breaks down to activate the CB2 receptor.

Common Rue Essential Oil activates the CB2 receptor.

Then I also learned more about Hash making. Remember when I said that you could use the Concrete making method and the Absolute making method from Dr. Atomic and the Perfume world? Well, there are steps you can take after that to ensure that your Cannabinoids are the BEST they can be.

First you do just like before. Using Lemonene or some other non-Polar solvent, make your Cannabis extract. Then add some kind of Alcohol (Ethanol, Isopropyl or Methanol) let that sit and eventually the Lemonene and Alcohol will separate. Use a Separatory funnel to separate these layers. St this point you have Cannabis absolute, aka medical grade hash in alcohol.

If you add a few drops of Sulfuric acid at this time, all the Cannabinoids will turn into THC Cannabinoids, and all the THC cannabinoids will become pure Delta-9-THC. That method was in the Dr. Atiomic book, I just did not add it before.

There are 2 other methods you can use at this point that I recently found out about.

When you have the medical grade hash, you can treat it with Acetic Acid instead of Sulfuric acid, and this will make THC-0-Acetate, which is a little bit stronger than THC.

or, You can extract the THC in Pyridine instead of alcohol, the add Phosphoryl Chloride, this will make THC-O-Phosphate which is weaker than THC, but can be used in hospitals easier, because it is water soluble which makes it injectable.

I will stop here now because I have made a wall of text, but I have been doing research for like 2 straight days with only like 8 hours of sleep total. So I can continue with this in a few days or weeks.

I decided not to wait a few days or weeks, I am going to continue the Chemistry stuff now.

When I was researching Nootropics a while ago I found what is called “Picamilon”, this is a Nootropic which you can buy in America and they actually prescribe it to people in Russia. What it is is GABA powder and Niacin powder, these are both Amino Acids so they both have the properties of both an acid and a base depending on the situation. So during my research over the past few days, I decided to find out how Picamilon is made, and I found something out that may lead to some new Nootropics. Picamilon is just about the easiest Chemical reaction in the world. From what I learned, when you mix to Amino Acids together and apply heat, they will release H20 and form what is called a “Peptide Bond”. So simply by putting GABA powder and Niacin powder in water (in equal amounts) and evaporating all the water away, you are creating “Picamilon”. This substance has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier better than regular GABA, so it has a much stronger effect on those receptors. But it's not hard to make at all. So I am going to make some of that, and then maybe get some other Amino Acids and see what happens. Usually people wouldn't “invent” new molecules and eat them, but I am following in the footsteps of Sasha Shulgin. I will get some Amino Acids sometime in the next month or 2. Oilahuasca and Marijuasca come first.

I will continue this again later with Hydrogen Bonds and stuff.

I just want to say something that might help people understand this better. And I will help people understand even more when I get into the bonds. But if you want to understand Chemistry at its most BASIC, here is a good thought exercise.

First, accept that Chemical reactions are all just Magnets figuring out what they are attracted to. Chemistry is ALL ABOUT magnets, everything is polar or non-polar, acid or base, etc. and these things are basically all just magnetic responses that chemicals have to each other.

Now, understanding that it is all about Magnets, let's make it more clear with an example. Water. H2O. If you were to take 1 Hydrogen from H2O, suddenly it would be Hydroxide which is pretty much the STRONGEST most reactive base known to man. If you add a Hydroxide material (ex: Calcium Hydroxide) to water, the Hydrogen in the water becomes charged with a negative polarity and can be used to do things like extractions or pickling. Acids are the opposite of that. their Hydrogen is positively charged and is waiting connect to some other molecule. Acids usually have lots of Oxygen ready to attach magnetically to Hydrogen, Hydroxide or Hydrocarbons. If you add an acid to water, it charges the hydrogen in the water with a positive charge, and this can be used for extractions or as cleaning agents.

And when an acid and a base come together, they form a salt. Salts are usually neutral. And water is kind of like a salt, since it is Hydrogen and Oxygen in a higher concentration that in OH (Hydroxide). It is “acidic” hydrogen mixed with “basic” oxygen. It is not actually a salt, but noticing what it is made of can help you understand the magnet concept.

Ok, so as I mentioned before, THC can be treated with Acetic Acid in order to make THC-O-Acetate which is a little stronger by weight than THC itself. This can be done with other things as well. Most people have heard of Heroine and Morphine. Heroine is the Acetate form of Morphine, some people even make it by using vinegar which is about 5% acetic acid.

If you have heard of Choline, it improves brain function and promotes the creation of “AcetylCholine” in the brain, which is the specific thing that regulates dreaming. I am not positive, but I am pretty sure that AcetylCholine is the Acetic Acid treated form of Choline.

I am pretty sure that this process can be done with other things as well, like Catnip extract or possibly things like Kava which has similar effects to Marijuana.

Now, let's look at a THC Molecule. … abinol.svg

On it are a bunch of Hydrocarbons, a Hydroxide and 2 Hydrogens. Meaning, any Oxygen, Fluorine or Nitrogen could alter it pretty completely. So I wonder if anyone has ever tried pickling their THC (adding Calcium Hydroxide aka Edible Lime to it). Or has anyone ever let Marijuana sit in a Hydrogen Peroxide solution, with maybe an Amino Acid? This could Change it completely also. Or letting it sit in some kind of Nitrogen solution. Morpholine is a Nitrogen and Oxygen, when someone adds morpholine to THC we are going to see some cool new medical applications, maybe.

Also, since Marijuana obviously forms Isomers with Acids (Sulfuric acid and Acetic acid), it might be worth testing other acids. I am pretty sure no one has ever treated THC with Tartaric acid, which is used in some medical applications. And I am almost positive it has never been treated with Malic acid, which is used in some foods and beverages, as well as occurring naturally.

THC could have all kinds of different forms that no one has even tried yet. And I am pretty sure no one has made any kind of 5-MeO-THC or anything like that yet, and from what I understand all it takes it some Methanol and something to activate the reaction in order to Methylate the THC into some X-MeO-form, unless I am mistaken.

“We are taught to think of our success in terms of numbers, aren't we? If touching one person's life is a good thing, then touching 1,000 people's lives must be a great thing. It's easy to see where we learn to think this way. Our whole society revolves around mass production. The more units we can move, the more customers we can serve, the more votes we can get, the more money and the more stuff we have the better right? Maybe it's not really so revolutionary after all to have a group of people telling everyone else what is right. Wouldn't it be better if we tried a decentralized approach? Do you have to save the world all by yourselves? Why don't you trust someone else to do it with you?” -The Sound of Animals Fighting

I was thinking about THC-O-Phosphate, since I live in Colorado and have a medical card, and I would like to see Marijuana ACTUALLY be medical. My 10 year old brother died from Brain swelling, and at one point the Drs said “we are willing to try anything” but they were not willing to try impure Cannabinoids.

When I say that what normal hash makers make is not medicine, I am not trying to insult anyone. You ARE NOT MAKING MEDICINE unless we start making hash as I learned from the book and outlined in this thread. (if this does not apply to you, ignore it). When you have a family member dying in the hospital you will thank me for posting this here for you, no one did that for me.

So, anyways. I just had to say that because someone told me that I'm talking about synthetic cannabinoids and not medicine, and that is just bullshit, that person doesn't know medicine.

Back to what I was saying. I was thinking about THC-O-Phosphate and I noticed I had some B6 on my desk, and I figured “B6 is probably an amino acid or something” so I looked it up.

If you remember, to make THC-O-Phosphate, the ingredients were Pyridine as a solvent, which has a carbon structure COVERED in Hydrogen, the other ingredient was Phosphoryl Chloride. When I looked up Vitamin B^ I found out it is Pyridoxal phosphate. And I am thinking that if you had Pyrodoxal Phosphate in a container with Hydrochloric acid, you would have the same exact conditions. I am not exactly positive what the outcome would be, but this could be an easier way to make Coma patient grade hash.

Now I want to do some wild speculation.

I think that Niacin can be used readily and regularly as an Acid. And when it is mixed with GABA to form Picamilon, it makes it where both structures survive digestion and go to the brain. So I am thinking if anyone were to make a Niacinic THC, or extract Sea Urchin Eggs and make a Niacinic Anandamide. And Anandamide is a cannabinoid that already exists in the human body (an Endocannabinoid). So, if mixing Anandamide with Niacin to make a Niacinic Anandamide, it is probably possible to get some great effects from that. And since it is endocannabinoid, the medical industry might really like it. It's just increasing the amount of what you already have in your body, it's not adding anything new.

And from what I have read, Glycine activates all kinds of receptors in the nervous system. If it were made into a Niacinic form, it could possibly be useful for things like stress and possibly even recreation.

Also, from what I am reading, there are 2 common salts made from Amino Acids. Glycine salt and Glutamine salt/Glutamic acid salt. And apparently Glutamic acids are good for making things taste better. I am not sure if they are sugary or what, but they are used in flavoring all over the world.

So we could be making salt and spices that have Psychoactive effects. And just btw, when I talk about other plants, I am not trying to get cocaine or heroine effects or anything like that. I am just looking for things that are on the same level as Coffee, but mostly not stimulants. Maybe some stimulants though.

But we could be making salts with Uziza extracts, Catnip extracts, or Valerian Root extracts and all kinds of other things, and using them in cooking.

Alright. So I have been posting stuff that I have been researching recently, but it ties to something I was researching before. About 3 months ago I was trying to think of a way to make new smells, but I didn't know specifically about “Hydrogen Bonds” and stuff. I only knew about different reactions based on specific reactions I had heard of (I heard that the stuff Ana Nicole Smith died from was made mixing Chloroform Acetone and Lye, and it made Chlorobutanol), So I studied that reaction, as well as the common reaction people have heard of that is Cocaine into Crack via baking soda. So I studied these 2 changes and found out some different things.

Acetone and structures like it (Damascone, etc) will react with Chlorofom and Lye to crate a new substance, and that substance has 3 open Chlorides, so it is ready to react with something else and create even more substances. This could be used to create TONS of smells, as I am pretty sure there are lots of smells like Damascone.

You can also mix different things with Baking soda and apply heat, this is similar to Pickling, which can be done cold with Calcium Hydroxide. And it can change things completely. Another example similar to turning Cocaine into crack using backing soda, is Turning Cane Toad Venom into something more like Bufo Alvarius venom by adding edible lime (Calcium Hydroxide).

There are different things that hit that Cannabinoid receptor, and I think that all of them could be “Pickled” or made into new structures. But the Damascone thing would be more for just smells.

Alright, one last thing for now. A few years ago I was interested in Amanita Muscaria and I wanted to know what was in it. The main thing in it is Ibotenic Acid, and it is activated into Muscimol inside the human stomach via Decarboxylation (removing Carbon and Oxygen structures).

I also read that tons of the Muscimol is urinated out, because it doesn't make it to the bloodstream. So I wanted to know what the best way to activate it would be, so that you could take the smallest amount possible, since you wouldn't have to convert it in your stomach. And I also wanted to find a way for people to have this material without having to eat the mushrooms and collect their own urine (which people do, they even drink Reindeer urine in places where this grows).

What I found was “Refluxing”. This is a lot simpler than it sounds. What Refluxing is, is boiling something for infinity. The way you do this is by boiling it, and having something cold above it, then letting it fall back down to be boiled again.

So, that is just another thing that could come in handy for people, so thought I would share it.

Tonight I am trying some Zyrtec. I took 10 mg around 10 pm, and it is 2 am and I just took another. I have not noticed any very noticeable effect from 1 Zyrtec, but people online have talked about Zyrtec induced dreams. I will take a B6 before bed also, just for good measure.

Day 26

I had a dream last night, not sure what about, but I think I was making salts for something.

Based on replies I am getting from around the internet, it seems like a lot of atheists are following along, but any time I mention the religion they don't like it. My religion is NOTHING like Christianity and it is NOTHING like Islam. Here are some Gods, not evidence of God, not works of God. These are GODS. Please prove that they don't exist:

If you REALLY don't know of any Gods, then you can go ahead and stop considering different rotations of the Earth to be “Months”, because that is all based on Mnemonic God mapping. March = Mars, June = Jupiter/Zues etc. ( am not saying that is is evidence, I am saying that these were and ARE the Gods)

And have you ever heard of a Movie? Most if not ALL movies are based on Greek and Roman Plays (which were all based on the stars in the sky, and how they interact with the sun and the Earth's rotation) The most “in your face” example of this is the movie “Prometheus”, they took the story of Prometheus, and put it in space. So when you watch a movie, you are usually watching a new interpretation of an ancient story. Even when it's just explosions. War has always been a theme, and their are different situations that happen to Mars in the sky that were interpreted by ancient actors in the sky. So without “God”, Media would get pretty boring. We would just have the news then.

And you can go ahead and stop using clocks. Because those are both based on Automatons that people made 2000 years ago (so they must be useless right?) and they are based on “Chronos” aka “The Measuring of Time” aka Chronology, Chronology MEANS “From Chronos” or “The Study of Chronos”.

And if you have ever heard of “The Scientific Method”. That comes out of what is known as “Philosophy”, which is where Demonstrations and Debate come from. Sophy in “Philosophy” comes from the Goddess “Sophie” she is the Goddess of Wisdom. When you “Philosophize” you are “Loving Sophie Actively”. And since Science only exists because of the “Philosophy of Science”, in extension, you are “Loving Sophie Actively” when you do science.

I could keep going, but these are some REAL Gods you can see on Earth or being Interpreted on Earth, if you wanted a magic man in the sky that in kinda your own problem.

The Treadmill of Atheism

I have now been watching the Atheist and Christian community (it is NOT an Atheist/Theist community, they only talk to Christians) and I just want to point something out.

Atheists don't like testing themselves. When someone like Bill Nye debates Ken Ham, they all talk like “Are we sure we should really validate Ken Ham like that?” but then when Bill Nye is not debating Ken Ham, Matt Dillahunty is debating Sye Ten and everyone else is debating G man. The way to prove these people are not worth validating is by proving them wrong, not by talking to them OVER AND OVER.

If anyone else has been watching, you have probably noticed that Atheism has not ever clearly beaten the Presup. I personally think ALL the Christian arguments fail, and I actually have rebuttals for most of them, but the Atheists have literally been on this SAME topic for almost a year. Can someone PLEASE just think of a better argument than “Well, maybe I'm in a Matrix, but that's ok” again, I don't think the Christians have good arguments, but the Atheists have failed here.

If someone like Bill Nye doesn't come and prove it wrong, it will literally have atheists yelling at their computers for eternity, then having chats afterwards to talk about how circular the eternal debate was.

If someone wants to beat the presup, all you have to do is appeal outside your own reason. Stop being so full of yourself, and accept that you are not using YOUR reasoning, but are building on the reasoning of your ancestors, using their reasoning AND your reasoning, and hearing the reasoning of other. I have literally been watching for almost a year, and no one has been able to do that.

Shit Slinging Brand Atheism

When I first noticed the Atheist community on Youtube a few months ago, I thought they were honestly the more intelligent side. I saw Bill Nye debate Ken Ham, and I thought he completely destroyed him, no one ever talks about the biggest boats we have ever made. Why would no one else use that in an argument against Noah? The boats fall apart, period.

As I watched the debates, I continued to feel as if the Atheists were smarter. But when you watch 2 people like Max Mills and Nick Duncan debate, you can see that there are obviously still some smart people that believe in God (and in case atheists don't know, not all religions require a creator).

But then I noticed something. “Atheism” has simply attached itself to “science”. They are not smarter, in fact, many of them are “Shit Slingers”. they will literally just say things like “Any tradition from before Jesus was just there because they had no better answer for it”, not realizing that Doctors today STILL say the Hippocratic oath. This made it clear to me that Atheism and Science are actually opposed to each other.

Atheists don't like History. If you were to talk to a family in Britain, I am pretty damn sure they would know about the Royal family and the history thereof, and if you went to Vietnam they would probably have a pretty good idea of their heritage.

But because these Atheists are in America (and I have noticed a lot from Australia), they have the mentality that “That is ancient history”, having no idea that history is how we got here.

They can accept Cosmology, and think that because they accept that, somehow they are “Science”. But Science is far bigger than the realms of the atheist argument. Which has currently devolved to shit slinging. Can someone at least mold their shit into a nice statuette before slinging the next steaming heap?

I want to point something out to everyone, you are (a lot of you) reading Lab Results wrong.

When Marijuana or any other plant is tested, they don't test the plant, they test the extraction/essential oil. So when it says “25% THC” they are not referring to the plant, they are referring to the “Cannabinoid Profile” and when they say “6% Pinene” they are talking about the terpinoid profile.

This means that 25% out of 100% of Cannabinoids, are THC, not that your bud is 25% THC by weight. And the Terpenes have 6% Pinene, not that your bud is made up of 6% Pinene.

Day 27

I just ordered a plant that is going to probably be on EVERY head shop shelf sometime in the next 5 years. It hits the CB1 receptor, and it is not Marijuana or Kava, but it can be used with Kava. And it has similar effects to Marijuana, they have been using it in West African Cuisine forever. They actually say it makes people happy and stimulates appetite… So, basically it gets you high. Lol

This plant contains Caryophyllene, even though some people say that it can only be found in Marijuana. And since it works like Marijuana, people could use it medically or recreationally in states where Marijuana is not legal, since this plant is. I am pretty sure it doesn't show up on a drug test, and again it can be mixed with Kava, so it could probably get to be super similar to marijuana if you did it right.

If you have a Nigerian store you can ask for some, I will tell everyone what they are when I get them. But for real, these are probably going to be at every headshop in America over the next few years. I can't believe that this has been hidden just because this spice has not been popular outside of Nigeria since the middle ages.

Why Atheism is Failing

Yesterday I posted an argument for the Atheists, as I said, I think the Christians are the ones with the worst arguments here, but the Atheists should be able to smack them down no problem. So since I want to see all of this move forward, I am going to present you with some arguments to beat the Christians.


1. The same as yesterday, appeal outside your own reasoning by appealing to the reasoning of other people and the work of people before you.

2. Pick an absolute. Like Lobsters, ask the Christian “Why are Lobsters Illegal to over fish in Florida, why did God make it that way” They will most likely respond confused, then you tell them that it is for conservation purposes to make sure lobsters exist in the future. Then you proceed from there asking them why God did different things with Lobsters, and at this point, they are no longer in the presup argument.


Pascal's Wager

This one only needs 1.

1. The Christians say “Well, what if God is real, it's better to believe than to not, just in case. And if it's not true, I believed something for no reason and who cares?” the way you respond to this is by saying that is the religions of Abraham one day aren't the most popular, people could hunt down all the circumcised people and kill them, and you don't want to put your descendants through that, so might as well not be Abrahamic.



1. The Christian says that “no one has ever seen change over time, and we will not live long enough to ourselves”. SHOW THEM FOSSILS. Look up “Whale Wolf Transition Fossil” and I am sure you will find something you can point to and show “This used to live on land, now it is in the water.” Then show them the Fossil Record of Humans and things that we passed down like fire and dream herbs, so that they can see that these people existed in a timeline and not at the same time. 2. The Christians say “The Bible has a table of lineage, and it tells me that from Adam to Jesus there were only enough Generations for approximately 6,000 years”. All the Atheist has to do is look up “Syro-Palestinian Archaeology” and show them things like Jericho 10,000 vs 6,000 BC and Bethlehem and all that.

3. The Christian says “There is no mechanism for Evolution”. Ask them how they would prepare to go to Alaska, then ask them how they would prepare to go to Mexico. Then ask them if they think they had kids that grew up in there, if they think that kid might have kids with people there. Then ask if they think those kids will be different from the other kids there, and if they are different from the kids in the original country, There is your mechanism.



You guys seem to have forgotten this one, but you always had an argument for it. When they say “The universe had a beginning, therefor a creator” you say “What if the Flying Spaghetti Monster?”. That is WHY he was invented.

So I posted the Atheist Treadmill thing, and on a forum an Atheist kinda got angry with me. Then he realized I was not arguing for Christianity, so he paused for a moment and was talking casually about the Matt Dillahunty, Sye Ten debate with me. I told him that I don't think Sye Ten has a single brain cell in his head, but Matt Dillahinty still got caught in the presup, so it wasn't a clear win.

Then he said he would debate me, and I went ahead and sent something to him, because I am pretty sure a video debate would just devolve into insults since he is defending himself against the things I said, and I only ever said anything about “Shit Slinging Atheists” so he must feel like that fits him, or he would not have tried to defend against it. Everyone knows there are atheists that don't know what they are talking about that just hate religion, they are shit slingers. You don't have to identify with them if you are Atheist, they are just a group of people that don't understand what they are fighting.

But anyways.

I send him the thing explaining my Gods, and instead of being able to prove me wrong he retreats to “Those are lower case gods, not God”. And I told him that things change over time, for example, “Atheos” was the original word for “Atheist”, and it referred to people who did not believe in the popular Gods like Zeus. So in Greek times, this was a reference to Jews and Christians, because the Greeks worshiped the planets. They called Jupiter “Zeus” and they called History“Clio” and they called tutors “Mentor”, We still use the word “Mentor” today to explain how someone is embodying the spirit of helping us learn.

So I tell him this, and he gets all twisted, saying that “Atheists can't have Gods” and I had to explain to him that the only reason I was putting it in historical context, was because he was saying that Gods can only be “All Powerful, All Knowing sky men”.

And I tried to tell him that I was not trying to say that modern Christians are Atheists, I was saying that the word Atheist comes from Atheos which came from Christians, who worshiped a man. Not Gods like the Greeks. So the Greeks called them “Atheos”.

Then he told me I had not told him what my God was, and never gave him a definition. So I explained to him how the seasons move with the planets and the plants are planted and harvested based on those changes. Ancient people called those Gods, and I am calling them Gods.

Then I told him to stop being a Christian, because only Christians, Jews and Muslims think God is an all powerful all knowing being. And most of the world lives in China and India, so MOST OF THE WORLD doesn't even agree with the idea of the Christian God.

And he won't give it up. He says he is Atheist, but he will only accept an all powerful, all knowing sky daddy. Doesn't that make you Christian?

How to Find Your God (Or Realize You Already Had It)

A lot of people like the idea that “I didn't find God, he found me” and that is real poetic in the moment, but over the long term, your God owns you. Your God wants you worshiping him, and when you die he wants you worshiping some more, but you have to like it more.

I would like to let everyone know, God is not meant to find you, you are meant to find your God, and here is how.

Do you have a “Season” that is best for you? (I know some girls talk like that)

Do you have a favorite Sport? (Since Olympic competition and before, sports have been religion rituals)

Do you have a favorite Plant? (Maybe Marijuana, Coffee or Ayahuasca)

Do you have a “Nemesis”?

All of these things are a form of “God”, Gods are usually just things that interact naturally. Such as, the Earth and Mars. They interact with each other by having patterns they follow around the sun, and they spin so that certain parts of each planet can only see the other planet at certain times.

The same way Mars and Earth interact (Mars was a God in he Ogdoad, and Terra was Earth), you interact with these things in your life. Seasons effect you, Sports effect you, Plants effect you and your Nemesis effect you. And not everyone is effected by all these things (I know I don't have a Nemesis, unless someone hasn't told me something) but even if you are not effected by these things, society is. And that is a whole other aspect of the Gods outside of yourself. They are here if you accept them or not, and they are not magic people in the sky. But we can make statues to represent them if you really want a magic man.

Day 28

The “Fallacy Fallacy” AKA Argument from Fallacy

Just because someone has committed a Fallacy, does not mean they are wrong. It means that a Fallacy has been committed.

If you have heard of “Semantic Trolling” Where someone says “You spelled a word wrong, so you're wrong” that is “Semantic Trolling”. The Argument from Fallacy is similar, just because you have spotted a Fallacy, does not mean that the statements the Fallacy was meant to defend are themselves invalid. It just means there is a Fallacy.

Have you ever wondered why medicine and law are called “Practices”?

Not many things are called “Practices”. Usually when it comes to a job, you only practice when you aren't really working. The practice is for before the work, right?

Well, not in Law and Medicine. You may have noticed something strange about Law and Medicine that you don't see in many other professions. They use ancient symbols for their “Craft”. Doctors have the symbol of Mercury, with the staff and the snake and the wings, while Lawyers have Justice AKA Ma'at, the woman with the sword and a scale, wearing a blindfold.

The reason these ancient Symbols are there, and the reason Medicine and Law are called “Practices” is because they started as religions.

Our modern Hospitals originate in Ancient Greece, where Western Medicine was started as well. A man name “Hippocrates” started it after reading about the life of Imhotep/Aesculapius and being educated. Doctors in 2014 (or 2015 if you are reading this later) STILL say the Hippocratic Oath. Doctors are simply passing down the traditions that were started by Imhotep and Hippocrates (Surgery and Medicine). While Lawyers, Judges, etc are keeping society's “Codes”.

We have all heard of the child King of Ancient Egypt “King Tut”, but why is he remembered? Is it just because he was a child king? That is definitely not the reason.

Akhenaten was KingTut's dad, and he was Pharaoh before King Tut. He decided that he was God, so he renamed himself “Amenhotep” (Amen is an Ancient Egyptian God, weird that Christians say his name at the end of their prayers). And after changing his name, he had all of the scribes go around Egypt covering up the names of different Gods and changing them to “Aten”, who was another God. So he made it where they only Worshiped one God, then he told everyone that HE was that God. In later Egyptian records, historians referred to him as “The Enemy” even though they were from the same Kingdom as him.

King Tut came after his father and restored the Ogdoad. Basically, restored Science to Ancient Egypt. When Egyptians worshiped the Nile they were using “Nileometers” to measure the height of the waters, then doing pretty amazing math to figure out what the volume of the river would be during flood season, and then digging ditches to move the Nile.

When they worshiped the Sun, they were making walls that worked as fake Horizons, so they could make marks on the top of the wall and see how the sun was moving across the sky slowly throughout the year.

The “Ogdoad” and the Temples of the Major Gods simply represent different “Sciences” or “Arts”, and religions like Christianity (Monotheism) has ALWAYS been the “Enemy”.

Entire Garden Update

Everyone likes to think of Hannibal Barca (Not Hannibal the Cannibal) as the worst person in History, but this was simply the way Rome painted him, it is not the truth. Hannibal was responding to the Empirical War Machine known as Rome, who his dad had spent and given his life to keep out of Africa. So he wasn't going to let Rome into Africa, that doesn't mean he was the bad guy in the situation. And even more-so since Rome broke their own treaty to defend a small ally town Hannibal was attacking on his side of the river.

But the Gisgo quote is probably the most amazing quote in the whole story of the life of Hannibal Barca. The setting was Hannibal in charge of 50,000 troops from different nations. Africans, Spaniards & French people who had never seen anyone defeat a Roman force until they met Hannibal.

Rome has 90,000 soldiers, who were all better armed, better armored, better trained, less diverse nationally and supposedly with better leadership.

Gisgo was one of Hannibal's officers and he came to him and said:

“They have many more men than us, we will not win today”

Hannibal replied:

“It seems something has escaped you. In all their vast numbers, there is not one of them named Gisgo”.

That day 50,000 men killed 70,000 men and sent the other 20,000 (survivors) out of 90,000 running. And at that time the phrase was coined “Hannibal is at the gates” which businessmen still say today (or did until like the 80s if they don't now) when they have a client who is particularly difficult to deal with.

What Atheism Meant To Me When I Was Atheist, And What I See Now

I am not an Atheist anymore, but I was in high-school. I had a friend who was Agnostic and I had never even really heard of that before. I was going to Church confirmation class and I asked “Do Jews go to Hell?” and the church lady wouldn't answer, so I was just like “Why am I Christian?”

So I became atheist. And to me it meant that I was looking for the “Right God” I was not part of any faith, I was just on the outside looking through all of them, seeing if I could accidentally find a God.

Then I found Shiva and I realized that I am like Rudra. Then I found out that Ancient Egyptian God Temples were really just science classrooms. so it really made no sense to me to be Atheist, unless we are talking about a Magic Man in the sky.

I don't feel like there are any Atheist left who want to know if God exists. They all went through confirmation class or whatever and now they think they know everything about everything. What is that? Can't they just say “I don't know” every once in a while? It is a fine answer.

How Debates Used To (And Do) Work

Atheists and Christians like to go into a Google hangout with 9 other people, shit talk and talk over each other, then later call that a “Debate”. I would like to let everyone know, that is an argument. Nothing more.

In the 60s, Malcolm X would go out on stages in from of other Muslims and he would talk about the difference between white and black people in the 60s. And it started a lot of problems, because there were a lot of racists, so what did they do? They found someone to debate Malcolm and they put him on PBS with a moderator.

THAT is a debate. Not where one person decides they want to stomp on another person, so they find some people to fund them arguing some asshole on stage. Debates are meant to be like “Let's figure out whose right, because some of us aren't sure” THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT.

How Debates Used To (And Do) Work pt 2

Over 2,300 years ago (around 300-400 BC) Rome was at war with Carthage (in Africa). The way we usually think about history, we think that these two nations must have not really known each other and they must have been after resources. Not true.

Scipio (leader of the Roman forces) and Hannibal (leader of the Carthaginian forces) met to have a debate after the war. Remember, this is 2,300+ years ago, and these guys were able to do this.

They met somewhere in the middle and they literally debated. Scipio asked Hannibal, “Who is the greatest general in history”. Hannibal said “Alexander of Macedonia” and Scipio agreed. Then Scipio asked who the second greatest was, Hannibal said “Pyyrhus of Epirus” because boldness is what qualified a general for Hannibal. Then Scipio asked Hannibal who he named third, and he named himself., because he crossed the Alps faster than anyone, surprised the Roman army and had killed a large portion of the Roman army before putting Italy under Martial Law where he was basically a Batman king, saving people and living in mansions.

Scipio asked where Hannibal would have ranked himself if he had not been beaten by Scipio, he said “In that case I should have put myself before Alexander”. And Scipio felt good about that because he beat someone who claims to be the superior of Alexander.

I am not saying this is the best debate or the best outcome, but it's a real debate. An Atheists going in to “argue” with a Creationist, is not a debate. That is an Atheist arguing with a Creationist. You need a more specific topic, and usually a question. Then some form of demonstration, by hand or by words.

Day 29

Ways Laws Are Made: Common Law

We have all heard of the Civil Rights Movement, and we all know how this works. We just all haven't ever had it explained to us completely. So if you have never heard this before, here it is.

One way Laws are made is in court. When a judge or jury makes a decision it become the “Law of the Land”. This is how segregation ended in schools. Brown VS The Board of Education, the judge made a ruling it was the law of the land.

If you had a wolf, and your town had never seen a wolf in public, you might get a ticket. If you go to court, whatever the judge decides is the new wolf law. This is common law.

And a city judge makes city law. A County Judge makes county law, a State Supreme Court Judge makes State law, and a Federal Supreme Court Judge makes Federal Law. And these are called “The Law of the Land” when people talk about them.

Some mechanisms for evolution (And How Humans Could Evolve NOW)

There are women in Africa who don't get AIDS, as far as scientists can tell their DNA is scarred due to ancient AIDS outbreaks. This is 1 form of evolution via Epigenetics. This could happen on some scale with Ebola, could be a tribe could be the planet, who knows. But this is one mechanism for evolution and some Humans could be being pushed to evolve now.

DNA study

Case study … s.features

Environmental Changes, different environments call for different traits. And people like to think of this kind of evolution as “An Organism Evolved with the Right Traits”. But that is not how this works. When the Environment changes, it favors mutants. For example, the rabbits with the mutant gene to grow a layer of white fur during winter will get hunted less in the snow and all the other rabbits die, so they do not pass on the “flaw”. In the past things would happen like floods, and there is a theory that Humans split from Chimps by crossing a river, because Chimps are not prone to swimming like Humans and Bonobos. And Bonobos are considered to be our closest Relative.

Intergenetic Hybrids.

The Tribes in Papau New Guinea have Denisovan DNA mixed with Homosapien DNA, meaning their genetic go further back than Neanderthals. If someone gets a Denisovan and Native American to fall in love, we will have some evolution starting.

The people in Papau are still living there today

New Predators can also change a species or genus. This is also something people like to think “The best animal evolves the best traits and wins” but that is wrong again. The thing that survives new predators is the right mutant. If you are a lizard and you live in a forest that has no leaves most of the year, then you are lucky if your the lizard that mutated to never be green. It's not something you would have thought was “better” if you were choosing at the womb, but it turns out you win.

I wrote this probably a year ago now.

Then I was on Think Free Indiana here, where I talked about Dung Beetles.

Then in September Wired STOLE MY SHIT, and didn't give me credit. But that's fine.

I used this to figure it out, and I just used Wikipedia to figure it out. So I am not asking for any kind of compensation, just pointing it out.

So anyways here is the point.

The Dung Beetle uses the stars, the Moon and the Sun to navigate. Wired acted like Egyptians misinterpreted this and called the Beetle a God, but in reality Wired Magazine Misinterpreted it, not the Egyptians.

Here is Nabta Playa, which is estimated to be the oldest star-map in the world. Located in the South Egypt/Ethiopia area. No one knows how it was made, but it is easy to imagine that if a beetle was rolling a dung ball in the sand following the stars, it would probably draw the sky for you in the sand.

This would have been a jump start in humans reading the sky, and pretty soon they would have seen the planets moving in the sky similarly to the moon and the sun, but in a MUCH different way. They illustrated this in Egypt via “The Solar Boat” with the Beetle and the Planets moving across the sky. And if you know what the “Ogdoad” is, the Egyptian Gods were really just planets. They knew when a certain planet came on the horizon it was time to plant or harvest, or whatever. Google “Ogdoad Solar Boat”.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is on the Joe Rogan Podcast and she just opened up some new Oilahuasca stuff.

I read before that Turmeric was an inducer AND a inhibitor depending on how long it was since you ate it, so I did not add it to the oilahuasca list. But from what she is saying, if you take Turmeric after Oilahuasca, it will bring your Enzymes back to normal.

And whole black pepper. When you make tea with it and filter out the solids you are removing piperine to make sure it doesn't mess with the Oilahuasca, but AFTER Oilahuasca you could TOTALLY eat it and get your system back to normal.

Random, she also just mentioned that if you are low on Tryptophan you can get angry. So everyone should do what I do regularly, since I smoke a lot, I don't like to waste my Marijuana. But sometimes I am bored, so I end up communing with Shiva more than usual. So to keep from “Smoking myself sober” and to just make sure dreaming and stuff is good, I take 5-HTP. It makes you not smoke yourself sober.

And, I have never had a headache in my life and I have been smoking weed since I was 14. I thought I had one once, but then I told someone about it and they yelled at me and told me that that is not a headache headaches are worse. And even when I was in juvy the guards say I am their “favorite stoner” even though I was sober, I still laughed at jokes, even if they weren't funny. So all the guards loved that, because they have corny jokes.

Another random thing,

She said that there are parents out there that don't hug their kids and stuff and the kids produce less oxytocin. I have posted about this before, NO ON OUT THERE is testing oxytocin levels. EVERYONE should make sure they have Oxytocin on the regular, in case your family has less than regular people. And it's just good to have extra in your brain.

How Humans Learned To Farm

Obviously once Humans had the Ogdoad it was easy to farm, using the planets to figure out when to plant and harvest. But humans were farming something before that, we didn't start farming around 2000 BC, it was more like 10000 BC.

Humans got where we are by watching cycles. The planets, the stars, the seasons, the civilizations. And farming started the same way. You have probably heard of a “Fig”, and you have probably even heard of the Fig in relation to religion pretty often. Well, there is a bug called the “Fig Wasp” and the Fig wasps life cycle is tied to the Fig Tree.

Figs are one of few trees that NEEDS an animal or bug to pollinate it, which is where the Fig Wasp and Farming comes in. If the Fig Wasp and other pollinators like Bees did not exist, Figs would die out. And ancient humans would have seen the fig wasp, laying eggs (human food), eating figs (human food) and basically using the Fig tree to live out its entire life, just going from tree to tree and flower to flower to make sure the fruits came. Voila, Farming, Circa 10,000 BC-ish

Day 30

I am just thinking of all kinds of random stuff now. Please skip if you don't want to read. Dreaming Journal will be back sometime between 2 and 4 weeks.

When I was 16 I got out of Juvy and my probation officer really didn't like me because I told him I was hanging out with people eating skittles, and he seemed to think that that was code for something, but we usually just ate skittles and stuff. Not with like cough syrup, just skittles. And he got the judge to make me go to a psychologist, and the psychologist suggested that I was not being challenged in highschool and that that was why I ran away (but I ran away because I was on probation and wasn't allowed to smoke, and it was my religion, which I told my probation officer all the time and all the way to the cell, but I had some SHIT Public Lawyers).

But anyways, they put me in college at 16, and I found someone else to give me a ride so I could run away again. And they put me in juvy again. This was 1 year before I became a registered minister, so all I had was the Rig Veda to prove my faith then. But the continued to arrest me until I moved to Colorado.

Just thought I would share that semi-funny story. But since this happened I have done tons more legal research as well as medical research based on my religion. So if anyone needs help with their religious defense in America, let us know, I am not suggesting anyone outside of our Ministry do it because I don't know your doctrine or when it started if it is not Kemetic or Hindu or any Ancient to modern Polytheism established before 1975.

Also maybe helpful for people too.

There are Synthetic Cannabinoids and people like Sasha Shulgin who invented TONS of Phenethylamines and Tryptamines (read the books Pihkal and Tihkal) that are 100% legal to buy, sell, trade and give away. You just can't sell or give it to someone and say “This can get you high”, that is illegal.

There is the Church of Neuroscience in Louisiana and they can ship MXE (ketamine relative) and Etizolam (Xanax relative) around the country to regular people, and The Temple of Light in New York uses DPT which is a relative to DMT. So some of those things are already being used as a spiritual guide legally already.

Just wanted to point this stuff out.

Designer Drugs & Designer Smells

Currently, the perfume world is still kind of in the Middle Ages. They make “Concrete” or hash from the plant material, then they make Absolute. And this is a good process, this is how they purify things for medical use as well. If you wanted to make it even purer (like Walter White perfume) you could Isomerize it or do some Chromographic methods to get specific alkaloids or whatever you wanted.

But this is would be arbitrary, and would only bring perfume into the modern medical grade.

The way Perfume can be brought in to the FUTURE would be to make “Designer Smells” and not in the way they make smells today by mixing different absolutes, but to make NEW smells.

Here is how that would work, you could add Amino Acids to the smells, along with Baking Soda or Calcium Hydroxide. And that is just the beginning, there are ALL KINDS of different things that can be done, for example, tons of smells could be “methylated” by using methanol and an activator.

And I invented a new Smell already, but I do not have the materials to make any new smells yet. This molecule opens up the way for TONS of new Molecules. The main molecule that is in the smell of Roses is “b-Damascone”, and when I was younger I heard that Anna Nicole Smith died from some drug that was like in between Xanax and Alcohol, a old school “Barbiturate” that bikers and stuff used to take. I have always been in to chemistry so I learned how it was made and it was simple, you just add Acetone and Chloroform together in the presence of Lye, and Chlorobutanol is made. This is what Anna Nicole Smith died from because she was eating it or drinking it.

But anyways. The Damascoen cane replace the Acetone, it is the same class of molecule, and then in the presence of Chloroform and Lye it would become a BRAND NEW MOLECULE with 3 open Chloride structures, which leaves the way for TONS of new things to be added.

This is only one molecule, I could make at least 10-30 new structures with Damascone if not more, and then with all the other smells I could make THOUSANDS of new smells. And so could anyone else.

Random reply to someone that I thought other people might want to read: There are still ancient (from Egypt to George Washington to today) things that are part of the court system and part of what we do. Even if the politicians don't recognize it. For example, the Mayor and Governor in the Ferguson protests actually broke the law and could be sued for their jobs if someone there would do some research. There are supreme court cases that ruled that “No one should make Peace statutes to stop riots, because it will start riots”. So really Ferguson happened because no one is looking at old cases and lawyers will only do it for money.

How Ads Help Youtubers and Bloggers

A lot of people know this already, but there are also a lot of people who do not know this. Those ads that pop up in the Youtube videos you watch and on the blogs you read, they are not random. They are there to help the person who made the video or blog. When you make a video or blog, and allow adsense to put ads on it, you earn a few pennies every time someone clicks on the ads.

I think when someone watches an add all the way through you also get a small amount, but the main amount is for clicks I know that.

So if you want to help your favorite youtubers and bloggers, don't ignore those ads all the time. Click one every once in a while.

And if YOU want to start having videos with ads, you just need a Youtube channel with a few hundred views and you can join the partner program.

Day 31

Here are some more random things that have to do with law, this IS NOT ADMIRALTY LAW or related to it

Color of Law: Different situations and people have different laws, for example, when you are in a car you have a different set of laws than people who are walking. And police like to pretend that they have less restrictions than us, but this is not true. Police have to follow laws just like everyone else, plus their Oath and the Color of Law that is applied when someone puts on a badge. I am not just some random “anti-cop”, my reasoning behind sharing this is because police have violated my rights over and over.

Jurisdiction: An example of different “Jurisdictions” would be one State next to another State, those are 2 different Jurisdictions. Or an Indian Reservation next to a county in Arizona, those are 2 different jurisdictions. In America, the Churches have followed the pattern of Roman Catholic church, and they use Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. This is how they conduct the witch hunts. If Texas was not ran my the “Moral Majority” aka “The Church” they judges in the state would not be ignoring claims of religion outside of Christianity.

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