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LSD was first synthesized by Alexander Hoffman on November 16, 1938. But he did not realize what it was until he resynthesized it on April 16, 1943. He accidentally absorbed it through his finger tips, and took the famous bike ride.


I was 18 and had skipped out on probation and was staying with some friends in another county. They said “Do you want to trip acid tonight?” and I said “I don't have any money” and they said “That's not what we asked”. So I said yes and they went a few towns over and came back with marshmallows cut in half and with what looked like a brown liquid soaked into them.

We each ate one and started watching the Wizard of Oz and blazing. It was insane. I can't even describe what happened at this point really except to say “My brain turned to soup”. Shit was crazy moving like mushrooms but MUCH more intense and it was similar to 2cI in that it made me feel like my neuro receptors were getting a fireworks show, but like 5-10x 2cI. At one point I SWEAR to god I saw the Scarecrow had a gun, and when I said “Is the scarecrow holding a gun?” one of the people I was tripping with said “Yeah”. So I believed it, but I don't think he really had a gun.

We blazed a little longer and chilled, then the people I was staying with went to bed (they were a couple so probably to go fuck).

I turned on Netflix and started watching random shit. Eventually I turned on a Futurama movie, and watch like ALL of those for the rest of the night. And that was my REAL trip. While on LSD I realized that the guy that made Futurama (Matt Groeing) is trying to point out some CRAZY shit with that show. Fry is the average American (or supposed to be), and gets sent into the Future (where we expect problems to be solved by then). And he takes problems from today that we don't have solutions for, and puts them in a “Future” scenario with that problem. Then they SOLVE the problem with “future stuff”. Like the scientist will invent something, or they realize something, and sometimes FRY even has the answer because the future forgot some things about the past and can't put it all together. But it's basically like “This is the problem, and we solve it with blah-blah-blah” but what he's doing is HOPING that someone with figure out the BLAH-BLAH-BLAH and solve the problems we are ACTUALLY having today.

Another thing he does, is try to show people that you either “get shit done” or “have a baby”. In his movies there's always some theme, like “We HAVE to get this done.” and in the end the “answer” is either child birth or metaphors for it, or sex or metaphors for it. So basically it's saying you can TRY to focus on other stuff, but most people just end up starting a family at a young age and dropping everything.

But that shit was crazy. The next morning I still felt out of it and we played Oblivion for a while, then blazed and eventually felt normal.

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