Low Level PvP in Rift

One of my favorite ways to level up characters in Rift is through PvP. I just love it. It allows me to compete against others directly, while still earning gold and leveling up my characters. Since PvP in Rift starts at level 10 (because I am dealing with the Warfronts, rather than just open world PvP), that is when I start. Low level PvP, however, does definitely come with its annoyances. Through this article I will be taking a look at this and why they are so annoying.

Gear... Sucks

There is really no other way to state this. The gear you have at low levels flat out sucks. Most of the game is focused on the end levels, so lower level gear is more of a transition. The gear you get will be outleveled fast, so there is really nothing that is worth farming, nor anything that you could farm even if you wanted to. Of course this is cleared up as you get closer and closer to the end game and maximum levels, but that takes a while and a lot of PvP (if this is your main method of trying to level up).

Skills... Lack

This is really a lot like the gear situation. At low levels, there are not very many skills you can learn and choose from. You have what could be considered as a very basic set, and they are also transition skills; they are much different than what you will get during the end game, but they are great for teaching how to play the game. Past this, however, the major lack of different skills to use really limits your ability to separate yourself from others of the same class. Instead of having tons of builds with hundreds of skills, you are put in to a small sub section that makes you a pretty much clone of others that are using similar builds.

The Damage

This is something we can expect. Since the tiers put players of different blocks together, you can expect to be overpowered at 19 and underpowered at 10. This is simply because of the massive level difference. There is some bolstering (or boosting up in level and stats), but it is not accurate enough that a level 19 and a level 10 will be competitive to one another. In fact, that level 19 has a lot more skills, giving them an even bigger advantage.

This is something that you start to get used to, though. It lasts all the way up until you get to level 60. Anything prior to this will have you playing against people who are higher level and of greater power, except for at the top of each bracket (such as 19, 29, 39, etc.). And in these cases, you are the overdog instead of the underdog.


Until you get to end game, the rewards are pretty bad, but this is because it is comparable to what you would be getting if you were out in the world doing quests and killing mobs. As such, it is nothing abnormal, and it is just something you have to deal with. The only real issue here is that your rewards are so low that if you are planning to try and build up Favor or something, you might as well just wait until later levels; there is no reason to waste the time when you are barely getting anything. The only real purposes of the low level PvP is for experience, a small amount of gold, achievements and fun. Past this, you are better off working on leveling up first.


Low level PvP can be a fun time, but you also have to accept the fact that you are rarely ever going to have an advantage. For the most part, you are actually at a disadvantage to the other players, and you just have to learn to deal with it. If you are wanting to level up through the warfront system instead of questing and killing mobs, that is perfectly fine. You just have to realize that the warfronts are more for leveling up at the lower levels than rewards or anything else.

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