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Lloytron B7501bk Wireless Mains Plug-In Door Chime

The present world is really fortunate these days because there are a lot of innovative developments available that deal with common every day issues. An example is that of guests grumbling and complaining on long time spent knocking on doors, which have been resolved with the design of wireless door chimes or wi-fi entrance chimes.

It is indeed pleasing to have these high quality wireless door chimes because you do not have to delay your visitors nowadays. The best aspect about door chimes which are wireless is that it does not damage the look of your home for there are no wirings required. Lloytron are pioneers in the wireless door chime space and have come up with many innovations in this space.

A Quick Take

Protection, strength and a long life - this is what is provided by wireless doorbell and chime techniques from Lloytron. Wireless chimes from lloytron employ radio waves instead of cables and wires, to connect the bell and switch, making them an innovative, secure and easy system.

Here’s a review of the Lloytron B7501BK Wireless Mains Plug-In Door Chime, a quality product from a trusted brand. Lloytron have added many feature sets and some great touches to provide great value for the customers. This is bound to be a good acquisition for the household and the reasons are below.

Product Description

The Lloytron B7501BK Wireless Mains Plug-In Door Chime comes with 32 Selectable Melodies and a Flashing strobe. The chime has 100m Range of Variable volume controls well as a Replay function .The bell is IP44 waterproof and its operation typically requires a 1 x A23 battery which is included in the box.


This chime has a simple set up and is easy to install and operate, in most situations not even necessitating a screw driver or any other device to fit. With it being a plug-in 13 amp device it can be used anywhere in your home and has volume levels which are adjustable (quiet to loud) and the wide range of chime melodies are audible and clear under most circumstances.

Product Regulatory Compliance

The Lloytron B7501BK Wireless Mains Plug-In Door Chime is according to BS-EN 300220-1 conformance and complies with EMC rules. It is also RoHS Compliant to ensure no hazardous substances are in contact with the customers using the product.

Ease Of Installation And Possible Additions

Burglar Notification/ intruder alert Ability can quickly be included to your Lloytron B7501BK Wireless Mains Plug-In Door Chime through the inclusion of an Indicator which when triggered will lead to your Chime Program to sound off and Vision or visual symbol to light up. Your Lloytron B7501BK Wireless can also come with an intercom. It will be useful if you have a lot of steps to get to the doorbell. It allows you to know who is at the entrance, without having to open the door.

This intercom is an extra protection feature that will help you keep your close relatives protected. By including a Spectra Device and PIR (L420N) you can further ensure that the chime system includes external activation for floodlights.

This added facility is useful when the customer is looking for a secure chime system. The Lloytron B7501BK Wireless Mains Plug-In Door Chime is flexible and portable with ease of set up. Fit batteries into the Door Bell Push and both the Chime Unit. Position the Bell Push and Chime Unit convenient location. The easy to use manual can then be followed to install and operate your Lloytron B7501BK Wireless Mains Plug-In Door. Setting up the Lloytron chime is as easy as hanging a picture to your wall. Just follow the steps to a better life.

Final Words

While wired door chimes are cheaper and more available, with technology advancement and the need to use lesser wires and cables to make the household more attractive has led to the use of wireless door chimes.

Lloytron B7501BK Wireless Mains Plug-In Door is a right step in that direction. So, if you are looking for a door chime that is efficient, looks good on your walls and provides multiple uses, this product should be your choice. Order one now and enjoy the myriad benefits. With a number of chime options, you can have different music in your home every time you have a visitor.

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