Living Armageddon

Day one. July 12 2013 I'm not sure how to start.. I'm not sure what to say.. But if anyone happens to find this, let me tell you, it's not what we expected. If the information about who, what, where, when, why, and how America and/or the world got to where it is today. This is where you'll find it. America was build on freedom, the right to natural human laws. What we failed to see was what they distracted us from through unnecessary technology. The way we received the land and the way we got to where we are today, completely contradicts what “Americans” stand for. It was through pure hatred and brute force, (meaning the British rebels [americans] had guns that were unmatchable to any Indian weapon at the time.) If we look into the interpretation of history that Americans go by, Americans were no better than the medieval cultures they teach their society about. Barbarians would roam the lands in search of treasures, goods, women, and slaves. When they found what they were looking for, they would brutally kill anyone or smash anything that stood in their way. Americans took “The Original 13 Colones” from the people that were here before us. They massacred whole cities. Raped innocent women, enslaved innocent people to do their work. Sounds a lot like we are back in the dark ages, huh? Now fast forward to past the point in history where we had fought, gone to war, had our people killed, killed others, all to call a piece of mother earths skin “ours” Now America has all 50 states, at the time the year is…

  • Will be continued**

Day two. July 13 2013

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