Little Dreamer

Hold tight little dreamer 
The shores of Sea are almost calm 
Do not fear those that trust 
Await the warmth of dawn 

Cookie crumbs of life 
Form a trail of memories 
Follow them and you might see 
What it is that you have been missing 

Hold tight little dreamer 
For your quest has just begun 
Upon the twelfth hour you will feel 
Hope and faith have sung 

And do not demise 
For the travels are not so bad 
Bring with you knowledge 
And you will envision what you have longed to see 

Hold tight little dreamer 
Dancers will play with your tears 
Wash it all away child 
Wash away all your fears 

It is in the mourn you may find 
That not all of us hide 
Those parts of you are with us 
That we all are alike 

Hold tight little dreamer 
Sweet fragrance of porcelain 
Do not take away the moments 
And converse into a simpleton 

Small footsteps you imprint 
Do not falter so quickly 
We are here, always 
Wathcing, waiting, seeing 

Hold tight little dreamer 
For it won’t be long 
Until one day you won’t be able 
To sing your sad song 


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