I have been on linkedin for the past few days and I had no idea that so many people were on here. There are executive of Monster, Coca Cola and every company you can think of. As well as people in basically every position of every company. And you can connect to as many people as you want, instead of like Facebook where random people ask random people to be friends, you can only ask people that are friends with your friends. There is no wall to deal with and everything is business related.

Crypto coiners need to get on there. Label yourself as a crypto trader or as the president of your crypto company so that people start recognizing crypto and wanting to know more. If they start seeing the executives, owners and presidents of different companies becoming networked with the people around them, maybe they will think about integrating the service into their companies services.

I've only been on for like 3 days and I have almost 500 connections already. If we had 50 coiners with 500 connections, we could get major companies to put bitcoin ATMs at their locations or even start accepting bitcoins. I do not see why there is any reason we should not do this. I am going to keep spreading my network wider and wider and keep sending private messages to people that run companies all over the country and I think soon even my work alone will have a positive effect, then when we see more coiners get on board we will see major major changes in multiple industries all over the world.


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