LIBERTIE SERIES LECTURE 1- The Reality of Time Travel

This article is dedicated to explaining the real esoteric meaning of the word or term time travel. Yes, time travel. I've always been an avid fan of science fiction literature and television, one of my all time favourites being the British classic, Dr. Who. As a young boy the concepts of time travel always held for me the most outstanding state of fascination. I had marvelled at its premise and the wild stories of the Doctor- an extra terrestrial Time Lord with the enviable privilege of being able to whiz to and fro the fabric of time like some maniacal buccaneer- was one of my dearest flights of fancy to contemplate.

From a child’s point of view I swallowed the possibility of time travel unequivocally and even as I grew older and went on to study engineering in the university, I never doubted that from a practical scientific standpoint, this phenomenon was truly realizable.

A few years later and with a deeper understanding of quantum physics under my belt I still held a fascination for the science that could make time travel a reality. This article however is a coming of age tale that pits scientific reasoning against intuitive truth. By the end of this teaching you will have an eureka moment that could potentially change your life forever. I will be exposing the esoteric and NOT the exoteric meaning of time travel. You see when I was a boy I thought as a boy, but now as a full grown man my understanding of life’s open secrets have taken on a similar maturity and depth.

These series of teachings is designed as a guide through the landscape of Universal truth, hopefully creating a symbiotic cross pollination of my understanding with yours. I put it bluntly to you that we are ALL time travellers. We All have this amazing capacity to move through the fabric of time via consciousness.

As a mystical, spiritual, esoteric discussion about the real truth behind the concept of time travel we shall dig deeper into the concept and do away with the fallacies and misinterpretations brought about by the fantastical flights of imagination created by overenthusiastic screenwriters to entertain the masses “The letter killeth but the Spirit giveth life”

Divine Mind has corrected my understanding of this sci-fi flight of fancy and shared a wisdom that lay quiescent underneath the ripple of my conscious mind. This Wisdom I share with you today. But first some housekeeping.

What is Time?

Time is an illusionary movement of the conscious perception of reality that is essential for the activity of a similarly illusionary society. In other words, time is as important for the human rat race to perpetuate itself as is money. I shall be discussing money in another lecture.

Time is not so important for Nature and for God because her processes and cycles are eternal. We see it as cyclical, but is a circle not eternal? The cycle of the ecosystems of the earth and the seasons, birth, death and birth again are all glimpses of Natures disregard for time. If time is finite then it cannot be of any use to man. However if it was infinite then it would be beyond the understanding and sphere of interaction of finite mind.

So time is a manufactured concept, a made up event in the collective human psyche that helps to rationalise daily existence. Without a doubt it is a useful concept, Time, but it comes with its own caveats the most dangerous being the introduction of an existential virus into Human understanding- FEAR. A two penny motivational speaker may define Fear as False Education Appearing Real, however this definition does not do full justice to what Fear really is . Fear in its purest form is rebellion. Rebellion from the governance of intuition and an overriding dependence on rational thinking in which everything is measured with the limited perspective of objective thinking. In simpler terms we are afraid because we BELIEVE everything should be measured from the standpoint of our own perceived limitations.

The concept of time helps to re-enforce this Mayanian or illusionary and primordial concept of fear because it introduces as a side effect the concept of finality. We believe that since we are measuring time that it must be finite and could one day run out. The psychological implication of time ever running out is one of the reasons Humanity dreads the idea of dying and growing old.

If time is infinite then it cannot have any real 3-dimensional existence' and if it is finite then it must necessarily be a fabrication of the equally finite human intellect and hence ultimately useless except as a tool to point us back to the Light. It is however not the primary intention of the Intellect to assist in anything beyond the propagation of its own existence, hard as Humanity tries to prove otherwise. It must be completely by-passed to be brought into subservience, which in itself is a slight curiosity.

The Intellect

To fully understand the true and real esoteric concept of Time travel and how you can use it in your life, it is imperative that we perform some quick house cleaning by understanding how the intellect plays an important role in the process. This will not be an exhaustive discussion on this satellite concept as we still have much to discuss concerning our initial premise of Time travel

The intellect is a Prodigal, a runaway ship, but not without its beauty and elegance. This is because allegorically the intellectual, rational, objective mind is Luciferian. Originally full of glory and beauty and vested with power and authority from the Divine principle, and with authority that it was unsatisfied with and strove to usurp the same authority that had given it life.

The intellect is a mimicker, an accuser and an usurper. It is at once a beautiful seductress and a brutal task master. But for all its ruthless logic and ferocity the intellect is little more than a child. One that will in time return to its father, repentant and renewed. But for now you cannot and must not trust it. The immortal words of Bruce Lee “Do not Think. Feel!”is a warning of the inconsistent and untrustworthy results one must get when they rely solely on the intellect.

The intellect has tried to replicate phenomena that already exists in Nature. It is already in breach of celestial copyright laws and as a result is a runaway fugitive. It has tried to recreate flight, civil engineering, communication and other technological principles that do not require replication.

The intellect has also sort to recreate immortality and the elixir of youth and via genetics stay the hand of death, a feat already achieved in Nature by the biological organism Turritopsis dohrnii


Do not trust the intellect. It must be made subservient by bypassing it entirely at will, however with love and careful attention to the reality of the true Divine principle. The intellect is a servant!

Now to travel through time one requires the use of the imaginative faculty. Not a Tardis or some technological contraption or confabulation. There is however no doubt that someday the intellect will succeed in mimicking this process but with potentially devastating consequences much like the misuse of the cloning process or artificial intelligence could attempt to retard the true spiritual evolution of Humanity.

The holy imagination is a great thing of wonder, a vehicle that knows no real boundary whether of time or space and only needs to be wielded with skill and practice, not by the intellect but by the true righteous Self. With the Imagination as the vehicle you can fly to and fro the fabric of time at will. Remember though that there is NO time, no past and no Future but an eternal NOW. This can be proven by realizing that we perceive our yesterdays and our tomorrows in the Now. There is no other way in which we can do this. Also there are infinite variations of the past and the future. One minute change of events in the now vibrate backwards and forwards in the imprint of Now-ness changing our recollections and expectations.

A good example is this: A well known and much loved 'celebrity' and philanthropist after his death was exposed as a sadistic paedophile. In the collective mind of the public this changed the memories and long held perception held in connection with this individual forever and he was never thought of or remembered in quite the same way as before this exposition. So the present can change the past and can most certainly change the future (I use these terms loosely as all we have in reality is Now!)

As a time traveller you can move with your imagination into events from the past and equally project into events from the future. This is achieved solely with the imaginative powers of sustained visualisation. If you have had a a traumatic event in your childhood for instance that is affecting the quality of your life in the Now, you can simply revisit this event using the vehicle of your imagination and correct whatever needs correction. In that alternate reality. What happens is a a butterfly effect of a kind that ripples through the fabric of your consciousness affecting your Now. Let me make it amply clear that I am not in this article advocating the use of time travel in what ever shape or fun to play God. Do this at your peril. I am merely stating that this activity is possible and can be used in a benign and wholesome manner for healing and when wielded by righteous hands is a veritable tool indeed.

You can visit events in the future as well gaining wisdom and understanding, but really all you are doing is suspending a belief in the finite concept of time and stepping into that boundless primordial space that is your Selfness. Time has not moved, you have.

Of what use is creating a machine that can transport the material atomic aspect of a human being to a different dimension in time if the consciousness does not follow? So it is a fact that it is the consciousness and not necessarily the body that must move through time and space to experience time travel. In reality only the consciousness is necessary and the vehicle of choice must be the trained imaginative principle powered by faith and directed by desire and the eye of the mind.

As stated there are profound applications to time travel, and many a soul have been warned to tamper with events within the time continuum at their peril. Having said this, I do not advocate fear of any kind but rather right action. If there is some wrong that you must right in the past that does not directly hurt or impinge on the welfare and liberty of another soul then you can proceed with your operation. If there is some hope that you desire to obtain by moving forward in apparent time then so be it. Let everything be done with love.

See what you want to see when you time travel with your imaginative principle but always be guided by love and forgiveness, there must never be allowed any other emotion within the remit of this process. Can you go back into the past and stop the passing away of a pet or loved one? That would be playing God and no one must think they can do that. Whatever you perform must affect only your perception and must not assume to influence the actions of another for that would be a cosmic crime. Do not try to influence another person outside the perimeters of love. The truth is that if you change your perception of an action or individual then you change that event or person anyway. This is because you are the eye of the beholder and everything happens within your consciousness. Your job is to sow love and light into areas within your experience that may be barren, hateful and dark. You can do this quickly by conscious imaginative time travel.

Really all you are doing is cosmic walking. Consciousness surfing. You do this while wielding a torch and a balm, ready to understand, forgive, build. You are doing it to yourself and to the universe you have created.

Practical applications of Imaginative Time Travel

Imaginative Time Travel is a marvellous tool for destroying phobias and inviting prosperity into your life. Are you afraid of flying for instance and are dreading an upcoming transatlantic journey? Quietly retreat into your imagination and visualize your future self sat comfortably in business class, leg crossed enjoying an in-flight movie while seeping a delicious beverage unperturbed by any flight turbulence. Concentrate on the specifics of the journey, the feeling of comfort, the smells of the cabin and the sounds and sights of the experience. Relax and see your future self from the first person perspective chatting away completely at ease with the journey.

Fast-forward a bit more and see the conclusion of the trip and your future self disembarking with a smile of contentment on your face. Hear your friends congratulating you on overcoming your fear of flying and helping you unpack. Feel the experience as you would want it to be and let the sensations soak into your spirit and subconscious.

Revel in your accomplishment and then slowly allow yourself back into the present. Time travelling like this can be used for anything from overcoming long standing phobias to destroying deep seated addictions like smoking when practised regularly and with feeling and intensity.You must enjoy the operation and it mustn't be a struggle. This is not necessarily self hypnosis because you are fully conscious and have rather seen an alternate and desirable future event.

Even when you are trying to overcome a personal challenge, time travelling imaginatively and with real feeling into the future and seeing the positive outcome desired will cause a cosmic ripple in consciousness that will create the right chain of events to happen. This will be automatically orchestrated by the Divine Principle almost as magic!

The main ingredients for this kind of operation is a keen controlled imagination and an ability to emotionally feel and sense with clarity the desired scenario. Likewise to heal past emotional injuries one can go backwards in time to the specific time using the imaginative principle or vehicle and right that wrong either by visualizing oneself countering that event with the desired outcome or simply forgiving and dealing with the injury with foresight. In this regards the best tool is to be fearless when visualizing the event while re-creating a different outcome.

As an example if the individual had suffered bullying or physical abuse in the past you could recreate a feeling and scenario in which you stood up for yourself and said NO to that wrong. Allow yourself to feel the emotion of courage and strength and imagine the wrong doer apologising and praising you for your bravery. You can also create a scene in which people you trust are congratulating you for standing up to the wrong and comforting you. With practice you can recreate the scene perfectly, feeling, seeing and even smelling the past environment using the imaginative faculty.

It is important that you let forgiveness be a part of this kind of retrogressive operations because when you forgive others it is invariably yourself that you forgive.

In Conclusion

Time travel is not a flight of fancy but a legitimate activity of the human Spirit and like all operations can only be mastered with practice. Amazing books like RESURRECTION by NEVILLE explore the art of visualisation and the use of the imaginative principle in great detail and if you desire a strong grasp of this skill is an essential reading. Technology is a servant and so is the intellect. These creatures should not lead the way in human evolution and you should never be seduced by their apparent power. Where does the real influence lie, within the paint brush or with the wielder? We travel within these subtle realms all the time and most men do so unwittingly and with little control over the modus operandi while wandering through life wondering why these things are so. The imagination must be controlled and cultivated because it is like a virgin land were thoughts may be likened as the seed.

Instruments of mass thought dissemination like Modern television programming and advertising strive to plant weeds into the fertile minds of many and then we wonder why we reap unsolicited fruit like fear and depression. It is because we are not tending our gardens and planting that which we want to reap. Has it not been said that What a Man sows so also shall he or she reap?

The intellect is not evil, nothing is, however it can operate as a renegade and will offer disservice if it is not controlled. It in fact can only be controlled by the application of a greater force. The Imagination. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these other things will be added unto you.

Why do we need to accelerate a space craft beyond the speed of light in the right conditions to experience Time travel as has been erroneously theorized by certain intellect controlled circles? Of what benefit is that? A thought can travel at a trillion times the speed of light and not break out a single sweat drop. The human consciousness is not the next frontier, it is the ONLY frontier. It has always been the ONLY frontier and outside of it nothing else exists.

Can there be time travel without the conscious observer? Does time travel take place outside of consciousness? Can the intellect operate outside of consciousness? Is it not the child of consciousness and as with any child must it not be taught the right way?

This is a skill that you will do well to master because it is the key. You must never use your Mind or this process to treat anybody. It is an operation on your own consciousness. Do not attempt to influence anybody in your journey but follow love. You are never really dealing with anybody else but yourself when dealing with consciousness, because there is only one consciousness. You cannot punish someone in the future or the past without punishing yourself in the process.

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