Let's Play Rift: Episode 7


Hi everyone. This is Raptorak, bringing the seventh episode of the We Play Rift articles to you. By now you should already know how these things work, so we will just jump straight in to it!


Today we are continuing Larem, who just recently hit level forty six. At this point, here are his stats:


Today's Agenda

As we just recently hit level forty six, we first need to deal with a little soul building. After this, it is time to continue along our journey in Stillmoor, a zone we pretty much just got started on!

Soul Building

Because we only have one soul point, we put it in to Single Minded Focus. This gives a great benefit in that it increases all of our damage, although at this point it is just by a small amount (a single percent). This perk also unlocks a new skill, though, Electrified Munitions, that boosts our damage by adding extra Air damage to each attack. All in all, this is an awesome upgrade!



Stillmoor Continues

As we get the ball rolling, we head in to a wolf infested area where we find a lot of wolves and werewolves. We also find some wisps here flying around. All of these mob types are needed for our quest, but we are also tasked to get some blood from werewolf corpses (not from the ones we kill, though, but rather specific NPC's found scattered along the ground).





After we turn in all of those quests, we are then given one that has us looking for werewolves that are hidden in the camp. How do we do this? We are given a wolf pet that follows us and sniffs out the NPC's. As it goes to them, some of them start to do emotes and then they transform in to werewolves. These are what we kill for the quest, so we just let the wolf do all of the work.


We also get a quest that has us capture a wisp, so to speak, and then transform ourselves in to one. After this happens, we chase it off to its home. This quest is pretty cool in that we get to be something different for a little bit, and it also makes all of the mobs passive while in wisp form.


Our next quest for this grouping has us going out and hunting Lycanthropic Guardians in an effort to get back stolen items from them. This proves to be a pretty easy task, as we only need to kill a few of them.


The last couple quests in this area send us off to fight some Aelfwar mobs. None of this is tough until we hit the last part, where we have to fight a named mob. While she was not too difficult on her own, our pet decided to run off on a target by itself and pulled five mobs on us at once! This lead to a swift death, although we did take down every mob but one: a wisp. Even so, the wisp almost died as well!


After turning in these quests, we get sent to a new camp called Trial of the Sentinel. Here, we find a lot of new quests!


Our first task is to take down some different mobs. Some of these are named, but the majority are not. For example, we are after some more of the Aelfwar mobs, but now we take down some satyrs as well. Nothing here really poses a threat, although we do have to be careful for roaming mobs as there are quite a few and the majority of the mobs in this area are ranged.




The next set of quests has us take down some Aelfwar Infestations with inhibitors, burn some altars and activate and protect a soothing stone. This stone is pretty neat in that it heals us (although it does not appear to heal our pet) so even in a sticky situation there is really no fear since we heal up pretty fast with it.





Our next step is to activate Galenir's soothing stone and then defend it against him. This proves to be easy, although he is an elite, as we still get the nice healing bonuses. Our pet almost dies during the fight, but that is not a problem since the heals make him a bit unnecessary.



We head to Thalin Tor, the next quest hub. We pick up the quests available here and get a really nice planar essence: Necrotic Semblance. This grants the chance, upon every attack, to gain fifty attack power and transform in to a death touched minion. While we can not use it yet, this is still a great thing to have for later!



We now head down in to the Eye of Regulos, a somewhat dangerous area that keeps a DoT on us at all times (it does not do too much damage, but it essentially negates any passive healing we would normally have). Here, we have to kill a lot of mobs and look for hidden piles of dirt that have items in them. Basically this is just a ton of running around for a while…




We also need to find Sir Isaak Kazimir here, near the middle of the Eye of Regulos. We find him but he is being attacked by a lot of mobs. Evaluating the situation, it appears as if he is not doing any damage to them but they are killing him. Because of this, our plan is to try and kill the mobs one by one as soon as he spawns again with full health. This plan does not work out, as he dies too fast still and the mobs spawn on us, killing us. Then we realize something… we can speak to him even when he is in battle. There is no need to even hit a mob for this. So we speak to him, finish that quest and move on back out to safety.


Our next step here is to attune a Shade Talisman. This requires going on to a pedestal and staying there while it is being attuned, fighting off the mobs that come. The first time doing this we die, because it is a bit tougher than it looks due to our build. We have to stay at a range in order to attack, and sadly the pedestal is pretty small. To fix this, we put our pet on “Aggressive” so he will attack everything before it gets to us, and that works for keeping the mobs at range. There are a couple that still slip through, but with careful maneuvering we are able to kill them off.


When we turn in our latest quests and pick up the new ones, we are faced with a pretty difficult challenge. In the very center of the Eye of Regulos is a rift, and we have to take it down alone (as there are no other players near us at the time). This proves to be a very hard challenge, but we manage to succeed! The beginning of the rift is the hardest, as we have to take down a couple of pillars. This in itself is not that bad, but it keeps spawning two groups of skeletons to attack us, and we have to keep killing them off or we will die. After a while, we make it through this stage (tons of back and forth targeting) and from there on it is pretty easy!






The next couple quests we do send us up to the graveyard outside of Thalin Tor. Here, we need to go through ghosts and such to help save someone that has been buried alive. This quest actually takes us a few tries, as there are mobs that keep spawning and there is a one minute timer on the quest. This would not be too big of an issue, but first we have to dig up the coffin, which takes about ten seconds, plus then we have to open it, taking another ten seconds. All of this goes on while trying to fend off the mobs that are around us as well, but we finally manage to get it done!



Next, we are sent to pick up some bodies and throw them in to a pile… it is a pretty dark quest but there is not much more to it. Essentially we just pile up some bodies and then a NPC spawns to thank us for helping him out. A little scene does ensue as well, though we do not do anything for its duration.



We end our journey here, to continue after making our way up to level forty eight (it will be done mostly via PvP). Stay tuned for episode 8!


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