Let's Play Rift: Episode 5


Hi everyone. This is Raptorak, bringing the sixth episode of the We Play Rift articles to you. By now you should already know how these things work, so we will just jump straight in to it!


Today we will be playing Larem, our now level forty three Guardian Rogue! We will be making some changes to his build at the beginning of our play time today, but here is where he stands as of right now:


Today's Agenda

For today, we are going to start off by setting up our soul with some new and improved soul points. After this, we are going to head on off to Whitefall to continue on our questing!

Soul Building

We only got one new soul point for this level, so we put it in to a skill called Steady Hand. This is a passive boost to Attack Power and Weapon Damage, increasing our power!


There was not a lot done in the soul building department for now, but later on we will be enhancing it some more.

Iron Pine Peak

With our soul building finished, it is time to head up to Whitefall, located in Iron Pine Peak. We teleport there directly through the Porticulum.


As we get to Whitefall, we realize that the quest we were leveling up to pick up still is not available… oh well, we will just move on and hopefully it will be unlocked later.


We head pretty far to the west to a new camp, Oathbound Pass. Here, we start grabbing some new quests.


As we head a little to the south, we notice that both of these quests overlap. This is pretty nice and easy! We soon learn, however, that we are taking quite a bit of damage from these mobs, which is a little odd because they are lower level than us… oh, it is because we have the wrong pet out! Switching the pets out resolves this problem and we continue on.



Something we start to notice, though, is that while we are clearing out one quest pretty well, the other is not really getting us anywhere… so we open the map to realize that one quest takes place in three areas and the other is centralized in one. So we head south west even more so we are not doing a lot of redundant killing. The mobs in this area are a lot more compact, but at least now we can knock out both quests.



While we are in the mob infested area, we pick up a new quest!


After all of these quests are finished, we go turn them in. Now we gain three more quests, one of which sends us south to a cave… before we get there, though, we find a new quest!


Luckily, this quest takes place near the cave, so we can knock out both at once. We head up to the cave above us. After a pretty long trip to the back of it, with tons of mobs slain along the way, we finally make it! As soon as we pick up the quest item, we make our way back out so we can get out before the spawns start coming back. Outside, we turn in the quest to the NPC near the cave and then we head off to the west to our new camp, Exile's Den.




The first step at Exile's Den is to bind to the porticulum. After this, we turn in and pick up some new quests.



The new quests turn out to be quite a bit harder than expected, bringing about some hiccups that almost get us killed. It does not take long before looking to see what the problem is… and we realize that our level is below that of most of these mobs. Not a problem; as long as we take it nice and slow, we should be able to make it through just fine. This does in fact work, up until we get to an area where we accidentally pull five mobs at once! Luckily, quick reactions get us through this situation alive, though just barely.




With all of the quests finished, it is time to head back to Exile's Den. Getting back there is pretty quick and easy, and upon turning them in we pick up some new ones. All of these lead in to the same area, so we head on over.


For the first part, we need to go in to a sort of tunnel building. In here, there are a ton of mobs and they are in a pretty high density, so moving slow is necessary. Even with this, though, we end up getting overwhelmed at one point and die as a result. There is just not enough room to escape, especially when there are more mobs spawning behind us! We use Soul Walk so we do not have to run all the way back, and we clear our way through the rest of the tunnel.



The next area takes us back up to the top of the wall. Here, we fight a mob we have already fought before, named Rhotip the Caller. It is a pretty easy kill, and then it spawns a minion, which we start to skip until we realize it is required for the quest! Good thing we caught it in time, or we would have to make our way back up here to kill the main mob yet again. We almost die while taking down the minion, but make it out just barely. After this, it is time for another trip to Exile's Den.



While back at Exile's Den, we go ahead and heal up and then pick up our new quests. It is time to head out again. This quest ends up being pretty tough, spawning a couple mobs at a time (that love to use bleeds). Death comes once during this, and the second run it works out better as only one duo is spawned instead of multiple. With it done, we head back to Exile's Den again to turn it in.





With three new quests we picked up, it is time to go to the next area, Radiant Guard. We head north from Exile's Den. Here there are many new quests to grab!


These new quests lead to multiple quest lines taking us everywhere (in this general area). From one cave to another and then back, across the outsides, exploring, etc. There is a ton of stuff we do, mostly revolving around killing certain mobs or picking up some items. Along the way, we even end up saving some poor prisoner and spying on enemies while in disguise! We do have a couple close calls during these quests, though no deaths occur.








With these quests knocked out, we pick up some new ones. Sadly, these new quests require level forty five (technically, we could probably still do them right now, although they would be dangerous and would likely be more trouble than they are worth at this point). Rather than bore you with the details of getting to forty five (since it will mostly just be PvP, as I find it pretty fun), we will resume the next episode as soon as Larem levels up!


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