Let's Play Rift: Episode 4


Hi everyone. This is Raptorak, bringing the fourth episode of the We Play Rift articles to you. Through these articles you will see what an average (or not so average) player does with their time in Rift, and you will learn tips, tricks and other things along the way! Lucky for you, we will be covering not only writing, but also plenty of images to keep you happy!

Think of this as your way of playing vicariously through us, while you are at work or are in another situation where you can not play Rift at the time. Enjoy the ride, and have fun along the way!


Today we will be continuing our journey on our Rogue, Larem. As of the last We Play Rift, we finally reached level forty two!


Today's Agenda

Well, we have finally leveled up, but sadly we need one more level before we can continue the pathing journey to greatness. Because of this, and because of our low amount of experience right now, there is going to be a bit of work to do. Note that throughout this, we are not working on quests, but rather progression outside of them.

Dungeons are always good, so we are going to be running them (or at least queue up for them) while we do some PvP! Since we care about using the dungeon for experience right now, but we can also use some nice new gear, we are going to run the only one for level forty two that fits both of these criteria: The Fall of Lantern Hook. Since we do not want to be mentored down and possibly get a different dungeon, we have to use the manual dungeon choice and check only that one box.


Queued up and ready to roll, we check our inventory. Wow, that is a lot of stuff! Maybe we should go ahead and clean this out while we wait on the dungeon queue to pop…


With our inventory now clean, it is time to start queuing up for some warfronts! Why, you may ask? Because they serve a dual purpose: we get experience from them, plus we also get some Favor that we can use at higher levels for PvP gear. It does not really matter which warfront we get in to right now, so we are going to go with the random option.


After a few seconds, we get our first pop! It is for Whitefall Steppes, which is essentially Capture the Flag but with multiple flags. The fight does not go too well, although we did somewhat decent up until the end (where Defiant took all of our flags and captured them).




Luckily, near the end of the Whitefall Steppes match, we got our dungeon pop as well! As soon as the dungeon finishes, we enter the dungeon, with thirty seconds to spare on the count down for entering. We all group up, and within minutes we have a problem: someone pulls an extra mob that the tank does not notice and it kills our healer, followed by wiping our entire group!



We brush it off, although the tank is pretty upset about the situation (and there is no telling who actually pulled the mob), so we continue on regardless. When we get the first boss room clear and start on the first boss, Rorf, we have another wipe that occurs, this time due to lack of healing on the tank.


Due to people dropping the group, we are forced to call it and exit. Back to square one! We queue back up for The Fall of Lantern Hook again, followed by warfronts. The next warfront that pops is Whitefall Steppes again, but this one goes a lot smoother. We did have some hiccups, though, as there were a couple of people holding the flags that were not returning them to our base, but in the end they did and we were victorious! I think the reason they were not turning them in was to farm kills, but on Whitefall Steppes it is really not worth farming the other team.




After the last warfront, a break was taken for the night, for getting refreshed and ready to roll! Upon jumping back in the game, we notice that there is now a bonus warfront activated: The Codex. Not really my favorite one, but it will have to do since the bonuses make it well worth playing. So we queue up for this while being queued for The Fall of Lantern Hook.


Within a short period of time (a minute or two) our queue for the warfront pops and we join in. This warfront does not start out too well, and there were a ton of hiccups along the way, but in the end we became the victor due to planning. We worked together to devise a plan on how to win the match. The choice was between taking The Codex and one other point or letting the enemies keep The Codex and we would try to hold the other three. We ended up going with the latter, and it worked out pretty well because our enemies kept camped at The Codex. At one point we were at risk of losing, as we only held two objectives, but by that time our score was far enough ahead that even though we were getting less points (six, compared to eight) per tick, we were going to hit the thousand mark first.




After the last run, another warfront for The Codex popped pretty much right after! We get in to the game and what do we see? A score of 901 to 920 already… and sadly it is the Defiant team that is winning (remember, we are Guardian). The match continues on and Defiant wins… but wait a minute… we were put in to the match as a mercenary! This means that instead of losing the match, we actually won. This mercenary system causes quite a bit of confusion, although I will be hitting on that with a separate article.



After this match ends, it is time to deal with some other stuff while waiting on the dungeon pop, so we sit in town until it does. This time it only takes a few minutes to come, so we jump in happily! Our group looks and feels pretty solid. We are clearing mobs in packs, without very much resistance. There is a hiccup on the first “mini boss,” though, in that it and some other mobs came after our support and killed him, but past that we were doing pretty well!



Then we get to the second boss. Things are very smooth, at least up until the boss comes down from the top ledge. Almost right after this happens, he hits our healer a couple times and kills him, leading the rest of us to wipe as a result. We make the best of it, wipe it off, and keep moving on to slay both the second boss and the final one without any more troubles!




Because of how close to the next level this dungeon run took us, the best plan of action was to just run a couple more warfronts. Both times we chose The Codex again, and after two runs were done the level was finished and now it is break time!

Continue with us next time where we will go back to the questing path way and work our way up towards level forty four!


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