Let's Play Rift: Episode 2


Hi everyone. This is Raptorak, bringing the second episode of the We Play Rift articles to you. Through these articles you will see what an average (or not so average) player does with their time in Rift, and you will learn tips, tricks and other things along the way! Lucky for you, we will be covering not only writing, but also plenty of images to keep you happy!

Think of this as your way of playing vicariously through us, while you are at work or are in another situation where you can not play Rift at the time. Enjoy the ride, and have fun along the way!


I am continuing from where episode one left off, with the character Larem, a level 41 Guardian Rogue.


Our Zone and Goal

Currently we are located in Iron Pine Peak, at the quest hub (and main area) of Whitefall. We have three quests active right now that we are turning in, so let us see what we get after we finish picking up what we can!


While we had a few quests to turn in, it ends up sending us down to Sanctuary, an area south of Whitefall (I think they are still somewhat connected) as well. Here, we find a single quest to knock out, dealing with killing twenty five Redsnow Bandits. Easy enough, I suppose! (Editor's note: somehow this image ended up missing, so I can not show the quest pick up).

Getting to these mobs, we find that they are level forty two. At the moment, I am forty one, but Iron Pine Peak mobs are somewhat difficult so this may be harder than I planned. Along with this, we also find that the mobs are somewhat dense, which means there is going to be no kiting and watching out for spawns is a must, as well as keeping an eye out for mobs that are pathing (there are a lot of them!).


As we are slaying these mobs, a zone event starts up: Army of the Wind! For the purpose of leveling, though, we decide that questing is a better idea than taking the time to keep going out of our way just to kill invasions and close rifts. Not to mention it is sort of late right now, so they will be going somewhat slow as it is.


A rift spawns right on us while I am typing the last update! Oh no, it is time to run a bit because there is no way we can handle a rift on our own in this area. As we run, there is an even bigger problem. Oops, we accidentally pull three mobs! No screen shot of the fight this time, because it was pretty hectic, but here is the aftermath (the pet died and I almost did too, but came out the victor, just barely…):


As we continue with our quest, there is another problem. We see an invasion incoming. It is just two mobs, but what level are they? Forty four! To make matters worse, one of them is an elite. As we move off to the side, we watch the invasion wipe out all of our quest mobs, so we have to sit back and just wait for more spawns. While this happens, yet another invasion comes through! And then another! It looks like the rift that opened up near us is a pretty big threat, as every half a minute or so it spawns another invasion. Sadly, there is no way we are taking it down.


As we stand off to the side, it becomes apparent that if we are ever going to finish off this quest, we need to go ahead and find some mobs in a safer area. Looking at the mini map, we are in luck; there are mobs just to the south west of us! These mobs are also a lower level, and while we are here we find a new quest. Perfect!


After we finish the quest we came here to do, it is time to head back to the Sanctuary to turn it in. As we get closer, though, we run in to a problem. It looks like invasions have already attacked the area and are clearing out the NPC's! Being the only person around, however, we are not in a state to try and defend it, so we have to just sit back and watch. But wait, actually that is not what we have to do. We remember that we have a pretty cool Ascended skill called Guardian's Flare, that spawns a group of NPC's to take down an enemy foothold. We use it and sure enough, all of the mobs start being dropped! The image only shows one NPC as I was not daring enough to move closer due to the strength of the mobs.


With the area cleared, we turn in the quest and pick up the next one. This leads us off to go find someone named Ekdim the Mad so we can ask him a question. Because the zone event is still going on here, we have to be extremely careful where we are going to we do not accidentally pull anything we are not intending to.


We are led to where he is and find out that he is inside a cave. The quest says “complete,” though, so that is a sign that all we have to do is talk to the NPC. Wait, in this case that is not what it means… we find that he is aggressive and we have to first attack and nearly kill him!



Once he speaks to us, we get a new quest that sends us for Eridimus the Maker and the Chest of Enkarus. Looking at our map, however, we find that this is actually taking us over to the Droughtlands. Instead of heading there now, let us take a detour to turn in Bandit Orders at Breaker's Camp.


We head way off to the east to turn in this quest and we get no new ones in return! Sadly, this means our next stop is to head off to the Droughtlands. We will use this as a break time and we will continue this journey with Episode 3, so stay tuned!



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