Let's Play Rift: Episode 1


Hi everyone. This is Raptorak, bringing the first episode of the We Play Rift articles to you. Through these articles you will see what an average (or not so average) player does with their time in Rift, and you will learn tips, tricks and other things along the way! Lucky for you, we will be covering not only writing, but also plenty of images to keep you happy!

Think of this as your way of playing vicariously through us, while you are at work or are in another situation where you can not play Rift at the time. Enjoy the ride, and have fun along the way!


Today I will be playing my level forty one Guardian Rogue, Larem. He is still considered as a newbie at this point, but we are well on our way to fixing that! Here is his current data:


Our Zone and Goal

Right now I am continuing some quests up in Iron Pine Peak. At this point I have done a few, but there are quite a few left to go. The goal is to hit level forty two, so we will see how that goes! Check the image of Larem to see what quests I currently have active.

Before taking off from my starting area of Sanctum (where I usually park at when I am logging out), I decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and dump off some more of my inventory at the auction house. I have been working hard at trying to get a lot of this stuff sold, as my bank is already running in to problems with space and I would rather it not get any worse!


After tossing up some stuff on the auction house, it is time to get to business.

After using Soul Recall to head up to Chancel of Labors, we look at the map to see where our quests are going to lead us. Here is what we see…


It looks like the plan is going to be to turn in the quest at Chancel of Labors, then hit up the quest objective to our west, and then (if there is nothing else given to us in this area) we will hit up the north west to turn in that quest, which will hopefully lead us to a new quest hub with some more stuff to do. So let us get going!

Turning in our quest at Brother Jebiah, we are not given any new quests. This is a good thing because it means we may be just about done here!


Heading west to where the Shadow Mirror is to be used, I first realize that I have not thrown up all my buffs. Time to do that just in case something happens (we are in a pretty dangerous area at the moment, so it is better to be safe than sorry).

Within seconds of using the Shadow Mirror, what happens? Of course.. a mob spawns. Luckily our pet pulls the threat for us (since we are using the Razorbeast, designed for tanking), making this battle pretty easy. It would still not have been that hard, though, since the mob was only a regular forty one, but it is still nicer than if it had popped, say, an elite!


When we go to turn in our quest item, we end up getting a new quest.


This one wants us to go forge a Blessed Hammer near a fire pit, so we head up there. Once it has been forged, we are sent back to the same NPC again. Turning in this quest gets us yet another one from him!



The good part about this is that now both of our active quests are sending us to the same area, Pilgrim's Crossing. Before we go, though, I realize that… wait a minute. I think some of my gathering skills are almost maxed out and need to be upgraded. We should go ahead and check them out real quick first.


Sure enough, Mining only needs three points, Foraging just needs ten and Butchering only needs twenty five. So the question is do we want to deal with this now or go ahead and work on questing and then upgrade them when we hit the next area with a portal? I think we should go with the latter for now, that way we are not wasting time just running around looking for materials (really, the bigger problem is the Butchering part, but it has the same effect regardless).

As we head up towards the north west, taking the path to ensure that we are not being attacked by anything and can go safely, we come up to Pilgrim's Crossing. Here, we turn in the two quests and we see what else there is to pick up. We end up with two new quests, and guess what: one of these requires mobs that we just so happen need anyways for our Butchering! This looks like it is going to be great.



As we head just outside of this quest hub, we start to notice that these quests both take place right here. This is even better, and they overlap a lot as well. So we start saving avalanche victims from the snow and killing the Felines and Wolves for the quest and to butcher.



As we are knocking out these quests, there is a bit of an issue. I have to pull two mobs at once in order to get to one of the trapped victims, and when I do this I realize that my health is dropping slow. Why? Oh… apparently these wolves use bleeds that I was not aware of! Luckily, my pet helps with taking some of the damage for me so we make it out alive. If there were more than two mobs, though, I have no idea what would have happened but I do not think it would have been good.


There is a rift seen near us as well, as you can see in the image below and in the mini map in some of these images. Before rushing in and trying to take it down, I look at its level. It is level 43, which, while we are just a couple levels below that, makes a massive difference when we are talking about solo combat. So instead of going in to it, we decide to move on with our quests. While it may have been possible to get at least some of the rift done solo, there would be no way to get through the bonus level in time because of the level difference, so the entire thing would have really been a waste of time.


After finishing and turning in these two quests, we are given two more. One of them has us going right back to where we just came from, and the other has us looking for Shrines of Thedeor so we can resupply them. It is best to knock out the closest quest first, so we go for the first one, collecting Ice Blossoms!


We grab all of the Ice Blossoms we need and then we head off to start resupplying the shrines. As we go, we run in to a new NPC that has a quest for us. We might as well pick it up!


As we move on and approach the final shrine, we see a pretty scary undead mob near it. Not only is he an elite, he is also level fifty! There is no way we can take him, so we move slowly. Since his name is yellow, the hope is that he will not become aggressive and start attacking. Luckily, he just stays there!


With the quests all caught up, we now approach the next area, Whitefall. When we get here, we go straight to the Porticulum and bind to it, since this is where we are leveling at now. And this is also a good break time, according to the clock saying it is after three AM!


With our soul now bound to Whitefall, we decide to call it a night. Be sure to tune in for the next episode, where we will continue on our path to greatness!


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