We Play Guild Wars 2: Episode 2


Hey all, this is Raptorak again! Today, I am doing some world vs world combat. It is currently Christmas Eve, so happy holidays! With that said, let us get moving!


Today I am rolling my Mesmer, Rankorak. You should already be familiar with him from our last episode, but if not, here is his stats page.


Of course, he is as naked as always. Get over it!

World vs World

The first thing I did when I jumped in to the game was check out the Eternal Battlegrounds. It is not packed with players, but there are some decent sized groups running around so it is a great time to get involved. This week we are facing Ferguson's Crossing and Northern Shiverpeaks, and I am on the blue team.

I start off by opening the map and talking in chat to see what is going on. I am told that we are defending (there are no commanders on at this point), so I look for a nearby structure that is under attack. It looks like they are talking about Bravost.


Heading there, I see a lot of artillery shells flying through the air and hitting the front steps, but they are from our own base. I quickly realize that this means our allies are attacking enemies at the gate, so I slowly make my way towards it while keeping an eye out for what is probably going to be a zerg of players. Sure enough, there are quite a few. But for some reason, almost as soon as I and someone else arrive they all take off. Odd.


Moving on, I decide we should go ahead and kill the sentry for the quest benefits (experience and such), so we finish it off real quick. From here, I figure that the enemies went to the nearby camp, Umberglade. I make my way there, watching for a flood of red. I see almost nothing until we get right up on it, but it is just NPCs. Behind me is a Ranger, so we decide to plow through as many NPCs as we can. Sadly, we do not take anything down: the NPCs are upgraded and are elites, and two of us against all of them just is not going to cut it. A couple more people arrive and we give it another go, but then the feared flood of red appears and we have to run off to Bravost. There is just no way for us to take them on and brute force them down out in the open like that.



Luckily, as soon as we returned to our tower the enemies all disappeared again. After doing a little exploring, we formed up a somewhat decent group (although still pretty small) and decided to give Quentin Lake a go. Heading there, we found absolutely no resistance. No enemies were even near the tower. Prior to taking it down, though, we did take down the enemy Flame Rams that they had just used to take the tower from us. Even so, capturing it was not a problem!



I got on one of the rams at Quentin Lake and realized that my damage was pretty low (in the hundreds) and I was barely doing anything to the gate. At first I thought maybe I was bugged, but soon after I started doing normal damage. The reason? Apparently the rams will hit other rams, which will block their damage significantly. I was not aware of this, and it helps stress the fact that we need to always take down enemy Flame Rams! In any case, once the gate was down, taking over the tower was not a problem at all, despite our small group.



After dealing with Quentin Lake, we took off to Umberglade to grab some supplies (of which I was already full enough that I was not able to pick up any more) and then north to take over the ogres. While they are not a tower or a keep, what they do when taken over is give us some allied NPCs. However weak they may be, anything can help out when in the middle of a battle, so they are well worth the minute or so it takes to convert them to our side.




With the ogres on our side, it is time to go after the tower to the north of them. Ironically, this is called Ogrewatch (likely because it watches over the ogres?). Here, everything goes very smooth until the very end. We get in to the tower with no problems. We take down most of the mobs with no problem. When we start on the guild claiming lord, however, we run in to a few enemies and some siege weapons. We outnumber them so this is not too bad, but after a short while we end up getting flooded by red enemies. Sadly, this causes us all to wipe and we have to return to our base to plan out the next attack.




Being that I feel it is break time and people have lost their will to continue on at this point, I decide that it is now time to leave. We did have a lot of fun; we fought against enemies that completely outnumber us, and even managed to take a couple structures from them. Eventually we ended up losing, but considering how off the numbers were it was nothing we did not already expect to happen.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of We Play Guild Wars 2! I hope you enjoyed it, and possibly learned some new stuff along the way!


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