We Play Guild Wars 2: Episode 2


Hey all, this is Raptorak again! Today, I am starting off with a little bit of World vs World combat and we are going to see where it takes us. In our first episode of We Play Guild Wars 2, there was no luck at all in the battle grounds, so hopefully this run works out a bit better! Time to jump in and see what is happening.


Today I decided to do some running on my Mesmer, named Rankorak. He is still kind of a newbie when it comes to PvE and World vs World, since I mostly play him in the structured PvP, so this should be fun!


You will likely notice that he is somewhat… naked. Do not ask why this is, as I really do not know. But I will say that running around naked in World vs World does teach you quite a bit about survivability, and it is a nice challenge!

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Since the last time I jumped in to World vs World and it did not go anywhere, that is where I am heading again. This time to the Eternal Battlegrounds, the hot spot for combat (and my favorite zone because of the castle…).

As we enter the zone, the first thing that is noticed is there is no Commander. Well, this is not looking too good. But wait, actually, there is already someone there leading a raid! He says he will be heading back to the waypoint (spawn area) and wants everyone to go get some supplies and meet up there, so I wait around for him and then follow. We are going to Bravost Escarpment, one of the towers.


When we first get up to the tower, it is time to start destroying the enemy rams while we wait for the others to arrive (they do not bother us as attackers, but if we manage to take the tower we do not want enemies to already have siege weapons up).


As we get their siege weapons down and more of our allies start to show up, it is time for us to start building up our own! We start building rams, as we are planning to take the gate down on this tower so we can rush inside. At this point there are no defenders, so there is really no risk to this raid.


As we get our siege built up and start attacking full force, it is apparent that it is taking a while. When we are dealing with a team as small as ours (around five or so people at the time), that is not good. Every extra second we spend on our siege is one more second closer to being over run by enemy players. This is the last thing we want. Luckily, we have some reinforcements (and a Commander!) on the way, but they will not really be prepared to join us until the next tower we take.


Luckily, although we were taking a while to take this tower, we manage to successfully get inside it before anyone else came to try and stop us. Were we to have even a few people come after us, this could have easily been a wiped attempt, and that time and siege weaponry would have all been lost.



After the tower, it is time to head off to get some more supplies for the next tower! We hit up the supply camp, Umberglade Woods, that is just north of the tower we hit. The camp was already under our control so we just have to rush on over to it and start picking up supplies.


With supplies grabbed, we are ready to start preparing for our next attack. I fall behind a little bit at this point while I am checking for enemy players, but I keep up with what our next location is: Durios Gulch. Luckily, we have a map to help figure out where everyone else is and point us in the right direction!


When we all get to Durios Gulch it is time to launch our attack. Since we are pretty much all grouped up together now, the plan is to do a straight up attack, rather than worrying about taking down enemy rams first. Once our rams are up and kicking, then we will worry about their rams (mostly through AoE's while we also attack the gate, as weak as our skills may be).


Through the entire fight here, we are met with absolutely no resistance. Whether this is good or not is still to be seen, but at least for our short term goals it is good. The problem with this is that it could mean our enemies are getting groups together to cut us off, or to take back everything we are capturing. Time will tell!


Since we have already captured everything that is on our small area of the map, it is time to start worrying about other areas. While we still have a pretty small group (we have grown a little bit at this point), we decide to push forward as much as we can, because why not? So on our way to the next location, we decide to hit up the Hylek camp. What these do is when you do the quest here (killing the Kraits and resurrecting Hyleks), they become allies and will help you kill enemy players. It is also a pretty quick event, so we do it.



Now that we have flipped the Hylek camp over to our side, it is time to continue working our way towards the next target. But wait, first we must get supplies since we just drained them when we attacked Durios Gulch. So we head on over to Golanta Clearing and we clear (no pun intended) it out so we can grab supplies.


Now that we all have our supplies, we are ready to move. Because we are in enemy territory now, rather than on our own side of the map, we have to move faster and be much more careful. In this area, it is much easier and faster for enemies to get grouped together to stop us. We march on to Klovan Gully.



When we get to the gate, it becomes apparent that this tower has been upgraded. Rather than having a normal gate, it has a reinforced gate, which means it has a lot more health and will take longer for us to take down.


As we are working on the gate, I notice that there is a sentry up the path from us. Because he gives an event completion which has rewards, and because he can act as a sign that enemies are coming (if he dies then we know there are people on their way), I run off there to kill him and capture the zone so we can get our own sentry there.


With the sentry flipped, it is time to go back to help our allies. We get the gate dropping to around half way done, and then we run in to a problem. There are a lot of attacks coming. Tons of AoE's are dropping on the group. Regardless, we go ahead and keep trying to push through. After all, we have already come all this way!


Uh oh, it looks like our raid leader is telling us to fall back to the local supply camp so we can try to defend ourselves against an attack that is about to happen. Only a few of us follow the directions, sadly, and we head back to the camp. When we get here, though, it is already too late… right behind us is a flood of red names that easily accounts for multiple times the number of players we have.



Well, it was a fun run while it lasted, but with the number of people we have and the number of enemies that were now on our trail, it was a sure sign that we were not going to get anywhere at that time. Because of this, calling it quits is by far the best option.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of We Play Guild Wars 2! Please return for the next one!


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