We Play Guild Wars 2: Episode 1


Hey all! This is Raptorak. I have seen that the “We Play (GameName)” series have been somewhat popular as videos, and I felt it would be a cool thing to throw out a written version as well. Consider this as a type of story, if you will. With each episode, I will be bringing to light what went on through the specific play period, what was learned to do and not do, and anything else that I think is of importance. The goal of this is to share my experience and to allow those of you that enjoy reading have something to read. Along with this, there are going to be plenty of images to satisfy your desires for game imagery!

With that said, I hope you enjoy this new series. It may take a little while to get in to the swing of things but I think this will be awesome for all of us! Let us move on and play some Guild Wars 2!


Today I am playing with my Ranger, known as Lapimar. His information is below:


Game Type

Right now I am going to jump in to the World vs World system and get some PvP in. As of this week, the teams set in our cluster are Darkhaven, Henge of Denravi and Anvil Rock (my home world). We have had quite a bit of experience with Darkhaven, with them always winning, and this appears to be the same today. The scores right now are:

  • Darkhaven: 126,324
  • Henge of Denravi: 82,440
  • Anvil Rock: 66,020


It is pretty common for us to be at the bottom, so I stick around for the challenge. I am hoping that at some point we can boost up and start actually winning some battles, but even if we lose I still enjoy it!



The first place I jumped in to was the Eternal Battlegrounds, as it is usually the hot spot for combat, but it appears there is nothing going on. If nothing else, there is no commander there right now so it ended up being a no go. Trying to raid without a commander does almost no good, as it is too difficult to keep players together and we end up wiping over and over without really getting anywhere. Because of this, I decided to check out our own battle grounds.


At our own battle grounds, there was yet again no commander, so I decided to traverse through the other two as well. Still nothing. Kind of surprised, I started asking the chats if anyone wanted to get something going, to which it appeared pretty dead. This might be because of the time, although I think some of it also has to do with us being against Darkhaven yet again. That server has been causing us a lot of grief and we have lost a lot of WvW players because of it; people end up just giving up and trying again the following week. Sadly, that leaves the battle grounds in a sort of desolate space, at least for our team.



Because of the current situation, I decided I will take off and go knock out some PvP dailies in the Structured PvP area, Heart of the Mists.

Moving to sPvP

Moving to Heart of the Mists, I started to prepare myself for the upcoming battle. I have a lot to learn about doing structured PvP on my ranger, so this is a good test and learning experience. Because of my lack of fully understanding how to play the Ranger at this point, though, I decided to take the safe route and join some normal matches. I generally try to avoid any tournaments unless I have a lot of experience already, because I really do not like to feel as if I am a liability to my group. With a set group limit, and random grouping that goes in to tournaments, that is exactly what I would be; a liability, or a problem. So regular matches are perfect for avoiding this feeling!

There are four different tasks that I have to get completed for the daily PvP quest:

  • Daily Player Kills (5)
  • Daily Captures (3)
  • Daily Top Stats (1)
  • Daly Matches Played (3)

While I could pick and choose the map I want to play on, I figure the more wide spread experience I get the better. So intead of taking this approach, I have decided to use the “Play Now” button, which automatically matches you to one of the open PvP games and throws you in. Once I enter, I really do not care which team I am on so I choose the randomize option.

The first match I got put in to was Temple of the Silent Storm, a map that is based on communing with some obstacles and trying to hold as many objectives as you can in the process. I actually ended up in the match after it had already started, but I figured since I was going to try and knock out the daily PvP quest I should make the most of it.



Rather than focus on capturing the objectives, I decided to go for the “Daily Top Points” part first. I find this one to be the most annoying, and I like to get rid of the annoying ones first so this was my priority. I noticed that for some reason people were not going for any commune areas, so I felt that if I hit them up that would be more than enough to get my daily top stats. Little did I realize that the most important ones were still up, so I went for Stillness, which flips all of the objectives over to your team's color when it is communed with. And guess what… nobody was there! This was an easy take.


When the match finally ended, I was surprised to see that after only communing with three points, I was able to grab that Daily Top Stats I was going for. I was honestly quite baffled, as it usually takes more than just three, but I figured at least the worst part is already finished!


Up next came the map Forest of Niflhel. It really is not one that I enjoy too much, due to the way the mobs work within it, but since I was just going for the daily quests it was not soo bad.


Because I really only needed to knock out the objective capturing and the kills to finish off my daily (the “playing three matches” part is really easy), I decided to go for those. Sadly, my team was getting rocked back and forth and this proved to be a lot tougher than I had originally planned for. I ended up getting almost no kills the entire match, although we did die a lot!



As you can see from our stat list here, we did very bad on this match…


Because I realized that we were stuck in a five vs five formation, I figured that I was going through the same problem I would have in tournaments; I am more of a liability when I do not know my class. I decided that the best plan of action was to go back to the server listing again, and this time to choose one that already had at least fifteen players. This was a way to make sure that it was a somewhat populated server, and that it was not capped at just five people per team.

The server I chose ended up landing me in the map Legacy of the Foefire.


I would love to say that our team did pretty well here, but that would be an overstatement. Sadly, despite being on a larger team, we were still being knocked around like pinballs. I was lucky enough to get in my five kills, but I died a lot more than that I am sure of it.




Well, the world vs world combat ended up being a bust tonight, and hopefully that will clear up the next time I do one of these. The structured PvP did not go too bad considering I was playing a character I have never really taken in to structured PvP before. I learned quite a bit about it, and also got confused by some things. Like why would a Ranger use a sword and melee their enemies? The whole point of playing a Ranger is to be a ranged damage dealer.

It actually took a few minutes after I got rolling before I realized that not only do Rangers automatically get swords as one of their item sets for PvP, they also have that set as their default. I could not figure out why I was doing no damage to enemies until I finally realized that I had to do a weapon swap to the bow.

On that note, this run has taught me that I need to go through and see what all skills Rangers have and possibly try to get him up a bit differently. This will be covered in our next “Let's Play Guild Wars 2” episode, so be sure to check it out to see what changes I have made and how they work out for me!

Until next time!


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