We Play Fiesta: Episode 1


Hey all, this is Raptorak! To help bring some new people in to the online role playing game Fiesta, we are now running a We Play Fiesta editorial! This will help you learn what Fiesta is all about, all the way from the beginning to the end. What is the best part about this? I am learning how to play this for the first time, so you are going to be learning along with me! Details will be shared as to how things work, what I am learning, mistakes that are being made and everything else, so be sure to keep following along with our journey.

Now then, it is time for episode 1!

Starting Out

I am going to assume that you already know how to register and download the game. You can do both of these from Fiesta's website (the easiest URL to use is www.outspark.com). Once you have it installed and updated, you are good to go!

As we first start out, we have to choose a server. I do not know much about them at this point, so I went with the one that had the coolest name for me: Cypion. All of them have medium populations at this moment except one, but I prefer more populated servers in the games I play so this was not a problem.


Once a server is chosen, it is time to go to the character selection screen. Of course, at this point there are no characters, so it is time to create a new one!


There are five different classes to choose from: Fighter, Cleric, Archer, Mage and Trickster. In my case, I pretty much always start out with the Rogue types, so for me this would be the Archer.



It is time to start customizing the character. Now this is going to be a down side for a lot of players that really like customization. There are not very many options here, just the gender, face, hair cut type and hair color, all of which only have presets.


Once our character is made, it is time to actually enter the game! We have finally made it in, and now it is time to see what all is going on. Oddly the Help menu here in the screenshot is blank but it shows information about cards and such; most of it you should be familiar with already if you have been playing other role playing games.


In my case, the screen resolution was a bit off from the beginning, so I was unable to see the bottom part of the screen. This was not going to work, so I had to go in to the graphical options to change this. Sadly, there are only two options here and neither of them looked good for me, as I run a different resolution than either of these. After doing some research online, I found that the “Window Mode” up above would fix that problem. Really, I think it is reversed; it should say “Full Screen Mode” as that is what clicking (activating) this button actually does. Once the settings were changed, everything started looking great!


With the new graphical settings up and running, I was finally able to start exploring the game a bit. Here, if you look at the top, it tells us how many quests there are. Right at the beginning we have three for normal and three for epic.


We go ahead and start off with the first quest, which sends us up the stairs behind us to meet with Healer Julia. She is nice enough to explain how health and mana works in Fiesta, and even gives us a new scroll that teaches a skill. Sadly, though, this skill is not available for another level!


Opening up the quest listing, we can see all of the available quests. Something interesting happens here as well; wow, there is auto running. This means there is no need to manually go out and find each NPC and mob! That is awesome.


To test out the auto running, and to get our next quest, we have it take us to Blacksmith James, who lets us start with Mischievous Monsters.


It is also a good idea to check out the inventory system just to see what things look like. Here in the beginning this is a bit overwhelming, but hopefully that gets more clear as we go along…


We are going to head out to get in our first kills for Mischievious Monsters! For this, I chose a random mob, Speedy Slimes. We allow the game to take us to where they are located, leading us to the Sand Beach zone.



Once we are out here, it is time to try knocking out our first kill. Uh oh, we do almost no damage with our attack and the mob almost kills us in a single hit. Why is this? Oh, because we are level two and he is level three. I guess this is a hint that we should not be on this quest yet, or that we are at least looking at the wrong mobs.


As we explore, we find that other mobs are even higher levels. Instead of heading back to where we started to do some more quests, though, some mushrooms and herbs are found. Let us see what happens with these.



Well, this is pretty neat. We ended up gathering some materials. I have no idea what they are used for yet, but at least we learned how to gather things! Once all of these mushrooms and herbs have been gathered, it is time to head back to the beginning so we can do some questing.




As we are picking up some new quests, we run in to one for Master Zach that wants us to kill some mobs. Before making the mistake of heading straight out in to the wild to get it started, though, we are going to go ahead and pick up the last quest as well.


Oh, well, it appears that the last quest we can grab here, which is a daily quest, also requires killing some mobs. We go ahead and pick it up, and then check out our quest listing to see what is left to get. We have all the quests possible!


For now, we are going to go ahead and take a break. Next time we will get rolling with some kills and get these quests knocked out and get some more exploring done! It was a pretty nice experience here, getting to know how the game works, and I like what I am seeing so far. Hopefully the fighting is as enjoyable as I am hoping it will be.


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