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Leon's story is a work of fiction by a member of the team behind Project Legacy; it was written in 2012.


By: Doak

~~LEON HOLLOWAY~~ (This bio is really wacky. Bear with it. I feel like it could give rise to good conspiracies within Leon’s story.)


  • IMPORTANT***: None of the –supernatural- things that happen in this bio are actually supernatural. Simply read on until the section titled “Explanation of Amnesia” towards the end of the bio.

@Beard: Leon is a “wildcard” character. If possible, think of how we could connect him to Corporation 1/2. Family overview: Leon was born in the desert of Arizona, and ended up being raised in D.C. He was an only child born into a family that absolutely hated the rapidly advancing technology that the world had been coming to for the past 400 years. As one of the only places left in the world where people were few and far in between, Leon’s pessimistic, unemployed father and part-time maid mother decided that the only sane place left in the world was one in the middle of nowhere, in a small, government organized village of about 40 families that lived off of eachother. Here, they lived as humble a life as they could, making only enough to feed themselves and provide extremely basic provisions. In this township, they found no use of electricity, finding running water to be a monstrous invention. Leon had no education, other than what his dad taught him about the government’s evil ways, and how to fire a handgun. Leon was never to leave the five mile radius of desert that surrounded their neighborhood. Beyond that was metropolis. Leon’s parents told him that if he were to ever leave Arizona, it better be for a reason. And a damn good one, at that. Leon knew that the world was an evil place, he just hoped that the evil would never come for him. But if it did, he was ready to fight it. With their own self-sustainable farm and their pet dog, Caper, nobody could tell them what to do. They lived without boundaries, and were relatively untouched. The surrounding world beyond their township meant nothing to the Holloways. Nothing existed outside of their homestead. The rest of the world was full of savages. If anything at all did exist, they were in no hurry to find out what. They were a close knit community that kept to themselves. They were not religious in any way. Organized religion was for the weak willed. Ones that could not sustain themselves, but instead looked to others for guidance. Despite being relatively left alone by the rest of the world, the state of Arizona was constantly offering up millions of (bison dollars) to Leon’s entire township to move off of the land and make way for the enormous plans that they had for that area of the city. Population was growing exponentially in the surrounding metropolis and the room had to be made to accommodate a larger population. Early life: 0 – 10 Years old: Leon was an uneducated child. Being born into the small township of Briarwood 64, one of the only non-urbanized areas left in the world, he wanted to live his life the exact way that his parents and the rest of his community taught him to live. Exiled from the world, living without rules.Without government. His father was constantly going on about how awful it must be in the real world, how terrible it must be to be puppets for a world that was slowly but surely caving in on itself. His father’s teachings had a large impact on him as a person, giving him a natural opposition towards the government. Both of his parents were good people, who didn’t bother other people unless they were bothered themselves.

For as long as Leon could remember, his parents had been getting letters from the Arizona government asking for their land in return for a lump sum of cash. Over the years, the price that they’ve been willing to pay for the land has increased dramatically, almost to the point where the government is begging Briarwood 64 to sell their land. Everyone who lives there, of course, refuses to sell their land, insisting that it is their property, and it has been for hundreds of years.

Within his small community of about 150 people lived about 50 boys and girls his age. Leon was always the center of attention, drawing kids all around to see how well he could shoot the gun that his father gave him when he was 5 years old. He was an absolute perfect shot by age 10, winning him a great deal of local prestige. Leon’s family had a pet Golden Retriever, Caper. This dog was one that Leon felt he truly had a special connection to. With this dog, Leon thought he could understand and speak the secret language of animals. Which just so happened to be English. This gave Leon a natural love of animals and a desire to become one with his surroundings. Leon impressed all of his friends by showing them how whatever he said, his dog did. Almost like he could speak to him. And the dog spoke back. Not literally, of course, but to Leon, the dog’s language was quite clear. Leon’s parents simply dismissed this as a phase he was going through. After a few months of Leon excluding himself from activities with the other boys and girls of his community to ‘speak’ with Caper, his parents were becoming increasingly suspicious. This led to a decision being made by Leon’s parents to kill Caper, suspecting that he may have become in some way controlled by the government, being used as a tool to gather information about Briarwood 64. (Of course, this isn’t true at all. Caper is just a dog that Leon happened to be friends with). Leon was forced to watch as Caper was executed by his father, one of the worst moments of Leon’s short childhood. At that point, Leon had a growing resentment towards his parents that finally drew onitself when Caper was killed. It’s a memory that Leon never forgets… for a while.

Leon makes plans to leave Briarwood 64 to transition into Phoenix when he gets a bit older, to see if maybe he can get a job, start a new life. Maybe even join the military. The death of Caper brought the backward mentality of Briarwood 64 to his attention.

One night, while Leon was sleeping, he awoke to the sound of a crash downstairs. Before he could move to see what was going on, two soldiers wielding guns burst into his room. One of them slings him over his shoulder and takes him out of the house. In the middle of night, in his otherwise peaceful town, Leon can see that other families have been forced into the same fate. They were all being forcefully evicted from their houses, and those that didn’t comply were shot. He saw his friends and neighbors killed before his very eyes by the merciless hand of the mysterious figures that took him. His neighborhood was swiftly raided and he was subdued with some sort of material that made him pass out. Within the hour, nobody was left in Briarwood 64. Leon did not see his parents after this. Age 25 – Getting to D.C.: The next thing Leon knows is that he wakes up one morning, age 25, living in a small Washington D.C. apartment. Hovered over him are 4 other normal looking people claiming to be his mother, father, sister and brother. They say that if Leon doesn’t get a job soon, that they’d throw him out alone on the streets. He blinks a few times to try and remember what had just happened. He knows English (losing the accent that he had before), but he can’t remember where he learned it. He knows how to walk, do all basic functions. He even seems to already know the layout of the apartment that he’s in. Leon doesn’t remember anything else, though. He can’t draw up any memories when he tries to think about it, other than the fact that he hates the government and wants to join the military. He asks if anything strange has happened in the last few days. His new family tells him how he lost his memory when he was mugged and bludgeoned the week prior. It’s was a rare case that does not happen very often. He was lucky to be alive. Leon has no choice but to believe these people. Needing some time to think, Leon heads to the roof of his apartment building to get some fresh air. For Leon, even walking around in a modern apartment, meeting all sorts of foreign objects was surreal. Upon entering the high up roof, Leon is greeted with a bright, beating sun, shining brightly above the city of D.C. A sharp, pulsating pain instantly throbs through Leon’s head, nearly knocking him over at first. A quick frighteningly familiar split-second memory of a dog being shot rockets through Leon’s mind as he collapses to the ground. When he regains his bearings, his head is still pounding, but it’s bearable. Catching his breath, Leon looks out over the expansive metropolis set out before him. The combination of what he just experienced and this unfamiliar landscape prove to be too much for Leon. He rushes back inside the building and his headache quickly subsides. Leon’s stomach burns for a moment, and the back of his eyeballs feel like they’re being tugged on for a short moment. Then, everything went back to normal. His “family” runs after him, just to make sure he hasn’t fallen off of the roof or something. He asks to go back to sleep, retreating to his bedroom.

Joining the American Armed Forces (this is about 6 months before the war begins): When he wakes up, Leon is in the same place he was in before. The ceiling above him looks strangely familiar, as do all of his surroundings. The apartment is empty. No note was left for him. He puts on his clothes and leaves, stumbling into the apartment elevator. Everything he’s doing seems so natural. He doesn’t even know how he knows how to use the elevator. Today, the sun is shining again, but it is blocked by the towering buildings surrounding him on all sides. Without knowing what else he could do, Leon hops on the first bus (or 24XX counterpart of a bus) he sees, headed to the capital building. Here, he gets off of the bus, and looks around. There is a protest going on, advocating for an end to come to military funding. This protest is occurring right in front of a national drafting building. Leon knows that being drafted being asked to join the military. He didn’t even know how he knew this. Since that’s what’s been on his mind since he got here, he decided that he should head inside. Leon was met with a huge line, but one he was willing to wait in. Registration was quick. Almost too quick. Speeding through the line, Leon gives an address, the only one he knows: the one of his apartment in D.C. His name he quickly rattled off, and was asked to wait until the “officials” came to get him.

(yes, in this future, it is as simple as that to join the Army. This part of his biography could probably be expanded on a lot, honestly.) Upon leaving the recruitment center, Leon is met with the midday sun, shining directly down over D.C. The throbbing pain in his head returns, and Leon stumbles a bit. Leon feels everything return for a single instant. (Instantaneous flashback) Two masculine arms are wrapped over his as he holds a revolver out with two frail arms. The hands of the other pair are helping steady the revolver. A proud smile is stretched across the face of a woman that stands nearby. Before him is a dusty wasteland, but on the horizon, a metropolis expands endlessly. (Out of flashback). Leon is getting strange looks from people on the street. His headache is present still, but he’s able to move around. Leon stumbles onto the (bus) back to his apartment (which just happens to be leaving as he comes back into his surroundings). On the bus back home, Leon’s headache subsides once more. He tries to go delve back into into the memory that he just experienced, but comes back empty handed. Leon thinks that his odd behavior may have something to do with the sun.

When he gets back home, he immediately heads for his room. Not tired at all, he slumps in his bed anyways, trying to remember as best he could the memory that quickly flashed though his head earlier today when he left the recruitment center. Put it into context. For the life of him, as hard as he tried, he could not remember it. At all. This scared Leon. He didn’t think that he was the kind of person that got scared easily, but he couldn’t remember. Leon spent the next few hours simply laying there. Trying to remember. As the time slipped by, the memory itself faded. He forgot what he was trying to remember. His “family” never came home that night. Leon woke up to a sharp thud on the door. He was in a familiar bed. It wasn’t his apartment. But then it was. For a moment. He couldn’t tell. Maybe it was a dream. He heard familiar screams. He jumped up out of his bed and headed for the door. He was stopped by two men. One slung him over his shoulder and carried him down some stairs, and out the door. He was in Briarwood 64. The memory came back to him. What happened the day that he was taken from his family during the raid of his childhood town. (What really happened here is that Leon was being shipped to a training location right away, so the recruitment officers had already come to take him there. He was only subconscious, so he struggled with them, but eventually just let himself be taken. Leon remembers none of this.)

The military: Age 26 This is one year later. He woke up again. He was in a military cot. He still remembered the fact that he remembered the raid. He was in his military garb. Roll call was being made to take the “flying lessons” that were offered as a part of the army. In these trials for training, you were paired with an expert pilot. A war had begun, and he was on the frontlines.

(By this time, Leon was not as affected as he was before by the sun. Now, he only gets a slight migrane when exposed to direct sunlight that goes away when he goes back into the shade. No longer does he experience flashbacks in the sun. Very rarely, when experiencing something that can tap or relate almost directly to his still cloudy childhood, he will have a flashback to that event, giving him a massive headache…but he permanently remembers the memory only. The context of the memory, such as where he is when it occurs is still hazy to him. At this point the one that he remembers the most is the one of being forcefully taken from his homesomewhere. Leon will do anything that it takes to remember more about his childhood, so he actually loves having these episodes.

To make a long story short, Leon ends up getting partnered with Nolan Everett, a highly trained pilot in the military. They are about the same age. They become quick friends, and reliable lifetime partners. Nolan taught Leon everything he knows about flying. He never told Nolan about his experience as a child. He just told Nolan that he grew up in D.C. He didn’t want to make Nolan think that he was crazy, and abandon him, because he really had nobody else.

When they were allowed to return home for the first time, Nolan introduced Leon to Simon and his wife. At this point, Leon and Simon still remain in contact as good friends, but Nolan is no longer training Leon. Nolan, being a high ranking officer, is needed to move onto bigger and better things.

Leon, still enlisted in the military, coordinates some of his returns home with Nolan. With more time off, and nobody to truly come home to, Nolan’s wife suggests that Leon comes and stays at a nearby (hotel or something) and she could visit with him. One thing leads to another, Nolan’s wife ends up having an affair with Leon. In between these visits, Nolan would return home with Leon, and they would all have a good time. It was awkward for Leon keeping it a secret from Nolan, and he felt awful about it. Over time, he managed to cope with it.

Whenever Leon would return to war, he would sometimes drift in and out, forgetting things that happened for up to months at a time. He would still go through life and survive, doing all sorts of things and traveling everywhere, even fighting sometimes, but he would retain none of it. One morning he woke up with a stray cat in a cage. He doesn’t even remember how he got it. He just knows that he can talk to it, in the same way that he was able to talk to Caper as a kid. The conversations that he retains with Louise, the cat, seem to allow him to channel a nearly constant memory back to his childhood.

The mission – where the story picks up: As said before, Leon and Nolan are good friends. They retain contact during the war. Simon thinks Leon is really cool. Even after the death of Simon’s mother (she commited suicide, right?), they were still good friends, Leon was there for Nolan during some tough times. Her death hit Leon nearly as much as it hit Nolan. Simply put, they retained contact, having get-togethers with Simon. Although when Simon left for school, Leon did not see Simon at all until when he meets him again on the ship. Nolan and Leon remain in contact while both still serving in the war. They were together on a few more missions before the war ended. After the end of the war, Leon moved back to D.C. He hadn’t yet gathered enough information about his childhood to remember where he used to live. Because if he did remember, he would have moved back in a heartbeat. He lived in an apartment not unlike the one that he found himself in 16 years prior alone, except with the company of Louise. He would occasionally go out to a gun range to shoot, but other than that, he didn’t really do anything.

When the law was imposed that you couldn’t leave the atmosphere of Earth without at least 4 people with a military background on your ship, Nolan knew no better person to ask than Leon to be one of those people. Leon, with nothing better to do, happily joined the team. Nolan also thought it would be a nice surprise for Simon after a long period of them not seeing each other.

What is a Briarwood? What is the story behind them? Why was Leon’s town raided?: The name Briarwood 64 suggests that there are multiple Briarwoods across the country. A Briarwood the name given by the American government to the tiny townships that have requested that a large chunk of land be protected from any sort of development by a large development corporation. Usually these settlements can be found in rural areas of America. These towns are traditionally filled with people that believe that the rapid modernization of society and expansion of cities is pointless and is slowly leading the world to its doom. The people living here can be compared to conservative extremists. The government, agreeing to the terms of protected land over a hundred years prior to when the story picks up, doesn’t think that Briarwoods will ever truly become a problem. As society has expanded, certain Briarwoods have been bought by the government for substantial amounts of money. Some do not give up their land as easily. To the inhabitants of Briarwood 64, they are committed to protecting their land. As Phoenix has expanded massively across Arizona, it has reached into the desert. Building around Briarwood 64 as much as they can, finally the time had come where they needed to build in the area of Briarwood 64 to accommodate more people. In a swift mission that had occurred in few other spots around the country, Briarwood 64 was raided and cleared by the government as no choice was left. Soon after this “test” trial on Briarwood 64, many other Briarwoods were raided and cleared. Reports from government officials say that the members of these Briarwoods eventually sold their land.

Explanation of Amnesia/The Conspiracy: Briarwoods were raided in order to make room for development of cities and to accommodate the growing population. Before these missions were run, a treatment (still in development at the time of Briarwood 64 raid) was developed to erase the memory of someone’s life and replace it with artificial intelligence. This is an inexpensive 15 year process including a rehabilitation process includes keeping the patient in the dark in a sedated state where they are injected with a cocktail of different chemicals. Certain large, sticking ideas and memories of patients were not able to be removed fully in the early stage of this treatment. This flaw was corrected before more missions were run. Possible side effects of this treatment include a throbbing headache when exposed to sunlight, memory loss over long periods of time (sub-consciousness), and flashes of these memories coming back to the patient, in some cases becoming permanent. Personality Breakdown: • Comical and witty. • Known to crack jokes when they “count”. • Has a cat, of the Bengal variety, named “Louise”. • Truly believes that he can talk to his cat. • Always looking ahead. Prefers to not dwell on past events. • Never backs out of a challenge. Always willing to help anyone. • Not prejudiced against anyone. Unless you’re the government. • Habit of eating beef jerky from his jacket pocket. • Fond of guns, shooting, death. Gets along well with Katherine. • Affected by the sun. Gets a headache in direct sunlight. • Prone to outbursts of the anti-government type. • Beef breath. • Known to stay in conversations and participate even more so in controversial topics. • Loves reminiscing on old war stories, especially with Nolan around.

Backstory Breakdown • Lifetime friend of Nolan, looked up to as a child by Simon. • Called upon by Nolan to come for his mission, because they were good friends during the military. • Born into a family part of a settlement that prefers to live outside of modernity. • Part of a government conspiracy involving this settlement, one that tore him from his family to create more space for city development. • Was given a 15 year imperfect ‘in testing development’ treatment by the government, one that forcefully took his memory of his previous life away from him. • Can recapture some of the memorable memories that were taken from him, but requires a very similar circumstance to one that occurred for him to have a flashback to this memory. Will stay with him as long as he can remember it. • Is trying to ‘piece together’ the broken pieces of his childhood that he has gathered from what he has flashed back to over the course of his life. • Was involved in an affair with Nolan’s wife. Eventually led to her suicide, which still haunts him as his fault to this day. He is indebted to Nolan.

Appearance (might as well add this): Tall and moderately buff. Not steroids-tier at all. Long, graying black hair held by a bun on the back of his head. Wears a plain gray t-shirt with shoulder pads. Holster on his side at all times, carrying a revolver. Brown belt.Cargo pants and combat boots.Gray eyes.6’ 3”. 5 o’ clock shadow.

Tldr: Leon thinks he can talk to animals in his little town away from the world. His dog is killed. His town is raided as part of a government conspiracy. Leon has his memory wiped. He is moved to Washington D.C. He realizes he has weird flashbacks to his childhood. He joins the military. He meets Nolan. He has an affair with Nolan’s wife. She dies. He gets a cat. He is called upon by Nolan to go on a mission. He agrees.

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