left leg, right leg

it was the only blonde in his life.

the curly haired dog panted lightly, then just looked around briefly at this person and that, her champagne colored hair going through the sequence of light brown and the varieties of yellow brown and butter colors as most blondes do. she ignored those who did not have her priority or, that she found out would not give her HER priority item: food. except for HER person. the guy who gave her food and let her in the house each day.

we watched.

left, right and whole, knowing as it were that they were meet in the middle at the cusp. the sequences of life were coming and it was time for right and left to take the walk not just be as separate sides of a non-contiguous body - time. it was interesting just because on both sides we didn't have an argument. we kind of agreed - from one side - to the other - that we needed to meet in the middle.

it was getting very close. that sweet pain that came from the joining came more frequently than before. that pain / pleasure / pain that came from one spirit joining with the other like suddenly and it was such a tight fit each cell felt like it was just about to explode - everywhere. there was nothing quite like it. kind of like having sex with the whole body, everywhere, anywhere from hair to toe nails, the blood-pressure rose as well as the temperature and depending on which side you were on things got harder, softer, wetter and drier all at once.

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