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l4d1.jpg Left 4 Dead is a team-based first-person shooter based on a world newly inflicted by a zombie apocalypse. The game is based on the idea of a zombie invasion and four survivors who are naturally immune has to survive and make it to safety. It is based on the Source engine, originally used in Valve’s Half-Life 2, and used for other games including Counter-Strike Source, Garry’s Mod, and many other hit titles.


In Left 4 Dead, you and three other survivors, which can be a mix of computer-controlled bots or human survivors, initially spawn in a “safe room” filled with supplies such as weapons, ammunition, medical supplies, and various different grenades. One of the key parts of the game is gearing up and survivors will need to be wary of the level they are entering and what weapons will best fit it. In Left 4 Dead, there are no formal directions. You step out of the safe room in a zombie-infested location with no clear direction where to go and you must simply go forth and brave the dangers.

Regular zombies can be a threat in a crowd but are generally a breeze to take care of if good teamwork is practiced. Special infected, on the other hand, are quite a bit dangerous, and Left 4 Dead’s Director AI can often place them in strategically tricky ways for the survivors to tackle. If the survivors are not fully focused and coordinated, they can be taken out almost instantly at any given location on the map other than the safe room at higher difficulties.

  • Boomer: Oversized infected that can blast bile at survivors from a distance, and also explodes with it when shot. Regular infected rush at survivors in masses that are covered in bile.
  • Hunter: Hunters lurk in the shadows and can strike rapidly via pouncing on survivors, especially those who wander too far from the group. Another survivor is necessary to save them from the hunter.
  • Smoker: Smokers are like the zombie version of a sniper, they can lurk from roof tops or other distances and shoot a cord from their throat that can drag and strangle survivors until another survivor intervenes and shoots the smoker or severs the cord. Smokers release a cloud of harmless smoke that slightly obscures vision when killed.
  • Tank: The most challenging infected in the game, the tank, can throw large pieces of rock or concrete from the ground at survivors which will temporarily knock them down. Tanks can launch survivors extremely long distances by hitting them. Tanks are very difficult to take down and often accompany hordes regular infected
  • Witch: The witch is possibly the strongest special infected in the game but is very easy to avoid. She sobs and the survivors may be fooled into thinking she is just a normal girl. She is not, however, and will tear survivors apart similar to the hunter with HP approaching that of a tank. If the survivors turn off their lights and switch to melee weapons near a witch, it is fairly likely she will not pose a threat to them.


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