Learn to Assimilate the Mind-Body Connection

Nowadays when you feel ill you go to a doctor. One doctor. Then, if that one doctor can’t figure out where the problem lies and the prescribed medications don’t seem to work, he will send you to another doctor. And you will attend many doctors’ offices until you find the one who can help you ease up your pain. We think that just because humanity has come to a stage where computers think for us, pills and vaccines cure our illnesses and one physician has the license to prescribe everything that we’ve got everything figured out. If you travel back in time 2000 years ago and land somewhere in Greece with a medical problem, three doctors will be there to help you cure your disease. One will be the one with the scalpel, which we call today a surgeon, the other will be the one with the herbs, which we know as a doctor of internal medicine and the third will be the “word” doctor, currently called a psychiatrist. In those times doctors worked in teams because they understood that the human health is complex and it has to be examined thoroughly. Nowadays, these three doctors are not even speaking to each other because every one of them thinks their discipline should be esteemed more than the other two. If you feel emotionally distressed, the internist will prescribe you pain killers, while the surgeon will suggest you to cut open your brain to find the problem. Modern studies nowadays suggest that the problems that influence the mind also influence the body. What we need to do is nurture all parts of ourselves, every day and equally. Neglecting either part for too long will ultimately result in bodily pain.

Learn to Recognize Your True Potential

Since our birth, we are taught to think that we are limited. We believe we are the picture we see in the mirror. Later, our entire existence is shaped by society's perceptions, by school teachers and religion. We think of ourselves as small, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha or Zoarastra are the middlemen and finally, there is God. The all-powerful, all-healing and almighty being, which can cure, revive, resurrect and live forever. But even if your entire perception is molded by religion and you believe that God holds the power over us, remember that each of his prophets told us that the kingdom of God is within us. We don’t have to die to find it and we don’t have to search for it either. He is with us everywhere we go, whatever we do and think. God is part of all of us or we are part of him, whichever makes you feel better. If you see yourself as separate from God, you will soon feel separate from other human beings, who have different perception of God or maybe don’t even believe in God. And finally you will start thinking of yourself as separate from your body because you don’t feel God in your body, only in your mind. But you were not born separately. Your body was with your mind since you were a little baby. It is later that we learn to see ourselves as weak and small and separate. As kids we are not afraid to jump, or run wildly in the woods, or show our bodies as they really are, because it is maybe the only time when we are one with God. Because we don’t know and care who God is. We only know we feel powerful and mighty because we wake up every day, with new strength and energy no matter how much we’ve run yesterday. That’s the quality we lose over the years and the same quality we need to regain in order to feel that special, inseparable mind-body bond.

Biofeedback Training and How It Can Improve Your Health

Biofeedback is a technique which was initially used to help stroke victims recuperate paralyzed muscles. Later, psychologists used the same technique to help their patients learn to recognize stress and avoid it. You may even use this technique without knowing or guidance. When you feel that first strain on the forehead in the middle of your day, you immediately reach for chamomile tea or aspirin. You step on the scale when you feel you’ve gained weight and you surrender to solitude when you notice the first PMS symptoms. That’s your body giving you feedback about the anticipated pain and you feel the need to act on it. There are biofeedback clinics where the doctors will rely on complicated machines and computer screens that show your physical condition. Those machines show your condition by measuring your basic physiological functions, like heart rate, muscle tension, brain waves, sweat gland functions and skin temperature. Electrical sensors monitor the change in your condition while you feel stressed, tense, hyper and etc. The sensor results are displayed immediately on a computer screen, while the doctors will tell you which muscles to relax to avoid a headache, how to breath, change your train of thought and control your behavior to avoid a certain ailment. Biofeedback has proven to be successful in treating health ailments like anxiety or stress, constipation, chronic pain, chemotherapy side effects, high blood pressure, incontinence, Raynaud's disease, asthma and irritable bowel syndrome. If you believe this technique can help you with other mental or physical issues you should talk to your physician about the possible side effects, risks and the outcome.

Your Consciousness, Visualization and Guided Imagery

Everything starts in the consciousness. Your thoughts emerge and you suddenly feel urged to do something, say something or just get up and drink a cup of coffee. Your consciousness decides which thoughts and emotions to accept and which ones to reject. From there, your actions are planned, shaped and realized. When you feel sleepy coffee is the answer, when you feel sad, chocolate, and when you are really down alcohol seems very appealing. Too much stress creates irregular sleeping patterns, which cause sleepiness and depression and together they will eventually lead your perfectly healthy state to serious health disorders and even death. So without using coffee, alcohol, and unhealthy snacks, you need to listen to what your thoughts and body are trying to tell you. They are constantly sending signals, but we refuse to listen, see, and hear, because we are used to satisfying our physical cravings without nurturing our minds first. Techniques like guided imagery and visualization don’t work for many people. Treating diseases with meditating and imagining seem like a phony way of dealing with health issues. At the end, the goal of these techniques is not to cure your illness but to teach you how to listen to your mind, your consciousness and then your body.

With one simple exercise like guided imagery, you can learn things about yourself no physician can tell you. During a session, the therapist will tell you to let the images guide you. Whatever they are, they are very powerful. Afterwards you will gain insight about how you see yourself, how you see your sickness and which method to use to relieve the pain. The images that will pop in your mind won’t always be pleasant and you will learn how to guide your mind to imagine the right things to treat your illness by yourself. If you are a cancer patient your mind is probably not very cheerful and guided imagery or visualization will cause you to imagine scary things, no matter how hard you try to imagine green fields full of daisies. That’s because cancer is a scary disease and your mind needs a lot of adjustment to start thinking in a more positive light. You probably won’t be able to feel the relief in one session, or two or even ten. But that is the best part about these techniques. Once you learn them, you can’t unlearn them. You will be able to make yourself feel better whichever the cause of your discomfort is. Your mind will learn to recognize the source of your pain and end it before it transfers its chilling fingers all over your body. Because as we said, everything starts in our consciousness, so you need to learn to become more conscious of everything that happens in and around you to be able to choose which feelings, thoughts and actions are allowed in and which are not.

Your Mind Creates Your Reality. Your Body is Just the Tool.

Take a simple disorder like overeating. We all know how much our weight should be, but to a greater extent, people weigh much more. People with overeating habits tend to fulfill emotional troubles with food. Our brain overlooks the mental or emotional havoc when we are otherwise engaged. Food is the easiest way to silence our brains when we feel emotionally weak. And after a year or two, when we gain weight and our figure looks way different than what we’ve imagined, we feel depressed, ashamed, and angry. We also feel full and fat, and we probably are. So without feeling all these unnecessary feelings that only make our condition worse, we should open our “inner ears” and “inner eyes” and look at what’s inside. Your mind doesn’t need donuts and alcohol to survive, it needs nurturing. It needs motivation and encouragement. The mind is the fuel that stirs your body and it has little to do with food. Exercising, hobbies, good music and friendly bonds are everything we need to feel good about ourselves. Using mind - body techniques will open up your mind to a different world, where medications, treatments and doctors are not indispensable. Once you harmonize your mind with your body, your body will no longer ask for unhealthy attachments, because you will find every pleasure within. Every day your body creates new brain cells, new liver cells, new hair cells and every other type of cells. In a few years your friends won’t be even talking to the same person you were, so make sure you build the strongest possible self you can, emotionally, physically and mentally.

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