Learn From These Mistakes That Others Did

We all know how strongly you try to create your presence online to establish your website identity. You open accounts in the most visited social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc, and continuously keep your account updated, post pictures, stuffs and information to catch attention of users and endlessly do all social media stuffs to stay active online and attract focus and traffic.

But in the process you forget when to stop and which media to use properly, and often overdo it. The result – while you miss using some important platforms, on the other hand you abuse certain platforms so much, that you ruin your online reputation with your own hands; even before building it properly.

There are so many companies on the net, which do similar things in an effort to gain popularity over a short time. They all learn it the hard way, that being overtly active is not the solution, but actually a faulty step in digital marketing.

Before trying your luck here and there, you must first understand and make it up in your mind, that what kind of visitors you are targeting and expecting for your site. There are several types of people from varied backgrounds and ages etc, and you will get all types in a good traffic. But then again every domain has its own set and type of visitors, and they must be classified well by you as the site owner, just to make your marketing strategies more transparent to yourself.

Target The Platforms Your Customers Use The Most

A good research on target customers, that actually every business owner must do, helps understand their behavior well. If you find that your targeted visitor are more frequent on LinkedIn network, then it is needless to say, that you will be wasting your time and effort by being active on Facebook most of the time. You must understand that from which class and background your customers and target audience are coming, and what kind of platforms they use the most when online. Then you should target and place updates, ads and information about your site and products on those platforms.

Using most of the time and your resources on one or two targeted platforms only, to get desired site visitors won’t harm you, but will actually help you get good traffic.

Always Be At Par In All Social Platforms

A very important thing business owners should do is to be universally same everywhere online. This means all profiles of a site or company under different banners must have similar status and updates in all of their online accounts. If the update and posts in the Facebook profile of a site does not match the posts and topics going on in LinkedIn, then that would create confusion among the readers, and people would think that either the site has limited resources to update social media profiles, or they are just not bothered. In totality it creates a bad reputation.

Stay Alert And Active 24/7

It would be best to answer to queries, and attend discussions 24/7. The secret behind the success of many companies and sites lies there. They take care to be alert on the net round the clock by posting in all relevant conversations everywhere on forums, social media platforms, several discussion boards etc. They make it sure, that they do not miss to comment on any relevant good topic which would bring the topic much focus and their site the desired exposure.

However, sites with good admin and manpower can manage this round the clock activity, and stay active on all interesting and related topics over the net. But smaller manpowered sites can’t give such robotic performance. However, analysts say that it’s good to be active, and they stress on this point to gain popularity fast, and also spread the word about the site. To help small sites with limited manpower, some programs have been designed which keeps on monitoring for relevant or site related topics on the net, and on getting such topics sends you alerts to join the conversation.

Apologize On Time

Online reputation management has many steps and several things can be done to save and repair a brand’s reputation online. Out of the many ways one of the much needed strategies is to apologize on time. If you have messed up somewhere in some conversation, commented controversially on something; and feel that you should be taking off the topic or apologize for a comment to some other user to save the site or brand reputation, then you must do so without any delay. Delays may add to the misunderstanding, create more controversies, and eventually the matter would become old enough to lose its news value yet would leave behind a stain in your reputation.

Thus an early and timely apology or molding of a topic may save your face online, and this would be good for your brand value too.

Learn To Manage Controversies

Nobody is perfect, and you too are also not expected to be perfect. Thus if you have done some mistake somewhere which demands an apology, then do not just apologize and forget it. Explain the reasons that led to the incident or comment. Let others know what made you act or think wrong. Let people understand the better person behind the shade of words. Moreover a reason for the wrong comment or controversy would also act as one more news and would add to the scoop about your site. Remember, that a negative reputation is also publicity, and it’s upon you how you make the most of the negative publicity in the positive way.

Try To Interact Directly With People And Media

A major problem that many developing brands online face is that, as they start outsourcing their work for higher workload and other reasons, they lose the connection between their customers and their spokesperson. Direct query and client handling strengthens the customer relationships of many websites, as they take part into conversations themselves.

But there are many sites which outsource their job, and give this part of client handling job to hired professionals who are not part of the site. Naturally the outsourced people would never handle a query and take part in a discussion topic the same way as the site admin would do. Thus making yourself clear and transparent in the first person is a good idea.

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