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Leap motion is the new innovating way to control your mac or pc. Leap motion is a really cool device that you hookup to your computer and then it will connect to your camera and in a matter of minutes you will be able to control your computer! Leap motion is going to be the new way you use your computer because now being able to control it with your hand will make using your computer so much easier!


The leap motion is a very complex design and works by following parts of your hand and putting those motions onto your screen so you can control your computer! There are certain apps that you will need to use with this device but the market of apps on it is expanding more and more! Soon this is going to be a huge innovating project that is going to change the way we view computers.


Have you ever dreamed of being able to control your computer without even touching it or using a mouse? Well with Leap motion you can! Leap motion is designed to help you in everyday situations where you are using your computer and you need to be able to look and something but your hands are busy now you are able to use Leap motion and control your computer without having to be on it and scrolling through! Imagine being on an article and being able to scroll down the article by a simple hand gesture. Doesn't that sound pretty cool and pretty futuristic? Well it is and this product is giving you a little piece of the future to use! You will love using Leap Motion because it will make using your computer and looking up important thing to playing games a breeze! This amazing piece of work is only $79.00 and can be bought on their online site. This product is definitely a must buy for all consumers due to its low price. There are competitors with similar products for $300.00 when this is nearly 4 times less! Having a bargain like this, makes this a must have! There isn't really much talk about this product now because it is fairly new but once work gets out, it is going to be a hit!


The Leap Motion uses LED lights and camera sensors, the Leap Motion Controller will be scanning an area of about 8-cubic feet (2x2x2) around the device. The software included in the device detects your fingers and hands and will translates what it sees into information for your computer. As the Leap Motion software evolves more and more, so does the pleasure of your experience. The camera that it uses is very pinpoint and will always be accurate so there is no need to worry about this product being cheap and barely working. It is truly the new way to use a computer from playing games to scrolling through photos, to reading the news the Leap Motion will make your experience so much better.


The new technology and amazing device using ingenious stored and have an App Store called airspace. Airspace is the Leap Motion's very own App Store where you are able to buy all of your apps of your choice. There are wide varieties of apps that you can buy depending on the price of them. The Leap Motion already comes with a lot of apps that are free for the Leap Motion and you will love them and find yourself playing the games on this for countless hours. Their App Store is already growing to be huge with lot of innovation and amazing ideas for apps now there were is the advantage of being able to control with your motions. Being able to control your computer with your motions opens a wide door to all sorts of apps and ideas to make using the Leap Motion the best in can be. The great thing about the App Store is that you do not need to keep upgrading to newer devices of Leap Motion and you will just be able to use the one you have and download countless numbers of apps to make your Leap Motion to most custom to you that it can be!


This product is amazing and is really changing the way that we look at controlling our computers but there are a couple cons that are important to look at first before making your decision to buy one of these. To begin, you can only control apps from the App Store for Leap motion. You are not able to go into Safari or Firefox and start browsing the web with this device. You will need to only use the apps they have there and they are limited. Next, there is no camera included in the package. No including a camera in this package is a little upsetting because that means you need to go out and buy your own camera to track your motion on the device. Finally, a lot of the apps on the App Store are going to cost money. This is a problem for some people who never intended on doing that. Even though these cons may be tough to get passed, there are little and shouldn't really take much affect on your choice of getting this product of not


Overall this is an amazing product and clearly shows that in the future this is going to be a huge and exciting product. It is really good because it is easy to use and can be used by all generations. This is a great buy and you can't beat $79 even though you will need a camera and pay for a lot of apps. The huge market of apps will truly come in handy when you are in need of a new app or something and you will be able to you it so much more freely due to not needing to touch any screen or mouse! I believe over time this will become very popular and be a huge hit and change the way we use computers. Thanks for reading.


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